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Chapter 67 Sex between Lovers ★

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 They put their bodies on the big bed

 Chihiro is on the bottom, supporting Aika’s weight, and they kiss deeply again. They kiss each other deeply, even though their mouths are sticky with each other’s saliva

 Apparently, Aika loves to kiss

 But she is not reluctant to caress, serve, or have s*x. On the contrary, she sometimes asks for it herself, though on the other hand, she tends to be satisfied with plenty of kisses even if other things are neglected

 Chihiro once asked her the reason for this

 [Hmm…because kissing is equal, maybe]

 There are unavoidable differences between men and women when it comes to breasts and genitals, but not when it comes to mouth and tongue

 Aika said that she likes kissing because it allows her to love and desire the other person in the same way regardless of gender

 Chihiro thinks that this is a typical thinking of Aika, who is concerned with the equality of lovers

 Therefore, he respects Aika’s feelings as much as possible

 And once again, they continue kissing and caressing over their clothes

 When their lips meet and their tongues intertwine, Aika feels much more. Aika’s expression became more and more debauched even when caressed through her clothes, and she started to demand for Chihiro

 They kiss again and then take off each other’s clothes and hug each other in their underwear

 As Aika’s navel is exposed, there is a mark engraved on it. The reason Aika has the mark is because she saw Riko and the others are having so and it’s not fair

 [Chihiro-kun. Can I have that, too?]

 [Eh? Takatsuki-san… is it okay if it matches with others?]

 [Umm. Can you just change the design?]

 Chihiro thought that was absurd, but he gave it a try, and to his surprise, it worked

 It is the same mark with many overlapping characters, but it looks like a different design because of the difference in the way the characters are combined

 In Maria’s opinion, this is a result of either Chihiro’s ability to change the design according to his image, or the subject’s mind, who receives the mark

 ”How is your condition since you got that?”

 ”Yes. I feel really good. The healing process seems to be a little more efficient”

 ”Oh, that’s good”

 Since Chihiro is relieved, he will explain the effect on the assessment as well

 When he asked her again if she wanted to remove the mark, Aika shook her head, just like Riko did

 ”I guess I’m the same as Riko-chan. If I leave it in forever, it won’t be cheating”

 This indirectly means that “she has no intention to break up with Chihiro”

 As for Chihiro, he was rather happy about that and smiled

 Then, Aika’s arm tightened

 ”More importantly… kiss me more”


 Chihiro doesn’t know how many times they’ve kissed each other today

 But, speaking of kissing, there’s something else Aika has been telling him

 [Chihiro-kun. Please try not to kiss me at school]

 [Okay, but why?]

 [Because it’s a problem if we’ll be in the mood, right?]

 Well, if they kiss each other as foreplay every time, their bodies will be conditioned to do so

 So, when they kiss in a crowded place, if they put their tongues in reflexively, it might soak their underwear… and that would be embarrassing

 Of course, Chihiro agreed to this

 Chihiro doesn’t mind if asked, but there is no need to show it. People already know enough about Chihiro and the others

 That said, he doesn’t hold back in this apartment

 As long as only Maria, Riko and Hana, who see it, it’s no big deal. In fact, Chihiro wants to show off his love for Aika to them

 Besides, Maria and the others, especially Riko, are more excited than usual because of this atmosphere, which makes him happy


 When Chihiro crawls his fingers into Aika’s peach-colored panties, a small sound of water is heard

 Well, his actions with Aika are gradual because he’s not “training” her, but still, her body is developing little by little

 And it made her more and more excited and wet

 (…One day, I want to make her come with just a kiss)

 While Chihiro carefully caressed her private parts with such thoughts, Aika stopped kissing and whispered to Chihiro

 ”Chihiro, I’ve already…”


 Nod! Chihiro nodded his head and separated from her

 Then, Aika, who was sitting on his stomach, looking down at him, and Chihiro softly asked her

 ”Aika, could you do it with your mouth?”

 ”Yeah… okay”

 Aika replied honestly and moved her body to position herself between Chihiro’s legs

 She unbuckled the belt of his pants, then the hooks, and unzipped it. When she was done, she put her hand on his pants and slowly pulled it down

 [It’ll get in the way when I’ll do it later…]

 Since the second time she gave Chihiro a blowjob, she had started to remove Chihiro’s pants and underwear completely, saying something like that

 By the way, in this case, she meant s*x in the normal position

 She said that she was bothered by the clothes hitting her legs when Chihiro thrust into her

 (…I’m grateful for this kind of detail, because it’s hard for me to notice. Especially for Maria and Riko, because of their position as slaves, they often tend to accept it or ignore it even if they notice it)

 ”Then, I’ll do it, okay?”

 Aika holds the base while lightly stroking it, and runs her tongue over the tip

 Just a light stroke of her tongue made Chihiro’s body jump

 [Chihiro, aren’t you favoring her just because she’s Takatsuki-san?]

 Riko once pointed out to him like that, but he can’t help reacting when Aika gives him a blowjob

 It is not about the technique, but simply the fact that his girlfriend does that to him that makes him happy

 ”It seems you’ve gotten used to it”

 Aika’s movements are still crude, but she does her best to move her tongue

 She licks it like it’s an ice cream or something, and thrusts the tip in and out of her mouth. She touches her tongue to the base and licks up to the tip

 [Takatsuki-san. Chihiro will feel better if you lick more boldly]

 [E-Even if you say so…! I’m…]

 Aika shouted when Riko pointed it out to her, but she listened to the suggestion without hesitation. Little by little, Chihiro could see that she was trying her best to become better in her own way

 And gradually, as she worked hard to improve her skills, Chihiro’s arousal began to increase

 ”Aika, I’ll put it out”

 Chihiro call out a little earlier, and Aika reacts with a twitch

 With both hands, she placed her fingers at the base of the p*nis and sucked it into her mouth, waiting for ejaculation. His rod was a little sore from the unconscious force of her fingers. Still—

 Spurt! Spurttt! Spurttttt!


 Aika is startled by the force of the ejaculation and catches about half of the white liquid with her face

 She coughed up half of what she had caught in her mouth, and did not seem to be able to swallow it well

 Still, when she swallowed a small amount, she said with tears in her eyes

 ”…I’m sorry”

 ”Don’t worry about it”


 Even though Chihiro smiled and told her, Aika’s face remained blank

 Well, it is inevitable that she is not good at putting foreign things in her mouth. But it seems that she’s upset because of her rivalry with Riko and the others

 (I wonder if there’s a good solution…)

 Chihiro thought about it for a while and suddenly came up with an idea

 ”Aika, can you come here for a minute?”

 ”Hmm? Okay”

 Chihiro beckoned to Aika, who still had semen on her face, and gently kissed her face

 Kiss… Lick… Slurp…

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