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Extra Edition Overflowing with Emotion – Takatsuki Aika ★

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 This is Aika’s solo play.

 This is the first time for Aika to live alone.

 Her friends from middle school envied her, while her parents felt more worried than necessary that their beloved daughter would be away from them.

 Still, both of her parent are equally happy, but what Aika tries to cherish in her dormitory life is not what her friends say, but what her parents say.

 Life should be regular.

 Refrain from going out late at night.

 Cook your own meals as much as possible and pay attention to the nutritional balance.

 If you are not feeling well, you should take a rest.

 Since she entered Shibahou Academy in April and started living in the girls’ dormitory, Aika has tried to follow these rules as much as possible.

 Even on vacations, she went to bed and woke up at the same time as on weekdays.

 She took care of her homework and assignments as soon as she returned and did not postpone them.

 After school, she went to the supermarket to buy ingredients and tried various dishes to learn how to cook.

 At the same time, she tried not to neglect socializing with her friends, and thanks to this, she got along well with everyone.

 Thus, she is able to have a fulfilling high school life.

 Shibahou Academy is a private school, but the tuition is cheap, and the government provides a subsidy for [Lost Item]. The amount of money for a C-ranked student is considerable, so there should be little need for her parents to worry about money.

 And yet…


 Something is wrong with her lately.

 She’s trying to live a moderate life, but she’s not complaining.

 ”No… Nn..”

 *squelch* *squelch*

 On the night.

 After she has eaten, bathed, and prepared for tomorrow, it’s time to go to bed.

 But Aika climbed into bed in her pajamas and began to play the game she’s been playing so often these days.

 An act to relieve her heightened s*xual desire by herself.

 The act of pleasuring herself – or to put it in a more vulgar way, “Masturbation”.



 She places the middle and index fingers of her left hand together and puts them in her mouth.

 Then, twirl the tongue around the other person’s lips, which look like a tongue, cover it with saliva, and move it in and out while making water sounds.

 It’s a kiss.

 Not just lip to lip, but tongue to tongue, a lascivious kiss.

 At the thought of it, her body is filled with excitement.

 The sweet numbness dulls her thoughts and instead floods her with urges.

 She knows it’s wrong.

 But she can’t stop. Or rather she doesn’t want to stop.

 She wants more.


 Aika pulls her finger out.

 And she exhaled, staring blankly at the string of saliva on her finger.

 (At that moment, Riko-chan then…)

 She added her ring finger and made a triangle with her three fingers.

 The width of the triangle remained the same, but it became thicker, and she brought it close to her mouth again.

 (…Kiss the tip first)

 Then kiss the finger and the base.

 To the casual observer, it seems like a silly thing to do, just kissing her own finger, but there is no one else in the room.

 The curtains are tightly closed, so there’s no need to worry about anyone seeing her.

 (Then, licking, right?)

 She sticks out her tongue and licks the saliva off her fingers. Of course, it has no taste at all, and if anything, it tastes a little like sweat. Though the real thing is probably not so tasteless and odorless.

 Riko, a classmate of the same age, licked it with relish.

 *pant* *pant*

 She exhaled hard, and now sucked on her finger.

 Like a baby.

 As if exposing a trifling, female form.


 After a few minutes of caressing the finger with her lips, she spat it out.

 Unfortunately, and she doesn’t know if she should say this, she can’t reproduce the release of bodily fluids, so she moves on.


 Since she couldn’t wait.

 She finally touchs herself, and in ecstasy, she unbutton my pajamas.

 She intentionally didn’t wear a bra, so she was naked under her pajamas. With the top pajama open, Aika slowly reached for her own body.

 She stroked her upper body with both hands.


 That alone sent a tingle down her spine.

 However, at that time when she saw the act, she couldn’t believe that just stroking could make people feel good. But when she actually tried it, she understood.

 The ticklish sensation of gentle stroking, turned into pleasure by anticipation and excitement, makes Aika debaucherous.

 On the contrary, if she’s not excited, it’s just a tickle.

 And with Riko’s expression at that time.

 When she remembers what Riko looked like at that moment, and the way Chihiro handled her, she couldn’t help but get excited.

 …It was crazy to show her something like that.

 Well, it was Aika herself who said she wanted to see it, but when she thinks they were doing this because of her, she starts to feel resentful.

 Masturbation is an act to relieve frustration, not to be repeated so often.

 Otherwise, it is like being addicted to an addiction, an abstinence that gets deeper and deeper the more one does it.


 Aika called “his”

 He’s a boy she’s been interested in lately.

 He has a pretty face like a girl’s, but he’s hard-working and has a stubborn streak.

 He says he likes Aika, but he holds Riko in front of Aika.

 …Riko is his slave and he is Riko’s Master.

 To be honest, Aika doesn’t understand this relationship.

 After all, s*x is something that should be done with a person who has trusted you, and it is only natural to seek a romantic relationship with someone if that person is someone you would have s*x with.

 And yet, Riko says she won’t go out with Chihiro, and furthermore.

 [I don’t care what happens to Takatsuki-san with Izumi]

 It doesn’t make sense.

 …Is Riko-chan really okay with it if she does that with Izumi-kun?

 ”Me, with Izumi-kun..”

 While thinking so, her face almost burst into flames.

 ――The image of herself straddling Chihiro, lying on the bed.

 She had never imagined such a thing with anyone else.

 When Kamishiro confessed his love to her, she just imagined kissing him and holding hands with him.

 But with Chihiro, she imagined so much more.

 Why is that?

 (I don’t know…)

 But it should be because of what he said.

 She thinks about this as she rubs her own breasts and plays with her nipples. Her hands become rougher as she is lost in her thoughts, but she doesn’t have time to think about it.

 [I want to hold Takatsuki-san]

 Say something like that, in the presence of other people.

 No, even if it was just the two of them, it’s not something to say.

 And yet…

 The image of Chihiro holding Riko comes to her mind, causing her to feel shame and excitement as well as distaste.

 (It’s all Izumi-kun’s fault)

 To pent-up feelings, she put them into her fingers.

 ”Ah, ahh…!”

 She knows where she feels good. That’s why she focuses on stimulating those points with her fingers, but when the stimulation exceeds a certain level, her hands inevitably stop.

 It’s as if her unconscious limiter works, and the pleasure doesn’t increase from a certain line.

 It’s the same with the masturbation she has done several times so far.

 (…Riko-chan seemed to feel so good…)

 Riko, after climaxing under Chihiro’s caresses, had s*x in cowgirl position.


 Thinking so, Aika lifted her left hand and made another triangle with her fingers.

 She stared at it, then shook her head and undid her ring finger. She then slips her finger into her pajamas, between her legs where she is not wearing any panties.



 Aika shouted loudly.

 But because the dormitory was full of girls of her age, the soundproofing is reasonably good, still if she shouted out loud, the neighbors and the upper class would hear her.

 It’s fortunate that she doesn’t have to worry about being heard by the opposite s*x, but she doesn’t want to be heard even by the same s*x.

 So she moves her fingers again, trying to be careful and wondering if she can keep them safe.

 She began smear her finger’s saliva on her wet crotch and moved it in and out in a monotonous motion.

 Still, it felt much better than playing with her nipples.

 (Yes, it feels good)

 It was the same with Chihiro and Riko’s s*x.

 There seemed to be some affection between them, but it was still not s*x between two lovers. They were having s*x to make each other feel good.

 That’s why it was so lascivious and lewd.


 She says no but she can’t stop.

 Aika removes her pajamas completely and accelerates the movement of her finger in her secret place.

 She moves her finger back and forth in small increments, and moves her hips so as not to interfere with the movement. She moves herself as if she were masturbating to reproduce Riko’s cowgirl movements.

 ”Ah, ah, ahhh!”

 Even though she wants to be careful, bu she can’t keep her voice down.

 She wonders if she’s becoming an unbelievably naughty girl, but her head is too aroused to do anything about it.

 More, more, moreeee!

 (Like Riko-chan)


 Eventually, she felt her body jump with a strong jolt.

 After the sudden strong wave of pleasure subsided, a sense of weariness and euphoria washed over her. Also, the fatigue of her fingers suddenly came to her consciousness, and she became too tired to move them any more.

 (I wonder if that’s what it means to cum now)

 Probably not.

 Riko seemed to be more comfortable. She is going wild, drooling, shaking her hips, and shaking harder, as if nothing mattered.

 Aika had never even been able to reach that point before.

 ”…It’s Izumi-kun and Riko-chan’s fault”

 For the moment, her s*xual desire has subsided.

 With a subtle lingering fire, Aika put her pajamas back on and lay down on the bed.

 ”Oh, I have to wash my hands. And I didn’t set my alarm too”


 She’s too tired to move, and it’s the last day of school, so tomorrow is summer vacation. Moreover, she’s not going to get punished for oversleeping a little.

 So, she simply let go of the habits she’s been forcing on herself.

 And Aika sank into a somewhat comfortable exhaustion.

 As she relaxed, she was thinking about meeting up with Chihiro and the others during the summer vacation.

 She also wondered if Chihiro would keep the promise they had made together.

 No, he will keep his promise.

 So, when that day comes, she will be as harsh as she wants to be.

 (But what will I say to him?)

 Such thoughts made her feel very happy.

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