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Chapter 44 Is the destination of awakening… Shuraba’

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 It’s bright

 When he opened his eyes, Chihiro saw a familiar place

 It’s his room in the dorm. The light was bright because of the lighting. Looking out the window through the curtains, it was still dark

 But his body ―― it hurt. His arms are tingling

 But he doesn’t seem to have any trouble moving them. His fatigue was also lighter than he expected

 Which means he must have been asleep for quite a while


 ”Izumi-kun, are you awake?”

 A voice called from beside him

 When he twisted his head to look, he saw an unexpected person sitting right beside Chihiro. A person he had never invited to his room before, and didn’t even know where his room was

 But now, she was wearing a thin, long-sleeved dress with her hair tied back with a string, an outfit he had never seen before


 He murmured, and Aika smiled and nodded

 ”How’s your body?”

 Her gentle voice warmed his heart

 At the same time, it also confirmed his current situation

 In other words, he wasn’t in better shape because of the rest

 ”Takatsuki-san healed me”

 ”Yeah. I just got a call from Riko-chan. I was so surprised, Izumi-kun collapsed in the park”

 Aika now smiles wryly

 …So Riko called Aika

 That’s the only way, but still, he felt somewhat surprised


 ”I’m sorry. I couldn’t think of anyone else who might be able to come”

 Riko appeared from the bathroom

 She sat down a little away from Aika and told Chihiro what had happened. Her explanation was a bit vague, as she didn’t want to mention Maria’s name

 It seems that after Chihiro collapsed in the park, Riko first tried to carry him

 However, it was impossible for a girl to do so alone

 Nevertheless, it was not good for Chihiro’s health to leave him lying outside. After thinking about it for a while, she had no choice but to call for help

 The person was registered in the phone book and was likely to respond to a sudden call on a Sunday night

 In addition, she needed someone who would be somewhat tight-lipped and would not pry into their life unnecessarily… In that case, there was no one better than Aika

 In fact, Aika agreed to Riko’s request with two words and rushed to the park immediately

 From there, the two of them brought Chihiro to the dormitory, treated him, and now he is here

 ”…I see. Thank you. Nishizaki-san and Takatsuki-san”

 Aika quickly shook her head as he thanked them with a bite

 ”No. Don’t worry about it. Anyone can’t leave someone like that alone”

 Aika’s answer was as refreshing as ever

 But that didn’t mean he could ignore her

 At least try to bow, Chihiro tried to get up from the bed..

 ”Oh, wait, Izumi!”


 Riko interrupted, but only a little too late. And――


 When Chihiro woke up, the quilt came off, revealing what was underneath

 Chihiro’s body, without a stitch of clothing. He had probably been taken off to wipe sweat off or to treat himself. He wasn’t aware of it, but of course it was normal…

 No, that’s not the point

 ”I-I’m sorry”

 ”…Uh, no, no. I’m sorry too”

 Fortunately, the lower half of his body was not exposed, but Chihiro felt like his face was going to burst into flames. He hurriedly wrapped the quilt around him and lowered his head, but Aika shook her head with a bright red face




 Then, there was a subtle silence

 Then Riko stood up without saying a word, searched on the dresser and took out a pair of pajamas

 Chihiro took the pajamas without saying a word, and put them on in the futon

 Then, with a quick flick, he pulls out his smartphone

 …and he searches for Maria

 As Chihiro was about to make a call, Riko stopped and looked at him. She shakes her head. Riko must have tried several times already and had no luck

 ”Right now, I don’t think it’s possible. I don’t think there’s anything we can do about it right now”

 Chihiro lowered his hand in resignation at his last-minute words of comfort

 He turned back to Aika and the others

 ”…Thank you for your trouble”

 ”Uh, yeah”

 There’s a lot he has to tell her. Although he doesn’t know how much Aika is aware of the situation, if asked, he would like to answer as much as he can

 …Of course he’s concerned about Maria. But Chihiro doesn’t know where she’s gone. After fighting her but losing, it’s unlikely that she’ll listen to Chihiro and the others now

 So, he had to change the methods

 He could wait for her in front of the apartment on Monday morning. Or call either Maria or Hana at lunchtime

 In any case, it’s hard to imagine that Mishuku Hana has the means to make everything too late this one night. Though he doesn’t know if he’s qualified to take back Maria, since he couldn’t beat her in the first place

 But first of all, he should take care of the problem in front of him

 So, he took a light breath

 After calming his breathing, Chihiro slowly opened his mouth. But――


 An untimely rumbling of his stomach caused the atmosphere to relax

 For dinner, they ordered a pizza

 One large and one medium. They ordered that because Aika was eating just before noon, and they sat around the table together. They sat on cushions instead of chairs, but Aika’s dress had a long skirt, so there was no need to worry about her underwear showing


 As soon as the meal started, Aika opened her mouth hesitantly

 She took a bite of a large pizza with four different ingredients, chewed and swallowed it, and then continued

 ”I wonder where we should start…”

 Riko replied, taking a bite of a nugget from the side menu

 ”…But I’m sorry, I don’t want to talk too much about Izumi’s collapse”

 ”I see”

 Aika finished her slice of pizza and nodded slowly

 She looks up and stares at Chihiro

 The girl’s lips pursed as he accepted the probing, word-seeking gaze, unable to escape it

 ”Then, I’ll ask you something else”

 With a blush, she shifted her gaze from Chihiro to Riko

 She asked a reserved question

 ”Are Izumi-kun and Riko-chan dating…?”

 …Okay, I understand what you’re saying

 Even though she didn’t know the circumstances of his collapse, it was true that Riko had asked Aika for help with Chihiro. And in the process of carrying and caring for Chihiro, Aika must have noticed

 Riko knew where Chihiro lived. That she knew more or less what was going on in the room

 Then, it was inevitable that Aika would come to that conclusion

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