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Chapter 41 Thinking About the Case

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 Riko said firmly

 ”…So, how’d it go?”

 ”Yeah. Some progress, I guess”

 Chihiro was able to ask Maisaka to investigate, and Hana and he made contact again and had a conversation

 At this stage, the information is only fragmentary, but if he combines it with the results of the investigation from Maisaka, it may provide a clue

 ”Also, there’s something that’s been bugging me”

 ”What is it, exactly?”

 ”Well, it’s hard to say”

 There are some vague feelings of discomfort

 For example, what Chihiro pointed out to Hana today. Does Hana intend to return the ability to Chihiro? If not, will she continue to fill up her ‘Looting‘ slot with his reading mind? If she does, is there anything she can do to deal with Chihiro’s subsequent counterattack?

 [If you mess with me, Maria-chan will be involved too, don’t you think?]

 If that’s really the extent of her threats, there are ways to settle her grudge

 [It doesn’t matter as long as I achieve my goal]

 What’s Hana’s purpose?

 It’s as if there’s a clue that’s being overlooked or not seen

 ”So you can do something about it?”

 ”Yes, I think so. I’d like to think so”

 ”I see”

 Riko tilts her glass

 She drank more than half of the remaining barley tea in one gulp and set it down with a small clink

 ”Hey, Izumi… let’s assume you get your ability back and Fukami-san doesn’t come back”


 ”Would you give up? Or not?”

 If Chihiro gets his ability back and Maria doesn’t come back

 If she’s really enslaved to Hana

 ”…Maybe, I can’t give up”

 Chihiro would try to do something about it

 He’ll try to humiliate Maria and force her to be his. He might even try to kill Hana

 After all, he already knows what it feels like to lay hands on someone with the intent to kill

 If necessary, Chihiro is capable of killing people

 ”Do you like Fukami-san?”

 After saying that, Riko looks at him as if she’s checking him out

 It took some hesitation for him to answer

 ”I like her. But I don’t think it’s the same as wanting to be my girlfriend. It’s more like, I need Maria”

 Just when he was struggling, she showed up out of nowhere, making ridiculous demands

 He couldn’t simply give up on someone with whom he had made a contract

 Riko listened to him without anger or sadness

 ”Then, what about me?”

 ”I like you too. If you don’t stay with me, I’ll probably feel uneasy”

 Attachment, affection… those kinds of feelings. If Maria is “I want her to be with me”, Riko is “please be with me”

 Riko giggled and let out a small sigh at the same time

 ”Izumi. You know that’s the worst thing to say”

 ”Uh… …Yeah, well”

 Having told Aika that he liked her, he couldn’t argue with her

 After all, he’s trying to “keep” a bunch of girls. No wonder all the girls couldn’t stand him

 ”Well, that’s okay. I’m going to stay by Izumi’s side until you say you don’t want me”


 The blonde girl dyed her cheeks in embarrassment at her own words

 ”Isn’t it obvious? Master took my purity and screwed me many times. It’s too irresponsible of me to go to another man”

 ”…Yeah. I know”

 The first relationship was a disaster

 On first time, girl torture him, on the second time, he torture her into submission. But the two of them who could only show their relationship through force are together now

 They understand the whole story and say they’ll stick together

 But, that makes Chihiro happy

 And he couldn’t be happier

 ☆   ☆   ☆

 After that, Chihiro hugged Riko and slept in the same bed with her… and Sunday came

 As Chihiro was waiting for Maisaka’s information about Hana, he decided to go to the school to exercise

 When he told this to Riko, she said as if it were natural

 ”Then, I’ll go with you”

 She said that she was too bored to be alone, and that she would not be able to do anything else back at the dormitory. She seemed to be enjoying herself as she started to prepare her lunch, so Chihiro decided not to say anything

 They left the dormitory before ten o’clock in the morning and went to the school

 If anyone saw them, they would be suspected of being friends, but Riko seemed to have already taken care of that

 ”I mean, they’re already suspicious. They think something might have happened between Izumi and me”

 ”Those girls you hang out with?”

 ”Yeah. I told them to just ignore it because I’m too lazy to bother with them”

 Riko said, patting her choker as she walked next to him

 Well, it’s natural to be suspicious. After all, Riko suddenly stopped attacking Chihiro and her personality became softer. She wears the choker every day, which seems to be a present from someone

 Has she made up with Chihiro?

 Or did she get a boyfriend?

 For the moment, the two are separate topics, but it would not be surprising if they are connected at any moment

 Fortunately, they did not encounter anyone until they reached the private training room

 Thinking that Chihiro had been immersed in this facility for a while now, he requested to use the room. The representative of the group passes the student ID card through the reader

 By searching by ID, they can check the status of the room

 But while checking, he remembered Hana’s words and hesitated for a moment. He could have asked Riko, but Chihiro ended up using his own student ID. It would be nice if she could come to see him

 ”So, what are you doing?”

 ”Well, the usual”

 Basic training, stance and swing

 He changed into his clothes, and when he tried to start with bending, Riko, who had also changed into her clothes, helped him. She pushed his back and helped him to relax

 Then they started training. At first, Riko was repeating the basic training beside Chihiro, but after about an hour, she moved to the wall and started watching

 ”My body can’t take it if I work at the same pace as Izumi”

 Chihiro’s stance was quite normal, as he would stop when he was about to collapse and would be OK as long as he made it back to the dormitory. But if a normal person were to imitate him, the muscles would be so sore the next day that it would be useless

 Riko kept training and resting, and Chihiro kept training with a short rest in between. Around noon, they ate the lunch that Riko had made and resumed their training

 ”Izumi, how do you never get bored?”

 Riko muttered after three o’clock in the afternoon

 ”Well, it’s simple work. I don’t have to think about anything else while I’m doing it.”

 He replied, stopping his swinging hand

 However, his fatigue has reached its peak

 So, he sat down to take a rest. Immediately, he feels dizzy and Riko runs up to him and supports him

 ”You’re pushing yourself a little too hard “

 ”Don’t worry. I’ll recover after sleeping for a while”

 ”…Seriously? You always do that…”

 A sigh escaped her lips

 Riko’s hand gently wrapped around Chihiro’s head, half forcing him into a sleeping position


 ”Take a nap. I’ll lend you my lap”

 ”…Hmm… Okay. Thanks.”

 It seems that Chihiro can’t refuse her, so he decides to accept it

 He put his head on Riko’s lap, closed his eyes, and let his whole body get tired. As he does so, his consciousness sinks deeper and deeper

 But it’s really soft

 The warmth of human skin, different from that of a pillow, made Chihiro feel asleep

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