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Chapter 42 Wear Sex at the Training Ground ★

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 Then they moved on to reverse cowgirl

 Riko rubs her clit against Chihiro’s p*nis while he is lying on the bed. Riko seemed to be unsteady in her posture, perhaps because the clothes prevented the p*nis from standing tall, but finally she settled into a half-sitting position

 ”Riko, does it feel good?”

 ”Nnn, yes, it feels good *pant*”

 ”What does that make you feel good?”


 Chihiro was sure that Riko’s mind was already in a state of debauchery, but she still hesitated in her answer

 She’s not ready for lewd words, he thought. But――


 A whisper of premonition escaped her pretty lips, then――

 ”When your p*nis… inside my pussy, it feels good”

 Riko said lewdly, shaking her hips

 It seems that she has just crossed another high barrier

 *squelch* *squelch* *squelch*

 ”Ugh, kuh…!”

 ”Ah, wahhh! Does it feel good?”

 If someone were to catch us doing this, they’d probably give us a hard time

 Such a thought crossed Chihiro’s mind, but it didn’t matter in the current situation

 ”Riko, I’m coming”

 ”Yes, me too, I’m coming too”

 And so, this is the third time they did it

 When the climax subsided, Riko hugged Chihiro with her crotch pressed against him. Their tongues intertwine and they kiss deeply

 ”Oh, it’s getting big again…”

 Riko whispers in his ear with her cheeks dyed

 After that, the two of them finished the act after two more ejaculations

 *pant* *pant*

 For a while, the room was filled with ragged breaths, but when they calmed down, they felt a sense of euphoria, and then the languor of the aftermath

 In a room filled with heat and the smell of lewdness, they took off their clothes and turned on the ventilation fan. Since there is nothing that can be done about the muddy clothes, the clothes are rolled up and pushed into the luggage to prevent leakage

 After cleaning each other’s bodies and the floor with wet wipes and ordinary tissues, they finally feel at ease

 ”We’ve done it…”

 ”Yes. We did it…”

 Chihiro replied to Riko’s murmur

 But then, Chihiro’s phone started ringing. He picked up the phone, which he had left in the corner of the room, and checked the display, and saw that the caller was Maisaka

 ”Are you going to answer it?”

 ”Yeah. I don’t want to miss it”

 Riko nodded and replied. She was still naked and her breasts were close to Chihiro’s back. But, because she must be curious about their interaction, she is still behind him

 Chihiro, who saw her, gave up trying to get her to move away and pressed the call button


 [Yeah. Were you waiting for me like a good boy?]

 ”Which means…”

 [Yeah, I’ve done a little digging. Oh, and don’t ask me where the information came from. A snake’s path is a snake’s path]

 When Maisaka said this, it was too subtle to be true or a joke, so he had trouble answering

 ”So… how did it go?”

 [Ah… That was a bit of a surprise]

 Mishuku Hana. She’s currently living alone in a nearby apartment. Apparently, her parents have some money

 [Only, she’s adopted. Her current parents are not her real parents]

 Her parents died when she was in the sixth grade, and she was taken in by her new parents

 At that time, she moved from her original hometown to Tokyo

 [The point is that Mishuku’s original hometown is…]

 ”Hokkaido, maybe?”

 [What, you were expecting that? I’m disappointed!]

 As expected

 Well, it’s not that he was expecting it, it’s just that he thought of it just a moment ago

 But this may have connected the pieces

 [If she had stayed in Hokkaido, she would have gone to Shibatsuru instead of Shibahou. Well, because of that, the sports festival is in trouble!]


 Chihiro did not tell Maisaka about Hana’s request. But in spite of this, it seems that this is the reason why the name Hokkaido came to his mind

 …Still, he doesn’t want to assume that he knows about the relationship between Chihiro and Maria, or that he’s already found out about it

 [Her powers were awakened in the sixth grade. I don’t know exactly, but it roughly coincides with the time her parents died. Also, I’m not sure if it was before or after she was taken in]

 In middle school, Hana went to a private school. Her grades were high, but she was not a member of any clubs. It’s also unclear if she was training for her abilities. Moreover, there is no evidence that she was in a relationship with anyone

 And after entering Shibahou Academy, she was a very quiet girl. She responds to people when they talk to her, and she is not bad-natured, but she is not the type of person who wants to join a circle of people. She’s the only one with a rank of B, but she never uses it, so she’s given a curious look

 [That’s all. Was that helpful?]

 ”Yes, thank you. That’s enough”

 [Okay. Well, I’ll leave you to it. Good luck]

 The call then cut out


 Chihiro let out a breath and put his arms down. Then Riko put her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly

 ”Hokkaido, the same as Fukami-san?”

 ”…Yeah. I suppose so”

 Maria’s old school is Shibatsuru Academy in Sapporo

 That’s what she told him when she transferred to this school

 In other words, there is a high possibility that Hana and Maria come from the same place

 There was also a hint, come to think of it

 [Just get rid of it. I’ll contact Hana-san when I’m ready. I’ll tell her about you, so don’t worry]

 [If you mess with me, Maria-chan will be dragged into this too, don’t you think?]



 They called each other by their first names. Except for that one time, they called each other by their surnames, so it was probably a mistake they made unconsciously

 If they didn’t know each other, would they have bothered to call each other by their first names?

 ”If the two of them know each other, I can understand why Mishuku-san insists on using Maria”


 Although it’s hard to say what kind of relationship they have, it’s clear that there’s something between them. At least, it’s much easier to understand than love at first sight

 [It means, “Please give me a slave”]

 A slave

 The desire to turn an old acquaintance into a slave by any means necessary

 In order… hatred or jealousy?

 If he considers Hana’s ability to plunder, the more likely scenario is jealousy

 To take from those who have it. The desire to take

 In this case, is it Chihiro or Maria who is the “owner”?

 Either way,

 ”So, Fukami-san is a victim, too…?”

 ”Very likely, I guess”

 Like Chihiro, Maria is also a victim of Hana’s desires

 Whether she wanted to or not, she had no choice but to become Hana’s property


 ”Do you want to get Fukami-san back?”

 ”Yes. I’ll get her back”

 She replied, “Okay” from behind him

 Then, Riko stood up, away from Chihiro, and as she walked toward her bag, she turned and smiled

 ”I’ll help you. It’s not like I’m not related to her”


 Once that’s decided, the sooner he acts, the better

 After changing their clothes, they decided to move quickly

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