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Chapter 48 Hana’s Blunder – Mishuku Hana, Part 2 ★

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 The third person, Riko, who had remained silent until then, suddenly shoved a ball gag into Hana’s mouth. When she tried to push it out with her mouth, Riko pushed it in as hard as she could and used her other hand to squeeze her belt tightly

 In her ear, she heard her whispering

 ”Hey, you should just give up. You can never go against Izumi when he’s like this. It’s more fun and pleasurable to accept it”

 This is insane. This girl is already crazy

 From the way she talks, it seems she has been trained by Chihiro and Maria

 If that’s the case, she would be like her…

 (No, I will never become like this)

 (I will endure, endure, endure, and kill Chihiro Izumi)

 But then, Hana is caressed from both sides by the two girls

 Fingers all over her body, in and out of her s*x zones, and she felt ecstasy without choice. It feels good. She has no aversion to Maria’s fingers, nor to Riko’s fingers, which are of the same s*x

 Her s*xual desire, which had been suppressed to some extent by the previous question and answer, is restored

 The rotor is removed, her shorts are scissored, and she is stripped naked. Then, with the pressure focused on her nipples and clitoris, Hana easily climaxed

 Both of them are very good at pleasuring. Perhaps it was because they knew the points of interest of the same s*x and did not hold back

 They are precise and focused only on giving Hana pleasure and making her climax

 ”Come on, Master”

 ”Let’s take this girl’s first time”


 Chihiro nodded at the sound of their voices, and came over to Hana. She struggled desperately, but it was useless. And so, the p*nis could be placed between her legs and it slid into her

 Hana had been told that the penetration would be like a hot rod and it was true

 But, why is the human body so hot and hard? Why do women have such organs to be raped by men?

 She was shocked that her body might be torn apart. But while she thinking so――

 ”I’ll go easy on you”


 He penetrated her from the entrance to the back at once


 Hurts. Hurts. Hurts, hurts, it hurts

 (How can something like this feel good?)

 But with no time to endure the pain, Chihiro thrust his p*nis in and out of her, and eventually spit out his semen into her vagina. Of course, he wasn’t wearing any contraceptive, and he didn’t even consider the possibility of pregnancy

 (Why was he the one who took my virginity?)

 Hana hoped Maria would be the one to take it gently with her fingers or a p*nis strap. But now, of all people, she gave her first time to a man, to Chihiro Izumi, the man who had taken Maria from her

 Tears naturally came to her eyes and flowed incessantly

 ”Haha. Nice face. I wonder if that’s what it was exactly like me at that time. But, really, it’s fun to be the one watching”

 ”Nishizaki-san, you look so twisted”

 ”What, is that bad?”

 ”No. I don’t mind if it helps Master”

 After that, the blame from the three of them didn’t end

 Chihiro penetrated Hana again and again, ejaculating into her vagina and all over her body without restraint. Maria and Riko continued to caress her, easing the pain in her vagina

 After a while, Chihiro and Maria left the room. The remaining Riko said to Hana,

 ”Don’t feel bad. I’m sure you’ll thank us later, and it’s only now that it’s hard”

 Even though there was only one person to blame, there was no mercy

 Riko continued to torture Hana’s sensitive parts for a long time. And the only breaks were the fifteen-minute pauses. She continued until Chihiro eventually replaced her

 ”As I said, this will go on for at least 72 hours”

 Even though she had been told that, she felt like she was going crazy

 There is no chance to loot another ability. After all, all three of them made sure not to make eye contact with Hana for more than five seconds. But no matter which of their abilities she took, she could not break the restraints

 …And before long, Hana gradually slowed down her thoughts in self-defense

 She is held like a doll, and accepts the caresses. She accepted being serviced in restraints and having the women take care of her excretions, but not thinking about it

 It seemed that Chihiro and the others had decided to take turns resting at the school, and the training continued without interruption

 Although she is allowed some time to sleep, she is given pleasure all the time she is awake, except when eating or excreting

 Around the evening of the first day, Chihiro put a collar on Hana

 It’s a pink collar with a rather cute design. Maria, looking on from the side, is also wearing a black collar

 It’s probably the same collar that Chihiro had given her

 As the second day progresses, Hana is so exhausted that she cannot resist even without restraint

 She was told that she would be punished if she misbehaved, so she had no choice but to masturbate and give blowjobs. Gradually she became accustomed to the smell and taste of semen, and it disgusted her

 On the third day. Her body began to respond to s*x with Chihiro. Maria and Riko caressed her while Chihiro held her, and she finally climaxed in Chihiro’s arms. Once she learned to cum, her body became more and more sensitive and it became easier for her to climax

 Then, 72 hours had passed since her confinement

 The training ended in just three days. Hana then bathed by two girls, Maria and Riko. As the girls hugged her and washed her body, she felt euphoric as she soaked in the hot water, and her mind is melted in a bad way

 When she got out of the bath, she is forced to wear only her collar and underwear, and presented in front of Chihiro

 ”You have worked very hard”

 Chihiro stroked Hana’s head

 ”It feels good” she thought so but shook it off and asked him

 But it seems she’s not broken yet

 ”What do you mean? I don’t think I’ve fallen yet”

 ”Right. But I’m sure Mishuku-san will listen to me now. I’ll let you go if we make a deal”

 ”Deal, huh?”

 While talking, they served her dinner. It had been a long time since Hana had eaten with her own hands, and the human touch of it almost brought tears to her eyes

 Even though she knew it was their plan

 ”Yes. I’ll let you go, but I don’t want you to tell anyone about what happened here. How about that?”

 Hana paused her meal and considered what was being said

 …Not bad

 ”I don’t mind, but… But there’s no guarantee I’ll keep my word”

 Chihiro had also broken her promise to Hana. So, there would be no hesitation in betraying him now

 Chihiro nodded quietly

 ”That’s true. But it would be self-destructive for Mishuku-san to reveal what happened here to the police or the school. It won’t be that easy.”

 If this case becomes a scandal, it will spread to the rest of the school that Hana has been s*xually assaulted. Then there’s no guarantee she’ll be able to live her life as before. In the worst-case scenario, she might have to transfer to another school, and there is no telling how Mishuku’s parents will treat her

 Riko continued

 ”By the way, Izumi is not the only one who will be caught. I and Fukami will be caught too. Even if you don’t care about me and Izumi, you don’t want to lose Fukami-san, do you?”


 She’s right. Hana still have feelings for Maria

 Rather, she’s someone she can’t have. And after their torture, her desire to have her is getting stronger. She doesn’t want to give up her chance

 And then there’s Maria

 ”And I’ll add insurance. If you’re going to leak it to the world, we’ll post the pictures we take of you on the Internet with your real name”

 During the training, Hana was photographed several times. She was photographed with her limbs bound, her body stained with semen, her vagina dripping semen, and so on

 ”On the contrary, if you don’t tell anyone… if you come to this apartment, put on that collar, and let Izumi-kun hold you, I’ll do the same for you”

 Although Maria had no intention of becoming Hana’s slave, she was willing to engage in lesbian play as Chihiro’s slave and equal

 ”You want me to be Izumi-kun’s slave?”

 ”Yes. First, start with your body. Just let your heart be stained eventually, and you’ll be fine”

 ”That’s ridiculous”

 But it’s also fascinating

 ”…Okay. I’ll accept your terms. Besides, the sport festival is coming up”

 The sports festival is in two days

 If Hana doesn’t get released now, she won’t make it if she doesn’t take the time to rest and recover her strength. Moreover, as Hana’s foster father had ordered her to attend Shibahou, she couldn’t afford to miss a school event three months after entering the school

 ”I believe we have a deal. Take care of me, Hana”

 ”Hey. Please don’t call me by my name”

 Hana glared at Chihiro, not hiding her annoyance

 ”I’ll make you regret it someday”

 ”Do what you want”

 With a smile, Hana’s eyes peered into his

 What could have been the emotion that was being read?

 After that, Hana is released very easily

 In place of her torn clothes, Hana is given one of Maria’s clothes. It didn’t quite fit, but that was nothing compared to the excitement of having something that belonged to her

 She then left the lewd toys she had prepared behind. After all, she doesn’t want to carry around tools that Chihiro has touched, and some of them have semen on them. Although not cheap, she is in a position where she can free up some money

 And with that, she went home, slept, ate, and slept again


 Hana doesn’t feel much anger even though she was raped and her precious things were taken from her

 She has anger and hatred, but it doesn’t reach the level of intense emotion. Only a gentle breeze shakes the surface of her heart

 Maybe something else is filling the empty hole in her heart

 ”Ah, jeez. I swear, I’m gonna kill you”

 The thought of how to kill Chihiro, a delusional plan in her head, distracted her a bit

 In the end, she recovered just in time to go to school on the day of the festival

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