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Chapter 42 Wear Sex at the Training Ground ★

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 (How long had I been sleeping?)

 After all, the next thing he knew, Chihiro was lying on the hard floor instead of on her lap. Then, where did Riko go?

 Well, she was lying on her back with her hands on either side of Chihiro, her face close to his chest and sniffling


 He whispered in a daze, and she looked up

 Is she in lust? Her moist eyes stare at Chihiro

 ”Oh, this is… not what do you think”

 Even if she says that, Chihiro doesn’t know what she’s trying to explain

 But the reason why she stopped giving him a lap pillow is because she wants to change to her current position

 So what was Riko doing ―― Well, she was sniffing

 She had been working out with Chihiro’s clothes on for hours, and apparently, she was excited to smell Chihiro’s sweat

 ”So, it’s not like that?”

 ”Uh, yeah!”

 Riko shouted as she hurriedly separated herself from him

 ”Then, why?”

 (Should I not ask?)

 He wondered if it was better not to ask, but considering the possibility of a serious situation, he opened my mouth

 Then Riko stammered and answered with a red face

 ”It’s… um. Izumi, I mean Master, when I was holding you on my lap, I could smell your sweat. And since we’ve been sleeping together lately, I felt safe…”

 That sounds like she’s saying she was attracted to Chihiro’s smell

 But, maybe it’s a bad idea to pursue the matter, so he doesn’t continue

 ”What time is it?”

 ”Eh, uh, a little after 4:00 PM?”

 That means he has been asleep for about an hour, or two or three if he remembers it

 Well, his body is much less tired now

 And at that thought, he could continue training a little longer, but if he resumed now, it would be late in the evening or night before he got home. So, he decided to stay here for a while longer and then go home. But..

 (I’m alone with Riko in a relatively soundproof and lockable room)

 By the way, this is the same room where he attacked Riko. Of course, there is no scent left from that time. …

 ”Riko, can we do it?”

 Riko, who sat down beside Chihiro, shivered faintly

 ”If Master wants to”

 She answered obediently

 Chihiro first locked the entrance to the training hall

 Then he prepared wet cloths – the ones he had brought for his lunch – and other things that could be used for cleanup. Riko, who saw him, commented on him because he seemed to be very good at this and it made Chihiro feel a little embarrassed

 ”Do you want to do this with the clothes on?”

 ”Yes. Do you mind?”

 ”No. But…”

 After confirming, Chihiro hugged Riko in the middle of the room

 He then kisses her peckingly, and Riko, on the other hand, gently reaches out and strokes Chihiro’s crotch. Naturally, the part of the stretchy clothes are beginning to swell

 ”Isn’t it painful in this way?”

 Well, the erection is hard to achieve when wrapped in clothes

 But the more aroused he gets and the more pleasure he gets because the garment is squeezing him more

 ”No, well… Oh, look, I want you to lick me like this”

 ”Lick me…”

 ”Yes. And I’ll lick Riko’s too”

 Sex with clothes on

 When he did the same thing with Maria, Chihiro was naked

 So, until now, he never did it in clothes before, but seeing Riko sniffing him earlier made him want to do something perverse

 ”… You pervert”

 Riko said quietly

 Still, she slowly moved her arms out and laid Chihiro down on the floor. She then stood up, turned around, backed away and sat down on Chihiro’s face

 The girl’s crotch, wrapped in her clothes, came in close contact with Chihiro’s nose and mouth

 ”Oh no… this is so embarrassing…”

 ”If you didn’t like it, you could refuse”

 Although Chihiro said that, Riko brought her own face to Chihiro’s crotch

 *sniff* *sniff*


 Her voice sounded debauched

 Of course, the smell of sweat mixed with lewdness – not a good smell at all

 Still, Chihiro also followed Riko’s lead and took a deep breath. The smell of sweat and then another smell passed through his nose and permeated his brain

 And it made him dizzy. Still..

 *sniff* ​*sniff*

 They continued to smell each other’s scent for a while. Gradually, the remaining reason fades away and the resistance to the act disappears


 Without a second thought, Chihiro crawled his tongue between his partner’s legs

 The taste of sweat and love juices mixed with the taste of rubbery clothes. The material is hygroscopic, so it won’t ooze easily, unless there’s a lot of it. It’s also different when he sucks it up directly

 He wonders if it’s partly because the hair on Riko’s body has been removed, making it easier for body fluids to flow

 ”It feels strange…”

 Riko muttered

 She was also eagerly using her tongue to stimulate Chihiro’s p*nis through the clothes. Unlike girls, boys didn’t have a lot of pre-cum, so the smell of sweat was probably stronger. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

 *kiss* *smooch* *suck*

 As their clothes became sticky with saliva, they started to suck on each other. They both shuddered at the stronger stimulation, and kept on tormenting each other

 Chihiro couldn’t take it anymore and shot his semen rapidly into the air

 ”Ah, Master’s…”

 Because of his half-erect erection, he spat it out into his clothes. But as if Riko thought it was a waste, she immediately put her mouth on it and sucked hard


 Although his p*nis was not directly stimulated, Chihiro felt a pleasant sensation from the rubbing

 However, it was much gentler than yesterday’s blows to the glans. And together with the lingering effects of ejaculation, it helped his p*nis to recover

 Meanwhile, Chihiro returned the favor by sucking on Riko’s clothes and stimulating her clitoris through them


 ”It’s okay to make noise here”

 ”Even though… you said that…”

 As expected, her shame won out in this place

 Still, Riko’s voice is sweet, and she writhed in pleasure. Perhaps she is gradually approaching her climax, her hips are pushing against the ground

 Chihiro, who saw it, pressed her hips to his own face

 And the moment when he pressed harder, he bit her clitoris through her clothes


 A gasp echoed through the room

 She pinched Chihiro’s head between her thighs and shuddered. Riko stopped her services and soaked in the afterglow of her climax

 (If I wants to repay her for yesterday, this is the place to do it)

 So Chihiro didn’t wait for Riko to calm down and resumed the torture

 ”Wait, no! Ah!?”

 Riko’s body bounced harder than ever

 Before the waves of pleasure could recede, Riko was given another wave, and she was quickly becoming aroused

 But when she saw that Chihiro didn’t stop, she gave up and resumed her services, shuddering with pleasure

 After a few moments, they both ejaculated and climaxed at the same time

 Chihiro’s clothes were slick with semen from the two ejaculations, and Riko’s clit was excessively wet

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