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Chapter 49 The Settlement of Betrayal

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 Hearing her answer, Chihiro picked up the collar and put it around Maria’s neck

 Riko saw this and said in a somewhat amused tone

 ”You’re so soft, Izumi. Why don’t you give her a severe punishment?”


 Chihiro smiled back at her, relaxed and relieved

 ”…Well, the punishment will begin now, though, won’t it?”

 ”Eh? You’re going to do it?”


 They looked at each other for a few seconds, and then Riko turned away first

 She sighed in exasperation, as if she had given up

 Maria pulled her face away and looked up at them, not even trying to wipe her tears

 ”Oh, you’re in sadistic mode. So, how are you going to punish her?”

 ”Hmm. It’s hard to think of a punishment Maria wouldn’t like.”

 ”That’s true. Then how about this?”

 ”Hmm, then something like this would be better.”

 After a few conversations with Riko, he decided on a plan

 Riko smiled and moved away from Chihiro. She crouched down and whispered into Maria’s ear

 ”Be prepared. We’re going to punish you to the point where you’ll be ashamed. Maybe you’ll enjoy it”


 *rush of blood to the head*

 Maria’s cheeks flushed red. It seemed impossible to understand what it meant without using mind-reading

 The black girl’s right hand gripped Riko’s clothes tightly

 ”Thank you so much, Nishizaki-san.”

 ”Huh? What, you’re all of a sudden so formal”

 ”You stayed by Izumi-kun’s side for a long time, didn’t you? That’s why”

 ”Oh. Oh… that’s”

 Riko’s cheeks flushed slightly as she stared into Maria’s earnest eyes

 ”I-It’s not like I’m doing it because I wanted to. It’s not something you should thank me for”

 She hid her embarrassment blatantly

 Maria smiled at Riko as she turned her head away

 ”…I guess so. But thank you”

 And pulled the bottom of her clothes tighter,

 ”I hope you don’t mind if I call you Riko from now on”



 Maria may be outrageous in her behavior, but she’s a beautiful girl

 It would be difficult for even a member of the same gender to say no to such a girl if she begged you nicely up close

 Riko, on the other hand, is the type of girl who has a lot of emotions despite her lack of honesty

 ”I-It’s not like I mind that. So, just do what you want… Maria”

 ”Fufu… Hmm, I’ll do it. Riko”

 Change of name

 Did Maria have a change of heart when she decided to call Riko by her first name?

 From being just a classmate, connected through Chihiro, she now officially acknowledges Riko as a peer or a friend

 If this brings the girls closer together, it is a good thing

 Whether it’s through physical contact, words, or a collar..

 …because it’s easy to be apart when the time comes

 ☆   ☆   ☆

 Most of Chihiro and Riko’s belongings were moved back while Hana was being trained. And although it’s been only a few days since they were moved out, it was rather easy to save time and effort, since most of Chihiro’s personal belongings were in his bag

 After releasing Hana, the bedroom was finally empty, so Chihiro and her friends cleaned and washed the room and brought in their belongings

 ”Why don’t you organize your stuff, too?”

 Chihiro’s bag was again placed in the corner of the living room, but Riko pointed it out to him. She asked, “How long are you going to feel like a guest?”

 So, she put Chihiro’s clothes in the bedroom drawer with hers

 ”Riko, aren’t you carrying less clothes than before?”

 ”Ah. I left some of my clothes at Izumi’s house”


 Maria looks at Riko sideways. Her eyes are saying, “What do you mean?”

 ”Oh, umm… Well, Nishizaki-san…”

 ”Hey Izumi, about that name. Why don’t we stick with the old one? It’s too much trouble for us if we have to use it all the time”

 Chihiro tried to explain, but Riko interrupted him

 Not that it’s irrelevant, but there’s no need to talk about it now. He thought so, but even Maria, who asked Chihiro, is interested in what Riko had to say

 And she looked like she had a good idea,

 ”If you want him to call you by your first name, don’t you think you should change your attitude?”

 ”Huh!? You want me to call Izumi by his first name!?”

 Riko’s words made Chihiro choke up

 Calling someone by their first name is a special act. Although there is a common tendency to call someone by their first name even among the same gender, like Maria and Riko did, it has a more serious meaning when it is between the opposite gender. Especially, the way a girl calls a boy is very important

 Considering this, it is not something that can be forced

 ”But you call Izumi by his last name, too”

 ”I use it separately. Also, in this case, you’re saying that it’s too much trouble to use two different names “

 ”Ugh. Ah, jeez, talking like that…I bet you’re looking forward to your punishment, aren’t you?”

 Riko turned her head and mumbled, then said, “Okay okay”

 Then, she looks up, stares at Chihiro with an expression that makes his blood pressure worrisome, and opens her mouth


 ”Uh, yeah”

 As she answered, Chihiro couldn’t help but feel his heart pounding

 Even though he knew that Riko didn’t mean anything by it – in a romantic sense – he was happy. He couldn’t help the smile that appeared on his face

 He wondered if it would be creepy, but Riko’s favorite phrase never came out of her mouth

 ”I called you that, so you should call me back”

 ”Yes. …Riko”


 Riko’s expression softened. Another unexpected smile

 While Chihiro was stunned and looked at Maria, Riko walked out of the bedroom

 But then she looked back at Maria at the entrance,

 ”Well, why don’t you two take it easy tonight?”

 ”Are you sure? You are also training Hana-san…”

 ”It’s okay. I’m tired from her training, and you’ve been out longer than me”

 That’s all she said and this time she left

 Staring at the closing door, Maria muttered, “Thank you”, and looked back at Chihiro

 Her eyes are already moist, and she is beginning to lose herself in lust. Moreover, the pressure of the mind-reading on Chihiro’s body is even stronger than usual

 ”Master, please punish Maria”

 ”…Yes. Of course”

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