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Chapter 50 Breast job, Scribble Play ★

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Chihiro first ordered Maria to lie down on her back on the bed. And he ordered her to spread her legs lightly and he get into a standing knee position while his hands lightly grasped her sides

 *take a deep breath*

 As Riko had said, this play was a bit beyond Chihiro’s experience. He tries to calm himself down as much as he can before tell her

 ”So, Maria, tell me what you want me to write”

 ”…I’m the one who’s going to say it?”

 ”Yes, you will. I’m not forcing it. But I’ll keep scribbling until I’m satisfied. You can muddle through with mild language if you want, but then the space for writing will get smaller and smaller”

 If Chihiro is not satisfied even after using up her body, he will use the arms, legs, or face as a canvas

 And of course, if the scribbles extend beyond the summer clothes or gym clothes, they will be exposed to the public eye

 As a slave who is being punished, it is impossible for her to wear a jersey, and if the amount of scribbles increases, it may not be possible to erase them in a day

 If that happened, she would have to participate in the sports festival with the scribbles still on her body


 *twitch* *twitch*

 Without warning, Maria let out a cry of delight and hugged her body. Just like the first time she wore a collar, she came lightly just from her imagination

 Chihiro said coldly as he felt his own p*nis rising to the top

 ”Maria, what’s the first thing you want? If you don’t hurry, it won’t be over in the morning”


 Tears well up in the girl’s eyes

 Her lips quivered, and in a few seconds, a word was spun out

 ”Fukami Maria, Class 1C, Shibahou Academy”


 Her affiliation and full name

 Although Chihiro had tried to scare her, she was so bold that he was taken aback. But he cleared his throat and took off the cap of the oil-based pen

 It leaves a black ink mark on Maria’s smooth skin

 It should be as neat as possible, visible from a distance, but not too large, just below her breast


 ”Maria, if you move, I’ll mess it up”

 ”Oh, I’m sorry”

 Chihiro snapped at Maria, who shuddered, and she clenched her fists and began to try to suppress her reaction

 Soon the first word is written, and he prompted her to write the next


 A sweet voice whispered the dreaded phrase

 Maria seemed to experience a tremendous amount of pleasure as she said each word and as the grease pen slid across her skin

 And the second word is written below the first





 They both began to pace themselves more and more

 Chihiro is just getting used to it, but Maria is rushing Chihiro for more pleasure. It seemed a shameful thing for a slave to do, but Chihiro didn’t blame her

 ”Human, disqualified”


 The words are written around her collarbone, and the moment the tip of the pen left her body. Maria’s body shuddered and she climaxed

 ”Ah… this is not good”

 She couldn’t have been happier

 She looked like a different person from when she lay in bed with Chihiro earlier. She looked like a masochist, immersed in pleasure, colored by despair and shame

 …absolutely, truly despicable

 ”Maria, if you do that now, it will be hard later”

 ”Yes. That’s right, but… Hmmmngh”


 I can feel it when Master look at me

 Please abuse me

 I’ve devoted my life to Master’s p*nis

 …et cetera

 Those words are the words that Maria uses to humiliate herself, and they are so varied that it makes Chihiro wonder how she can come up with so many phrases

 And despite her many climaxes, Maria never stopped opening her mouth, and just when she seemed running out of words, there was no more room left to write on her torso

 ”*pant* *pant…* Now, is that OK?”

 Maria said, peeking at Chihiro. Chihiro looked at her face, as if she was on the verge of going crazy from overexcitement, and suddenly thought

 (Was she adjusting the phrases so that her own body would fill up just right?)

 He didn’t want this training to end too easily. So――


 A smile naturally escaped his mouth

 ”Yes, that’s enough. On “the front””


 Finally, Maria’s expression turned blue

 With a single word, she must have understood Chihiro’s intentions, and at the same time understood the mistake she had made

 She put her hands on the bed and begged Chihiro, moving her weak arms desperately

 ”P-Please. Master, please forgive me. If you do anything more, I’ll…”

 ”Maria, turn your back on me”

 ”…Ah, haha”

 Her tear-stained face stiffens

 Maria said nothing more and turned over on the bed

 Her unprotected white back is exposed

 Chihiro felt his chest throbbing with guilt and his heart burning with even more excitement, and asked in a calm voice

 ”I’ll allow you to use the same words as on the front. Now, what would you like?”

 ”…Fuh, haha”



 The loud laughter echoed through the soundproof bedroom

 Chihiro wondered if Riko in the next room could hear it through the soundproofing. Maria’s voice sounded as if it might be heard by Riko who was standing next to her, and then she started to speak lewdly like a machine gun

 Her eyes completely debauched, reflecting nothing

 From normal s*x to thorough shame torture

 The sudden ups and downs burned Maria’s heart, which had been protected by her strong reason

 ”Master, Masterr. This is the best. It feels so good I’m going crazy. Please fuck me, break me, make me more fucked up! Make me cum and kill me! I don’t care if you kill me now!”

 It really was an extreme madness, colored only by lust

 [It’s too strong, even I can’t control her]

 Chihiro felt that he had witnessed for the first time the true meaning of what Maria had once said

 There’s no way anyone can control something like this on their own

 It’s the same even with the help of others. So she is like――

 Still, Chihiro tried to move his pen, but after writing just a few words, he gave up

 He doesn’t have to write

 He no longer cared about these training rules

 The punishment is now more than enough. It worked so well it broke Maria


 Chihiro hugged Maria tightly, restraining her with his arms and legs as she laughed and shuddered and continued to climax

 When Maria tried to wriggle away, Chihiro hugged her tighter

 For minutes and minutes, until she calmed down

 Eventually, Maria stopped moving, as if she was tired of crying

 When Chihiro saw that she had fallen asleep and was beginning to breathe softly, he felt his own physical limitations and lost consciousness

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