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Chapter 48 Hana’s Blunder – Mishuku Hana, Part 2 ★

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 It was a blunder

 She was relieved but then distracted by Chihiro’s distraction. She also made the mistake of being overjoyed that Maria had invited her to her house

 Even though she could have dealt with it

 However, Maria’s darkness, which she showed through mind-reading and her ability to return pleasure, caused her to misjudge the scenario too

 But regret won’t change the situation

 ――Since then, Maria has made Hana come many times

 No matter how hard she cried and begged, Maria wouldn’t let her. Her clit is painfully hard from the constant torment, and her body is limp and exhausted. Her head is soaked with pleasure that it can’t work properly

 And the only thing she can do is to accept the pleasure that is being given to her

 (Maybe I should just give myself over to her)

 It might be no different to make Maria hers or to make herself hers. She even thought about it, but each time she reconsidered

 She doesn’t want to be taken. Nothing is meaningful unless she is standing on the side of the taker

 Hana thought that while desperately trying to keep her ego in check. But――

 (Maria hasn’t touched me for a while now, what’s going on?)

 Is she neglecting her? If so, how long is she going to keep up this torture?

 But then..

 She could feel someone weighing down the bed

 One, two… no, three?

 The headphones are removed and the blindfold is taken off. And the person peering at Hana from the front is..

 ”Good evening, Mishuku-san”

 ”Izumi, you…”

 It’s Chihiro. He is naked, with no clothes on

 But unexpectedly, his naked body had a certain amount of flesh on it. Hana had expected him to look more like a girl

 Then, looking to the left and right, she saw Maria on the left. And on the right is a blonde girl, Nishizaki Riko. Both of them are wearing underwear, and Riko is wearing a choker around her neck

 The question is why are they here? Of course, Maria called them

 When she realized that, her head cooled down a little

 And she makes a sarcastic face as much as she can and tells Chihiro

 ”What do you want? I mean, you’re not invited, are you?”

 ”Of course not. But I’m here to get my powers back”

 Hana is expecting him to be a little intimidated, but he just looks down at her quietly

 And the emotion conveyed by the eye contact is pity

 Really, it’s annoying

 ”Huh? Why do I have to return it? There’s no point in returning it here, is there?”

 The mind reading she took from him is her last trump card. As long as she had it, Chihiro had no choice but to put up a fight. Even if it’s such a useless and subtle ability, losing it must be unbearable

 After all, it’s like losing a hand or a leg


 ”I see. Then I’ll give up”


 ”You can keep my mind reading. And from now on, you can use that power to fill the [Looting] slot”

 Chihiro simply gave up his ability

 (Why? I didn’t understand)

 He’d certainly been upset when Hana took his ability. But how could he give it up so easily when it was so important to him?

 As she thinking so, the boy’s hand came to rest on Hana’s chin. The thought of being touched by a man gave her chills

 ”If Maria comes back, I’ll give my ability to Mishuku-san. If I have to weigh the two, Maria is more important to me”

 ”Besides”, he continued

 ”It’s better for my training”

 He moved his face to meet Maria’s, who stood beside him

 That sensation again. A desperate need for “that” took over Hana’s body

 And she shuts her eyes again in fear

 This is not good

 What cards are left to play?

 ”…Izumi, do you really think you’ll get away with this?”

 Locking people up and assaulting them is a crime

 Today is Sunday, but on weekdays, Hana has to go to school. If she is absent for several days without permission, the school will take some kind of approach

 If it comes to the police, it’s Chihiro and the others who will be ruined

 A threat without any pretense. It seemed like a desperate threat, but it worked. And Chihiro replied, “Well, yes”

 ”But does it matter?”


 Is this guy insane?

 Hana kept her eyes shut, turned her head in the direction of the voice and shouted

 ”Are you stupid? If you’re caught by the authorities of the state, you’re finished! You can’t fight against them with your own abilities. It’s an organization!”

 The police also have [Lost Items]. The same [Lost Item], many specialists trained to deal with those capable of committing crimes

 The moment they find out, it’s over. There’s no way to fight back. It’s over

 And yet

 ”So what? Even if the police do move, how long before they do? Even if the school is concerned about Mishuku-san’s absence, isn’t there still a few days to wait?”

 If it were possible to blame him for being absent without permission, I’d say three days at least

 That’s 72 hours

 ”That’s enough time to train Mishuku-san. Then I can obtain a testimony from Mishuku-san who has become obedient. That the act is voluntary, and that it was all of your own free will”

 Not confinement, just staying at an acquaintance’s house

 Not force, but SM play

 So, he can’t be blamed by others and charged with a crime

 After saying that, Chihiro’s hands slowly descended. To Hana’s neck, collarbone, and chest


 Hana yelled

 She didn’t know when she became what was called a lesbian. But it must have happened before she knew it, because she was obsessed with Maria

 So, she doesn’t want to be touched by a man’s dirty hands

 ”Touch me anymore and I’ll kill you. I will never, ever, ever stop hating you, no matter how much you train me. I will hurt you in every way I can think of, I will mock you when you beg for your life, and I will watch you die”

 It’s serious. It’s really serious

 ”I understand. Well, for now, just hang in there for 72 hours. Maria, Riko, I’m sorry, but we’re going to have to take turns training this girl for a few days”

 ””Yes, Master””

 Chihiro said without hesitation, and the two girls answered in unison

 They really wanted to train Hana and make her crazy

 …Seventy-two hours

 That’s a lot of time. There is little hope of getting help in that time. She’d only asked Maisaka to gather information, not be a friend, and if her in-laws found out about the situation, they’d likely cut Hana loose

 ”I understand”


 ”Return, Izumi-kun’s ability. So, promise me that Maria-chan will be the only one who can touch me”

 A trump card in exchange

 Even if Hana asked him to stop raping her, he’d probably refuse, so she gave in until the last possible moment. She’s confident that if Maria only violates her, she won’t break her heart

 Just endure it and go to the police or kill Chihiro

 ”…okay. I promise”

 It worked

 ”Thank you very much. I’m grateful”

 Hana thought, and released her own [Looting]

 With a feeling of lightness in her body, the mind-reading ability she had taken returns to Chihiro

 She opened her eyes and saw Chihiro and Maria staring at each other

 ”…My ability is back, for sure?”

 ”Yes. Congratulations, Master”

 ”Thank you. Thanks to Maria”

 They exchanged glances

 As expected, Chihiro didn’t seem to change his attitude. It seems that he’s taking Maria’s feelings to heart

 But this means that Hana has lost the mind-reading ability

 So, she no longer has to worry about being affected by Maria’s arousal, and her chances of getting through this unharmed are much better

 ”So, Master, shall we begin training Hana-san? …The three of us”

 ”Oh yes”


 They are saying that without care

 ”Don’t be ridiculous! We had a deal! Only Maria-chan is allowed to touch me!”

 Blood rushed to her head

 Her thoughts are filled with anger at being betrayed, and she screams without restraint. She shakes her bound arms and legs with all her might

 Then, slap!

 A slap from Chihiro, and Hana looked at him blankly

 His eyes are cold

 ”I did promise you. So, I guess I’m going to have to break that promise now”


 She tried to shout again, but was prevented from doing so

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