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Chapter 29 Riko’s Service ★

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 As she yelled that, she is glaring at him

 But Riko sighed again, and her expression softened immediately

 Her next words are so low and would have been overheard if the room had not been quiet

 ”I don’t know what to say. After all, I didn’t expect Izumi to work that hard. To be honest, I didn’t think you could win”

 ”…but you seemed to be enjoying it”

 ”That’s true. Because I can never beat Kamishiro. Izumi too, you don’t think you can beat him, do you?”

 As far as Chihiro knew, Riko’s record against Kamishiro was a complete loss. Her illusions are powerful, but they don’t match up well with Kamishiro, who ignores tricks and fights straightforwardly

 And Chihiro’s abilities are even more useless than Riko’s in battle

 Althought, in terms of compatibility with Kamishiro alone, mind-reading has an advantage… but it’s not much

 ”But, Izumi was fighting well. That Kamishiro was desperate”

 ”Desperate, huh?”

 She meant the last attack?

 ”Yes. The reason he hit you so hard was because he was afraid of Izumi. Maybe for a moment, he thought he might lose”

 Because of that, he ended the fight immediately

 Kamishiro knocked Chihiro unconscious by attacking his face and stomach without warning, giving him no time to react

 And so Riko giggled

 ”Isn’t it nice? I heard from Fukami-san that Takatsuki-san was pissed at him too. Even though he won the game”

 Apparently, she felt a twisted sense of joy

 But Chihiro can understand the feeling

 After all, in the first place, it was a chance to upset, to overtake, to take revenge on the strong

 In that sense, Chihiro and Riko are similar, perhaps

 It is very strange that the two of them, who until recently had been the perpetrator and the victim, the strong and the weak, are now doing this

 ”So, you know”

 Riko turns around

 She turns her body around and approaches Chihiro with her hand on the bed sheet

 ”For once in my life, I’m going to give you an honest [service]. After all, I’m… Izumi’s slave”

 Riko murmured that

 And the words penetrated deep into Chihiro’s heart

 He had heard similar things many times before. But this is the first time he had heard it from Riko, who was not affected by fear or s*xual desire


 ”J-Just for today. It’s just for today, you know. It’s embarrassing, after all”

 With that, she moved to cover Chihiro and started to unbutton the pajamas Chihiro is wearing

 Then, without stopping, she asks

 ”What do you want me to do?”

 Chihiro thought for a moment and then answered

 ”Riko, do what you want”


 Riko groaned and frowned, half-expectedly

 As he expected, it must be troubling for her to be told that she can do whatever she wants

 That’s why Chihiro wanted her to do whatever she wanted. If he wanted to order her to do something, he could always do it

 ”…Okay. Normally, I think it’s Fukami-san’s job to do that, but I’ll try”

 Riko nodded reluctantly and took off Chihiro’s top pajamas, then took off his bottom as well. Upon seeing Chihiro’s naked body, she said

 ”You smell like sweat”

 ”… Oh, right. I haven’t showered yet”

 The sweat from the match and the sebum sweat from after the match are still on him

 Well, he didn’t have time to wash it off, so it couldn’t be helped

 Riko’s nose twitched as she picked up his clothes, but her expression remained subtle

 ”Well, I’ll clean it for you”


 Before Chihiro could react properly, she ran her tongue over his chest


 A fresh feeling hit him in the center of his chest. As if licking away a day’s worth of sweat and dirt, her tongue moved further and further

 Surely, this is usually Maria’s domain. She would be more than happy to do it, but Riko’s sensibilities are on the more sane side when it comes to s*xual acts

 ”…It’s not good”

 But Riko didn’t stop moving even as she said it

 Then, as she breathed slowly through her mouth, she continued to cleanse Chihiro’s body with her tongue. She changed her position little by little, widening the area of saliva traces, and worked carefully

 The human body is too wide to be covered entirely by the tongue

 So, it took more than ten minutes just to lick the upper part of his body, from his belly to his shoulders, still Riko’s service continued

 *lick* *lick* *smooch*

 She carefully licked one arm at a time and sucked Chihiro’s fingers. When it was over, she went to his armpits. But she stopped for a moment there, where the smell must be particularly strong, and then resumed her tongue work

 (It’s thrilling)

 Chihiro’s senses, heightened by the nipples and fingers, catch Riko’s every movement. And by the time she had finished with both sides and moved to his navel, the sensation of her tongue had completely turned into a s*xual sensation

 ”Riko, that part, you can leave it alone”

 ”…No. Since I had gone this far, let me do it too”


 With that said, the tip of her tongue poked at Chihiro’s navel. She licked it like a caress to soften the repulsion and then carefully cleaned the inside. And because of that, the searing heat assaulted Chihiro’s body, and his thoughts of his navel being filthy are blown away

 *Pant* *Pant* *Pant*

 When the service to the navel is over, both of them are breathing hard

 The tongue service to the lower part of Chihiro’s bodies seemed to be more like killing his alive. After all, Riko avoided the sensitive area around Chihiro’s crotch, and only licked his feet up to his ankles, though Chihiro refused his fingers and soles to be licked



 ”I’ll lick your ears, too”

 ”Yeah… Eh?”

 They’ve come this far and now they’re not going back up

 Or rather, where did Riko learn to lick ears? Even Chihiro had only just recently learned about this concept, but then Riko began to lick and lick his ears

 By nature, the ear is a sensitive organ

 So, the direct sound of Riko’s breath and the lewd sounds she is making caused Chihiro’s arousal to reach an excessive level, and made him moan like a little girl several times

 ”Haha. Izumi, you’re so cute”

 Riko’s words sounded like a mockery, but the tone of her voice is very gentle

 And after licking, she took off her panties, lightly spread her crack with her fingers, and lowered her hips. Her vagina is more than wet enough to swallow Chihiro’s p*nis smoothly

 ”…Let it out a lot, and you can fall asleep”

 Afterward, Chihiro ejaculated again and again without being pulled out

 The feeling of release and ecstasy made him feel dreamy, and eventually he fell asleep

 ”Get some rest, Izumi. Thanks for all your hard work”

 ”You did your best”

 ”You’ve accomplished what you set out to do”

 Just before he fell into unconsciousness, those words reached his ears, and he finally felt it deeply

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