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Chapter 30 Consequences of Defeat and What Was Gained

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 On the first day of the week, Chihiro arrived at school a little earlier than usual

 When he arrived at the classroom, he is greeted with a thunderous applause from his classmates

 The reason for this soon became clear


 A tall boy named Kamishiro walked up to Chihiro, who had entered the room from the back

 At the same time, the bustle of the class quieted down. But several students are looking at them. Apparently, Saturday’s game had made an impact on these students as well

 Anyway. Chihiro turned to Kamishiro. He had originally planned to talk to him in the morning

 The match had been consensual, and the result had been as Chihiro had hoped, but he still wanted to apologize for getting Kamishiro into trouble

 ”Kamishiro-kun. The day before yesterday…”

 ”I’m sorry. I overdid it”

 But Chihiro’s apology is cut short by Kamishiro’s apology. With his words, he straightens his posture and bows deeply

 And it made Chihiro’s heart ached with guilt

 ”No, no. I’m the one who’s apologizing for suddenly asking you to fight”

 Chihiro bowed his head as well

 Then Kamishiro’s handsome face twisted into a complicated expression, and he asked him

 ”Your arm, is it okay?”

 ”Yes. It doesn’t interfere with my daily life anymore”

 He lifts his left arm and moves it

 It’s thanks to the treatment by Aika and the school doctor that Chihiro healed so quickly. He was healed to the extent that he could recover naturally, and his ability [Accelerating of Sleep Effect] was more than enough to help him

 ”Well… that’s good”

 Kamishiro let out a sigh of relief at Chihiro’s answer

 Then he tightened his expression and looked at Chihiro. As he stared back into his eyes, Chihiro could feel the heat of his emotions

 It was hostility



 ”Let’s fight again someday, like we did the other day. And when that happens, I’ll win even better”

 A clear voice echoed around them

 And Kamishiro turned around without waiting for Chihiro’s reply and walked back to his seat. All that was left was Chihiro and the rest of his classmates who could not fully grasp the situation

 (Let’s fight again sometime)

 Chihiro repeated the words in his mind as he walked to his seat. He then exchanged a brief glance with Maria, who was sitting next to him, and put his bag on the desk. But――


 He turned around at the sound of a girl’s voice

 Aika, standing at the entrance to the classroom, came running up to him. Chihiro could feel his heart beating faster as she stared at him closely with her eyes filled with worry

 ”Are your body okay now?”

 ”Yes. Takatsuki-san healed me, right? Thank you”

 ”No, don’t worry about it. Because I couldn’t leave you alone. You know, to see someone in my class get hurt like that in front of me is…”

 Tears welled up in her clear eyes, and her slender fingers wiped them away

 But then, Aika looked up at him and said in a strong voice

 ”Don’t do anything rash like that again, okay?”

 ”…Yeah. I’ll do my best”

 ”No. Don’t try so hard, don’t do it again”

 Their already close faces get even closer. But Aika doesn’t seem to mind

 She is seriously worried about Chihiro’s safety, even though it’s someone else’s problem

 [Isn’t that why you liked her so much?]

 Maria was right

 Chihiro is attracted to Aika because she is a girl who could seriously care for others. Although it wasn’t a definite feeling of love, he didn’t want Kamishiro and Aika to start a relationship

 ”…Okay, I promise”

 ”Then. You have my word”

 Aika nodded and took Chihiro’s hand, intertwining their pinkies together and shaking it lightly. Finally, she smiled and walked to her seat

 Chihiro thought about whether his face was red or not, but this time he sat down

 Her eyes met Riko’s, who looked somewhat annoyed

 ☆   ☆   ☆

 The regular test and the ability assessment went smoothly and took a week to finish

 According to the results announced later, Chihiro is promoted from E rank to D rank. His additional ability also evaluated. In addition, his academic performance has also improved slightly

 Riko is now ranked D, and Maria is still ranked C. There is no significant change in their grades, but neither of them is particularly concerned about it. It is natural because their grades are not bad

 Kamishiro remained at rank C without promotion

 Originally, it had been said that it would be a great accomplishment if he could be promoted, but the reaction of the people around him is a bit disappointed, probably due to the prior commotion

 Rumor has it that he had been training hard every day during the test period. Some people whispered that he might have been fatigued because of this, and that he could not perform as well as he wanted in the crucial ability assessment

 Well, Kamishiro laughed and said, “I’ll do my best again until the next assessment”, but after that, he seemed to be a little depressed

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