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Chapter 50 Breast job, Scribble Play ★

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 Before the real punishment began

 Chihiro pulled Maria and hugged her tightly

 He tasted Maria’s body for a few tens of seconds and then kissed her roughly. Like Chihiro, Maria couldn’t wait to share her lips with him

 When they parted their lips, he squeezed her breasts. He squeezed her breasts hard, so hard that his fingers left marks

 ”Are you so anxious?”

 Letting go of Maria

 ”Yeah… I’m anxious”

 Chihiro nod and kiss her chest

 He sucks hard, and when he lets go of her lips, he leaves a mark. This marks the first time he has intentionally placed a hickey on Maria’s body

 Maria looks slightly troubled when she sees it

 But that’s all. She doesn’t try to blame Chihiro, and her self-healing doesn’t activate

 ”If I could, I want to keep you in a collar forever”

 ”…Fufu. I don’t mind, though”

 Maria whispers with a seductive smile on her face

 ”And what Master wants is not a physical connection, but a sign of dominance, right?”

 Yes, Chihiro doesn’t want to show it off to the people around him

 It’s fine if only Maria sees it. But he wanted a strong sign that Maria would never leave his side

 Though there is no such thing as a convenient thing

 ”Well, there is something like that”

 ”Like what?”

 ”Piercings, tattoos… things like that”

 He caressed Maria’s private parts, making them even wetter than they already were

 ”The shave Master gave Riko, and this hickey, are soft, but they have that aspect to them. …I’d like you to do it next time, too”

 ”Then I’ll do it for you next time”

 Chihiro’s p*nis was ready to explode at any moment

 But Maria didn’t ask for penetration, she wanted to serve. It was obvious from the heat of her body and her breath that she was also aroused

 ”Please, let me do it”

 Her mouth, filled with saliva, takes the rod into her mouth

 *slurp…* *squelch…*

 Her tongue moves frequently to lap up the fluid on his p*nis. And with so much liquid in her mouth, which is hot and sticky, giving Chihiro a different kind of satisfaction than her vagina

 It makes him want to ejaculate immediately, but Maria seems to know the limit from Chihiro’s reaction. She skillfully adjusts her movements and keeps him on the verge of cumming. After all, the longer he holds on to the pleasure, the stronger the ecstasy will be when it’s released


 After a few minutes of tasting Chihiro, Maria pulled her mouth away and begged

 ”Come, Master…”

 She lays down on the bed and offers her bare breasts to him

 She lifts them with both hands and presses them together from the outer side. Then the cleavage fills with flesh, leaving only a small gap

 Chihiro knew that he was being told to put it his p*nis

 If it’s s*x, he would have expected it to be in the vagina, but now, this is not that, it’s a part of service. It’s a variation called breastjob, an obscene service using her two breasts like vaginal meat. And then――

 He rides Maria’s belly and slowly inserts his p*nis

 The resistance is less than that of the vagina. There’s less lubrication, of course, but instead Maria’s breasts are soft and can be shaped in any way to envelop Chihiro’s p*nis

 No large movements are required too

 And as he moved his hips slowly, intoxicated by the gentle stimulation of being stroked by flesh, which is different from pistoning or being handled, his white slime poured out ceaselessly with a feeling of immense happiness

 *spurt* *spurt* *spurt*

 The gentle pressure prevented a violent ejaculation, and instead a white, slippery liquid flowed between her breasts. Maria scooped it up with her fingers several times, bringing it into her mouth each time


 ”Yes, Master, hold me as long as you like”

 After that, they embraced roughly

 Missionary, reverse back, cowgirl. Each time Chihiro ejaculate, he changes his position and fucks Maria again and again. Maria accepts Chihiro’s cock with wild excitement

 And the feeling of her vagina tightening painfully made him realize that he was being desired

 Eventually, they stopped what they were doing and lay down on the bed, still connected

 ”…but piercings and tattoos…”

 Those are all things that leave marks on the other person’s body

 Tattoos can’t be easily removed, and piercings leave holes. They are invisible to others unless the person is naked, but the person who has them will see them with their own eyes every day

 Shaving and hickeys will return to normal in a short time, but a proof of master-servant relationship need to be engraved much longer and deeper

 The only problem is the cost and means

 But thanks to Hana, there are some tools available, but not even she brought piercings. In other words, it’s such a high hurdle to overcome

 ”Sure, it’s hard to do right away. But Master, someday, would you like to engrave a mark on me?”

 ”Yes. I promise. One day, I will”

 And Maria’s face broke into a smile. Like a little girl

 ”I’m glad. Of course, I’m still Master’s slave without it”

 At that moment

 For a moment, Chihiro felt his own body heat up. It wasn’t an emotional feeling, but an actual heat that spread through his arms and legs to Maria


 Maria moaned softly and writhed

 Then she gave a curious look

 ”What was that…?”

 Chihiro couldn’t answer the question

 So, the two of them separated and checked to see if there is anything wrong with their body. And there is nothing wrong with their physical condition, and their appearance is generally unchanged, but there is one small change

 Maria’s lower abdomen

 Just at the navel, there is something that looked like a mark. It has a complex design of several overlapping lines, about a few centimeters in diameter

 It appears to be made up of a number of letters, not pictures

 It doesn’t seem to be a natural phenomenon

 So, it could be caused by..

 ”A new ability?”

 ”…I suppose it’s natural to assume so”

 Maria replied, her brow furrowed

 It seemed that even she hadn’t caught up with the inexplicable phenomenon

 ”Anyway, let’s test it tomorrow, shall we?”


 The day after tomorrow is the sports festival

 Chihiro and the jet-black girl nodded at each other, wondering if it might be useful

 Then he slowly raised himself up and told Maria, who was lying down happily

 ”Well, Maria, let’s start the punishment”

 ”…Eh? Now?”

 ”Of course. I haven’t done anything yet”

 Normally, it would have been s*x, or the promise of a piercing, but this time, Chihiro wasn’t going to let that be her punishment

 Leaving Maria pouting and waking up, he went to the bedside cabinet and took out something he had prepared in advance

 It was a plain, thin, oil-based pen

 Immediately, Maria’s face changed

 ”Master, no way”

 Chihiro already noticed. Naturally, Maria couldn’t help thinking of a use for the pen for that

 Her surprise turned to excitement, and her eyes grew moist with excitement

 She could feel her already satisfied body heating up again

 ”Yes. I’ll use this to scribble on Maria’s body. Of course, not just any scribbles, but obscene words”


 ”I think I’ll start with your breasts. It’s oil-based so it won’t come off easily, and it’ll probably stay at school tomorrow. …You don’t like it? I’ll stop if you don’t”

 Originally this is a punishment

 Maria should have known what it meant to refuse, even if she hadn’t said so


 After shaking her body, the girl answered Chihiro

 ”Please. Scribble Maria’s body with obscene word”


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