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Chapter 63 First Time with Aika, Part Two ★

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 At the same time, he became worried about Aika’s body. Should he wait until the pain subsides?

 No. Rather than prolong the process, he decided to move and get it over with.

 ”Aika, can you hold out a little longer?”

 ”Uh, yeah”

 ”…Thank you”

 He thanked her for her kind smile and moved his hips.

 ”Kuh. Kuahh!”

 Carefully, with as little pain as possible to Aika, he sends the pleasure to his own p*nis. Fortunately, the vagina is too tight and Aika is squeezing too hard, so he can’t hold out much longer.

 It’s complicated for a man to go too fast, though.

 ”I’m coming, Aika”

 ”Yes, come, Chihiro-kun”

 Aika takes her hand off the sheet and asks for a hug.

 As he hugged and kissed her, Chihiro ejaculated into her vagina.

 *spurt* *spurtttt* *spurttttt*

 With the first ejaculation, he could feel the semen pouring out of him.

 All of it is pouring into Aika.

 And with this, Chihiro has taken her first time and dyed her body.

 The thought of this fills him with a sense of happiness and accomplishment. It’s only one ejaculation, but his heart is not dissatisfied.

 *pant* *pant* *pant*

 Aika panted as she leaned her face against Chihiro’s shoulder.

 Hearing the mixture of relief and ecstasy, Chihiro slowly pulled his p*nis out. Then, a thick stream of semen, pink with blood, poured out.

 ”Thanks, Aika. Thanks for your hard work”

 ”Yeah. Me too, thank you, Chihiro”

 Chihiro kissed Aika one more time and sat down beside her. He patted her head slowly and she closed her eyes and started to sleep.

 It’s summer vacation now, and if she oversleeps, she can stay the night.

 ”Get some rest”

 Chihiro whispered to her, then lay down next to her and closed his eyes.

 ☆   ☆   ☆

 It had been a while since Aika had moved to the bedroom after taking a shower.

 And while the two, Chihiro and Aika, are spending time in the bedroom, in the living room, Maria suddenly muttered to Riko.

 ”I think it’s a little unexpected”

 ”What do you mean?”

 Riko stopped operating her smartphone and looked at her.

 The person who had said it was still looking at the laptop.

 ”That you can tolerate Takatsuki-san…”

 …It seems to be just a chat.

 But the fact that she didn’t seem to look at Riko made her felt a little disappointed. Moreover, the conversation seems important.

 But well, that’s fine.

 If she wants to chat, just chat.

 ”Even though it’s unexpected, I don’t really dislike her that much”

 She doesn’t even like her too.

 ”Besides, Takatsuki-san is not a slave, but a girlfriend. If that’s the case, it means that we’re not necessarily friends”

 ”That’s why, you don’t mind?”

 Chihiro has a girlfriend. And it wasn’t Riko, Maria, or Hana.

 But, isn’t that why she’s not happy?


 Maria’s point is sharp in a way.

 The question is so ordinary that it’s surprising.

 ”I don’t think so. I don’t intend to be Chihiro’s girlfriend, and I don’t think I can be”

 Riko is not happy and jealous of Aika because she took the position so easily.

 In addition, she is dissatisfied with the fact that Chihiro will not be able to hold her and the others as often as he would like before.

 But it’s the same even if there are more slaves.

 It is not that Riko wants Aika’s position.

 If Aika is going to coexist with them, then Aika becoming Chihiro’s girlfriend is… well, she hates to say it, but it doesn’t really matter.

 ”Besides, I feel that Takatsuki-san is easier to get along with now than before”


 Maria finally stopped and looked up.

 ”Yeah. I think it’s because she doesn’t act like a good girl”

 ”I think it’s complicated for her to be praised for that, but… I guess I agree with you”

 For better or for worse, she became less reserved.

 But as a result, she demanded Chihiro to “break up with Riko and the others”, which Riko doesn’t like, but she like her attitude of not hiding herself.

 Both Riko and Maria are extremely selfish, and that’s why it’s easier for them to deal with honest people rather than good people.

 Still, she wants to be by Chihiro’s side.

 And if she really wants to do that, she doesn’t want to hinder him and she will cooperate.

 ”Anyway, are you okay with that too, Maria?”


 ”Yes. You like Chihiro too, don’t you?”

 Sorry to have to point this out, but…

 There’s no point this girl hiding things from her now. So, it would be better to ask her straight out.

 Then, the beautiful girl with jet-black hair smiled and replied.

 ”Of course, Izumi-kun is my precious Master. That’s why I won’t interfere with Master’s wishes, and I want to help him”


 In a way, it’s a textbook answer.

 Selfless devotion.

 It sounds nice, but is this girl really that understanding?


 ”Besides, I think Takatsuki-san’s healing abilities are very cool”


 ”Because you know what? If she can heal wounds, it makes SM play so much better”

 SM, which involves a lot of beating and tightening, usually tends to be done while keeping an eye on the slave’s physical condition. If it is done in a short period of time, swelling, scratches and lacerations are likely to remain, and the pain of the wounds can drain the mind.

 It is not uncommon for a slave to forget the pain during the play because of excitement, but after the play is over, she cries out in pain after cooling down.

 ”Of course, that’s part of the fun. But not everyone can afford it, can they? Well, she can help ease that burden”

 ”…I mean, aren’t you capable of healing yourself?”

 ”Well. Even my ability gets tired. There’s a limit to how much I can heal”

 ”You mean you don’t have more than you can handle!?”

 Riko shouted loudly.

 Then, she breathed a deep sigh.

 As expected, this girl was not acting out of sincerity. This reassured her, and at the same time she felt a strange sense of weakness.

 …Or maybe she just doesn’t realize it at the moment.

 ”Well, anyway, is it over?”

 ”Yeah. I guess we can relax for now”

 Tomorrow Riko is going to her hometown, and when she comes back, her summer vacation will continue for a while.

 The second semester starts after tomorrow, but she can still afford to enjoy a kind of peace.

 While arguing with Maria, Hana, and Aika, she cooks, does the laundry, cleans, and gets embraced by Chihiro. If she feels like it, she may go shopping or visit somewhere else at least once more.

 ”I’m looking forward to working with you, Riko”

 ”Huh? What’s up with you all of a sudden?”

 ”Nothing. I just wanted to say something”

 Riko stare into Maria’s dark eyes, but she can’t read her mind because she’s not Chihiro.

 Well, okay.

 ”Hmm. Well, me too”

 Riko replied to Maria with a light smile.

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