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Extra Edition With or Without – Nishizaki Riko ★

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”Well, let’s try it tonight. With condom”

 For the moment, Riko didn’t see any reason to refuse.

 ☆   ☆   ☆

 ”…So, um…”

 They now are alone in the bedroom with only a small light on.

 Maria didn’t participate, saying, “It’s just you two”.

 And Riko, dressed in a choker and pajamas, got on the big bed, picked up the box beside her, and peeled off the wrapping. She crumples up the unwanted trash and puts it in her pajama pocket.

 Then, she opens the box and removes the contents.

 A small item packaged in a square. There are six of them, each connected to the other, and Riko carefully removes them so as not to tear them.

 ”I feel like I’m doing something very erotic…”, Riko’s thought.

 And feeling her body tingling from the memory of repeated acts, Riko looked at Chihiro with the packaged condom in her hand.

 ”What should I do?”

 Chihiro, also in his pajamas, groaned a little and said, “Hmmm”.

 With a somewhat apologetic look on his face.

 ”I’d like you to wear it, if possible”

 ”…Well, I guess you’re right”

 At least Riko began to understand the instincts of men.

 She might not want to indulge the boy too much, but as a slave, Riko could not resist her Master’s command.

 Then, with a nod to Chihiro, Riko tore open the condom wrapper.

 And after putting the discarded package in her pajama pocket, she picked up the essential contraceptive.

 It’s a ring-shaped piece of rubber with a thin membrane attached. With it in hand, she pulled off Chihiro’s pajamas to expose his p*nis.

 ”It’s already getting bigger…”

 ”…I think it can’t be helped”

 So, Chihiro is excited about this situation.

 That’s not so bad, Riko’s thought.

 ”Okay, I’ll put it on”

 Having Chihiro get down on his knees, Riko put the contraceptive on him.

 ”Hey, is this the right direction?”

 ”Isn’t it backwards?”

 ”Is it? No, it’s not. I knew the first one was right!”

 And so on, while stretching the elastic.

 It’s not going well. It’s not slippery enough.

 ”Does it need to be slippery?”


 It seems it needs to be wetted after all.

 So, Riko removes the rubber once, and drops saliva on it to soak it in. Then she put it on him again, and this time it worked.

 ”How does it feel?”

 ”I don’t know. Like it’s tight”


 Riko poked and prodded with her fingers.

 Naturally, she can feel the texture of rubber on her fingers, different from the usual texture of flesh.

 She also grip the rod and stimulate it with her fingers.

 It is a little interesting to feel a faint elasticity.

 ”Oh, my senses are getting a little dull”

 Chihiro mutters. Maybe it’s because it’s not a direct stimulus.

 It’s strange that it’s such a thin film.

 ”Then, I’ll lick it”


 With that said, Riko runs her tongue over the tip. It’s smooth, not like a raw p*nis at all.

 The peculiar smell of the p*nis is lessened, but she can still smell the rubbery smell that Maria mentioned.

 As for Chihiro’s reaction.

 When Riko added a shallow puff and looked up at him, he seemed relatively unconcerned. It seems that the shallow stimulation is not enough because it’s separated by a layer.

 Riko, who saw that, had no choice but to increase the level of her service.

 She covered it with saliva and slid her fingers over the rubber. When it is sufficiently covered, she takes it deep into her mouth and works it with her mouth, making lewd sounds.


 A small moan came out.

 As Riko thought, Chihiro has a weakness for this kind of thing. Despite raping people like that, he still has beautiful fantasies about girls, and that’s why he’s so happy when a girl actively do vulgar things to him.

 It must be a perverse pleasure for him.

 Riko is the same. As she continues her lewd acts, she gets more and more excited, and her own indecent acts become a source of excitement.

 She tries to hold back as much as she can, but she finds herself becoming unable to resist.

 No. She tries not to think about anything else right now.

 She stimulates the tip with her tongue while making strong and weak movements with her mouth. Although she was trying to bring him to climax as quickly as possible, the condom made it slippery and it didn’t work well.

 In the end, it took about 50% longer for Chihiro to ejaculate than usual.

 ”I feel like a loser”

 Chihiro frowned faintly as Riko tried to remove the condom with one hand. It seemed to hurt. So, she apologized and gently removed the condom with both hands.

 Like a water balloon, the rubber is filled with semen.

 ”…What am I going to do with this?”

 Riko knows she should throw it away, but she’s not sure if she should just throw it in the trash.

 It seems a bit, well, messy.

 ”…Oh well”

 Confused, she put a tissue under the condom and put it somewhere out of the way. Then, she took out a new condom and put it on him. It was less of a hassle than the first time.

 She wonder if she had gained some unnecessary s*xual knowledge…

 ”Izumi, do you want to?”

 ”Yes. Can you lie there?”


 Riko lies down on the bed and Chihiro kisses her. And it was strange that Chihiro couldn’t taste semen from her mouth after the blowjob.

 Then, as is always the case during normal play, Riko was carefully caressed.

 Although it would not have been a problem for her to insert it without getting wet, Chihiro minds this kind of thing. If he was gentle, her body and mind would accept it no matter what.

 And so, when Riko consciousness and her crotch are soaked, Chihiro inserted it and they had s*x in the normal position.

 It’s more slippery than usual, Riko’s thought.

 And it made her understand what Chihiro meant when he said that his senses were dull.

 She could feel the flesh a little less, but definitely less. It was difficult to feel the heat of the p*nis, and while it was sliding, she felt a strange friction.

 ”Ah, ah!”

 Maybe that’s why she couldn’t get into it (・・・・・・).

 ”…It feels weird”

 Riko muttered as she accepted his penetration several times and laid her limp body down.

 ”Did you like it?”

 ”It’s hard to answer that question”

 Chihiro lay next to her and gently stroked her hair. It’s complicated because Riko feels like he’s treating her like a child, but it feels so good that she can’t refuse.

 Condoms are necessary for birth control, but honestly, she thought it was a nuisance.

 Still, Riko wanted to have a baby if she got pregnant, and there is a chance that she’d gotten pregnant through s*x before, and since she and Chihiro were [Lost Item] each other, it wouldn’t be easy to implant.

 Also, there’s the matter of money…



 Riko shouted, and Chihiro freaked out. Really, he’s kind of cute.

 ”Enough. …Let’s do it normally next time”

 ”Is that okay?”

 ”Hmm… Really, I feel like a fool for thinking about it”

 With that said, Riko closes her eyes.

 (Don’t think about anything else, just let yourself be comfortable)

 She feels like she’s loosing herself more and more.



 Riko responds without opening her eyes or moving her head.

 ”In my own way, I’ll take good care of you”

 ”…idiot. That’s obvious”

 But Riko is happy that Chihiro said that.

 (Really, how could I be so crazy?)

 ☆   ☆   ☆

 The next day, Maria referred Riko to a hospital she knew if she really wanted to use birth control. She said they could prescribe low-dose pills at a reasonable price – cheaper than condoms.

 ”If you have such a thing, tell me first!”

 Riko couldn’t help but yell at her.

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