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Chapter 67 Sex between Lovers ★

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 He slurps up the fluid and puts it in her mouth

 (I had kissed Riko and Maria after their blowjobs, but this is the first time I had licked my own semen)

 Perhaps it was because this is his own semen, but it smelled even fishier than Chihiro had imagined

 Really? Everyone is drinking this stuff for me?

 When he thought about it, he felt grateful


 With a mouth full of semen, he hugged Aika’s surprised body

 He then kissed her half-heartedly


 For a moment, Aika tried to resist, but when he hugged her gently, she quieted down. She opened her mouth to accept Chihiro’s tongue, saliva, and semen


 The moment her tongue touched the semen, her body trembled lightly

 But that is the only clear change. When the semen is mixed with each other’s saliva, Aika swallowed it little by little


 After the first few throbs, all the semen is gone from both of their mouths

 ”You did good”

 ”Geez, Chihiro-kun”

 He patted her head but got an annoyed glare

 ”Don’t put that in your mouth. What if you get sick?”

 ”Eh, but…”

 What will happen to Aika and the others?

 Chihiro wondered, and when he said it out loud, she turned her head away

 ”We’re fine”

 What’s the logic behind that?

 Chihiro is puzzled, but Aika quickly turned her face back to him and smiled

 ”…I’m kidding. I’m sorry, thank you. I’m happy”

 Then she takes off her underwear

 Shrug… Shrug…

 Soon her bra and panties are removed, exposing Aika’s naked body

 Well, the bush between her legs that had been bothering her has been trimmed and is now hairless

 But because of embarrassment, she didn’t let Chihiro help her shave it off, and she did it in her dormitory

 [It’s a little embarrassing… when I take a bath with my friends, but…]

 He also remembers how he couldn’t help but hug her when she smiled with lightly dyed cheeks at that time

 ”Chihiro-kun…do it”

 Aika pulled Chihiro’s hand away and let him sit up, and then laid down and opened her legs instead


 Chihiro nodded and took out a condom from the cabinet in the bedroom. He tore open the package and put the rubber on his p*nis

 They had been using contraception with Aika since the first time, just in case

 After all, the way of taking “responsibility” between Maria and her slaves and Aika, her lover, would be different. If at this age they have a baby or get married, both of them will be in trouble in terms of their future career

 Back to the story, Chihiro put his hands on Aika’s legs

 As he placed his p*nis on her wet clit, Chihiro gently pushed himself down


 The tightness in her vagina remained the same

 However, the expression on Aika’s face is almost completely devoid of pain

 She had grown accustomed to having Chihiro inside her, and had begun to learn to take pleasure in it

 ”I’ll go slowly, okay?”


 After slowly inserting it to the base, he slowly pulls back in the opposite direction

 Stop for a moment at the line where the tip can barely be pulled out, and insert it again. Repeat the process with a monotonous rhythm

 For the pleasure that leads to climax, it is important to use intense stimulation and then slow and steady movements

 However, these are for people who are used to it

 For Aika, who is still developing, it is better to anticipate and wait for the next pleasure

 In addition, it would be easier to open up her s*xual senses if he caresses her nipples and clitoris at the same time, but since this is an opportunity, Chihiro is trying out various methods

 *exhale…* *inhale…*

 While Aika is breathing and concentrating on the feeling of the p*nis, Chihiro is trying his best to keep it constant and keep pistoning

 As he rubs the flesh of her vagina against his tightly clenched cock, the desire to ejaculate increases, but he holds back

 ”Ah… haa”

 Aika’s breathing starts to become uneven

 The feeling of the p*nis thrusting in and out of her vagina was gradually turning into a pleasant sensation

 So, Chihiro increased his pace a little

 ”Ah, ahh!”

 A clear sweet voice began to rise

 At this point, even Aika could easily feel the strong stimulation

 Pound! Pound! Pound!

 Chihiro accelerates the rhythm and slams his hips harder. But his movements are still constant


 Aika’s shy panting is very adorable

 Aika’s mouth is half open, and she is shaking her face from side to side with sweat on her forehead. It seems that her pleasure is starting to reach an uncontrollable line

 Chihiro looked down at her and continued to poun his hips

 ”Chihiro, you…I, already…”

 ”Do you want to cum?”

 ”U-Unn… I’m cumming… I’m cummming!”


 Aika’s body jumps, and she hugs herself

 Her mouth opens wide and she lets out all the air in her belly, then lowers her body to the bed as she inhales

 As she climaxed, the pressure of her tightly clenched vagina caused Chihiro to release his semen into the condom

 Spurt! Spurttt! Spurttttt!

 Aika, who was breathing heavily, lifted her hands and covered her face with her arms

 It seems she is still embarrassed to show her climax in public

 ”You are so cute, Aika”

 Therefore, Chihiro avoided saying too much and just said a few words to her

 However, perhaps she was still embarrassed, Aika’s body trembled a little



 ”Thank you”

 ”…Me too”

 Chihiro smiled and replied softly to the mumbled words while Aika covered her face

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