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Extra Edition With or Without – Nishizaki Riko ★

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”Yes, this is it”

 One day after school.

 Izumi Chihiro waited for Nishizaki Riko to come home, and when she back, she placed “something” on the table in the living room.

 It seemed to be a plastic bag from a drugstore she stopped by on her way home.

 What was in it?

 ”Energy drink?”

 Looking into the bag, Chihiro tilted his head. He is already dressed in his casual clothes, since he had time to change first. It’s a slightly tacky outfit, but it’s not bad, so it looks good… or at least it does.

 (But, I should have worn the clothes she gave to me, instead kept them safe… well, whatever)

 There’s also a box of twelve energy drinks in the box. But…

 ”That is, no, I mean you need to see something first”

 Riko poked Chihiro with only half an eye.

 But then, Fukami Maria peeked out from beside him.

 When Riko saw her, she felt frustrated, but her proportions always seemed to be perfect. The clothes she wears are not cheap, and they suit her. Really, it is not easy for her to imitate her, Riko’s thoughts.

 Then, while Riko was looking at Maria, Chihiro saw something on the top of a plastic bag.

 ”You mean this box?”

 ”Yeah. It’s a little late for that, but don’t we need it?”

 Maria, then, picked up the box.

 It’s a thin rectangular box. It’s wrapped in a clear film, and can be opened by peeling it off.

 After examining it carefully, Maria looked at Riko.

 ”Do we need it? Why?”

 ”You can’t be serious?!”

 A loud voice echoed in the room. And Riko’s eyes widened.

 ”What are you getting excited about?”

 ”Rubber, rubber. Condoms!”

 ”Oh. What an obscene word to use”

 ”Are you trying to get yourself killed?”


 The thing Riko bought is a condom. Even though she chose a store as far away from the school route as possible, it was quite embarrassing to buy them in her school uniform after school.

 There is one reason why she went to such lengths to buy them.

 ”Izumi, you know what this is, right?”

 ”Yes, sort of. It’s contraception, right?”

 ”Yeah. If you don’t wear this when we do it, you’ll get me and Fukami-san pregnant”

 Riko is embarrassed.

 She doesn’t know why she has to explain like this.

 She could feel her face turning red.

 But Chihiro, who was told the same thing, turned red as well.

 ”I mean, I’m surprised you haven’t worn it before…”

 Chihiro and Maria have been living together for a while now. She has been in Chihiro’s arms almost every day of her life. Although she’s half used to it and half resigned to it, contraception is a different story.

 ”Izumi, did you plan to get us pregnant?”

 ”No, that’s not what I intended”


 ”Well, I forgot about it after we missed the timing the first time”


 Riko, who heard that, sighed.

 …Well, it’s mostly Maria’s fault. There’s no way Chihiro is going to ask for contraception on his own, and even if he does, Maria will probably let it go unanswered.

 Moreover, Maria seemed to be unconcerned about it, whether she knew it or not.

 ”Are you planning to quit school because you’re pregnant?”

 ”That might be a good idea. That way, I can spend more time with my Master”

 This is also bad because it seems like she’s being serious about it. But――

 Maria giggled.

 ”Just kidding”

 ”…Are you sure?”

 ”Yeah. I mean, I can’t have a baby with a bit of impregnation, can I?”

 ”No, you can. Normally”

 When it comes to having children, it’s easy.

 In fact, one of Riko’s friends in middle school got pregnant by it. She told her that she had only been penetrated once. Whether it was really just one time or not, who knows.

 [What am I gonna do? Of course, I will abort it. I can’t raise a child, after all]

 That’s what Riko’s friend said and laughed.

 As she remembered again, Riko’s friend, who was pregnant, had said that she would let the other man pay for it.

 Riko laughed and let it go, but inside she was filled with disbelief.

 (She is thinking too easily about s*x)

 Having a child is a sacred act and should be done with someone one truly loves. If someone has a child, it’s natural to bear it, or so she thought. But――

 …Riko, who had been doing everything except having s*x, had no right to say that, and in the end, Riko was being carried away by her relationship with Chihiro and the others.

 ”I-Izumi, it’s not too late to put it on. …But, if I end up having a baby with what we’ve got, I’ll try my best to bear it”


 Chihiro blinked.

 ”Are you serious?”

 ”Of course I am. I can’t ask Izumi to marry me, so I’m a single mom. But if I’m good enough, I should be able to make some money. I’ll make it work”

 The life that is born is innocent. And――

 (It’s not that I’m unhappy with the idea of having a child with Chihiro… I mean, what am I thinking?)

 Still, Riko struggles to control herself from becoming a slave.

 ”Hey, Nishizaki-san, does anyone ever tell you that your love is too heavy?”

 ”That’s annoying! I’m talking about something serious right now!”

 This woman doesn’t know when to stop mixing it up.

 ”No. I’m serious too. Have you ever heard that if the father or mother is a [Lost Item], the rate of pregnancy from s*xual activity is greatly reduced?”

 ”…Well, yes”

 This is not a rumor, but a statistical fact.

 The cause is unknown, but it is believed to be a genetic mutation or something. The decrease in probability is so large that the probability drops to about one tenth of the normal level when only one parent is a [Lost Item]. If both parents are [Lost Item], the decrease is even greater.

 In fact, it is said that many [Lost Item] couples suffer from infertility.

 ”… But, you know, it happens when it happens. We’ve done it so many times, after all”

 Chihiro has a lot of energy, and he’s done everything from hand jobs to blowjobs, groping to bareback s*x. Not that I’ve ever done it with another man, but it must be special to be able to do that every day.

 Maria tilted her head and held up a finger.

 ”Yes, that’s true. Izumi-kun averages about six times a day.”

 ”Oh, you finally get it…”

 ”Then we’ll need a lot of condoms”


 Riko stiffened at the unexpected point.

 ”If you calculate six times a day, that’s about 180 condoms a month. That box contains twelve, so even if we had a dozen boxes, we wouldn’t last a month. The expense would be ridiculous, and more importantly, it would be a hassle to reattach them every time”


 That thought had slipped Riko’s mind.

 The box Riko bought today cost that much, so if she tried to cover the expected usage for a month, she’d blow through the amount she could afford to buy clothes.

 ”No, it’s a necessary expense”

 ”But condoms limit the way you can serve him. It tastes like rubber in the mouth too, and you have to do more work to drink the semen”

 That’s one way to play it, Maria said.

 Even if her hobby is left aside, there is the issue of expense and hassle. It’s also a matter of how unusual their relationship is.


 When Riko groaned with a headache, Chihiro said in a worried tone.

 ”But I can understand Riko’s point. If you’re worried, maybe I should just wear it when I’m about to insert it”


 Riko’s eyes welled up unconsciously.

 She was about to be overwhelmed when Chihiro offered her a helping hand, and her heart involuntarily began to pound.

 In the first place, boys are always worried about girls getting pregnant, and in that sense, Chihiro’s response was neither kind nor gentle, but illusion is a terrible thing.

 She wondered if she had been too selfish.

 Even theoretically speaking, it’s obviously a strange thought that comes to mind.

 ”Hmm. You’re very kind, Izumi-kun. The feeling of wearing it is completely different from not wearing it, you know”


 Chihiro asked back to the next voice that reached his ears.

 ”Oh, really?”

 ”…Well, I don’t know, I haven’t experienced it myself. But I’ve heard about it, I guess”

 Speaking of which…

 Riko’s knowledge also included such things. However, she mentioned that the girl’s side also felt better when it was raw.

 ――I wonder if it’s true.

 As if Maria could see through Riko’s inner thoughts, she smiled and told them.

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