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Chapter 43 Persuasion under the Moon

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 Chihiro tries desperately to keep his hands strong and hold on. And this time he succeeded in pushing her down to the ground with a foot strike


 He collapsed on the bare ground with Maria on the bottom. Maria’s full breasts are crushed and she lets out a small, painful breath

 And it made Chihiro feel a faint sense of guilt

 After all, even if it is a mutual agreement, it still hurts to hurt a girl. Even Kamishiro, who had fought Maria to the death, must have had that thought somewhere in his mind

 But, if that is the case, there is a difference between Chihiro and Kamishiro

 It’s not a compliment at all, but Chihiro is used to hurting girls. He’s even strangled Riko and Maria herself. Thanks to that, he feels sorry for them, but is somewhat less hesitant

 And now, he put his weight on Maria’s body

 He pulled her arms tightly and pushed her back so that they were crossed, and then he sat down on Maria’s butt, holding the intersection with his hands

 ”So, what do you think?”

 …While calling out to Maria, Chihiro had a faint feeling of discomfort

 Things are going strangely well

 Even though he faced Maria, it seemed to be going too easily

 Normally, she would have connected her first kick with another attack. The fact that she panicked when one of her arms was caught and tried to shake it off is also a little disconcerting

 It would have been more effective to strike Chihiro with her free right hand without making a fuss

 Maybe she’s not feeling well, or..

 Maria’s voice interrupted his thoughts

 ”So what?”

 Her voice sounded pained, but clear

 ”I’m not gonna tell you I’m give up, no matter what”

 So that’s it

 The only way to settle this is for Maria to say she gives up. So no matter what, if she doesn’t give in, she doesn’t lose. It’s not a match in class, so there’s no time limit, and with her self-healing ability, Maria doesn’t have to give up out of concern for her body

 In effect, this is not a battle, but a contest of endurance

 Maria had no intention of saying “I give up” from the start

 The only way to get her to admit defeat was for Chihiro to show all his effort and determination

 At any rate, the first obstacle has been cleared when he is able to successfully restrain her

 *squeak* *squeak*

 Since a while ago, Chihiro’s joints have been screaming faintly

 The strain that Maria is feeling on her joints is being returned to Chihiro

 The point is, the real battle starts here

 Don’t let go of her arm, no matter what

 ”I’m not giving up until Maria says she’s give up”

 ”…You’re not going to win this one”

 ”I know”

 But it’s the only way

 He can’t think of any other way to beat Maria except by sheer force of will

 Even if he screws her like he did to Riko, or threatens her with pictures. He doesn’t think that would give the girl a fatal shock

 So, Chihiro continued to push Maria to the ground

 For a few tens of seconds, a few minutes, a dozen minutes

 It felt like a long time

 The situation remained the same. Maria was still on the ground and Chihiro was still on top of her. The only thing that changed was Chihiro’s condition

 His arms are numb and he’s starting to lose feeling

 He’s using his legs to restrain Maria’s wrists, but it won’t be long before he loses consciousness from the pain


 Hold on

 Just bear it

 Clenching his teeth, he desperately clings to the girl’s body


 ”…Izumi-kun. Whatever it is, you stink. You can hold Nishizaki-san all you want, but if you’re going to meet people, at least take a shower”

 (Is she harassing me?)

 Maria said as if to throw up

 It was true that neither Chihiro nor Riko had time to wash themselves properly because they had come straight from the private training room to this place

 But she didn’t have to say it now



 Just as he felt sadness in his heart, Maria moved

 She twisted around hard, and when Chihiro hurriedly tried to gather his strength, he felt pain in his arms again

 Then, with a snap

 Chihiro was shaken off by Maria and fell to the ground


 He can’t get up

 His arms are weak and his whole body feels sluggish

 Still, he managed to move his legs and get up. But――


 A woman’s leather shoe stepped on Chihiro’s shoulder


 He’s stomped

 Maria stomps down on his shoulder. It might not have been a big stimulus in normal times, but now that both his arms are hurt, it was painful

 ”Give up!”

 A cold voice echoed

 His vision wobbled and he couldn’t see Maria’s face clearly

 ”No, no”

 ”…please, just give up”


 And yet, he resisted with only his will..


 Maria’s feet leave his shoulders

 Then, she stomps down on his right palm


 Her stomp is relentlessly strong. The pain is so intense that Chihiro can feel his hand again, even though every nerve in his arm is used to feel the pain

 Then his left hand stomped again

 Right hand again. Left hand. Right hand

 ”Oh, uh…”

 He doesn’t know what’s going on

 His eyes were filled with tears and drool was leaking from his mouth. His eyes are blinking and he can’t see anything

 ”Then I’ll go. Go after me if you can”

 It sounded like it was coming from far away

 And that voice came from Maria


 Riko comes running with a scream

 As he felt it with his ears and skin, Chihiro thought

 (Oh, no)

 (Maria is going away)

 (I’ve lost)

 After that, Chihiro fainted and a single tear fell from his eye

 ☆   ☆   ☆

 ”Do you really want to die!?”


 After confirming that Chihiro was still breathing, Riko stood up again

 She then stopped Maria in her tracks with her sharp voice

 ”Take care of Izumi-kun. I’m sure his body will heal after he sleeps, but he might not be able to eat for a while”


 A strange feeling crept into Riko’s chest, but she didn’t have time to find out why

 Maria walked slowly out of the park

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