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Chapter 68 Revenge, Part One ★

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 It’s a way of life that Chihiro – and many of his students – will never be able to imitate

 ”You must think I’m childish”

 Kamishiro laughed. Embarrassed, but proud at the same time

 But Chihiro shook his head

 ”No, I think you’re cool, Kamishiro-kun”

 ”I see. …Thanks”

 That smile on his face was like a boy’s dream

 Then, Kamishiro’s smile faded and he made a sincere expression

 ”That’s why I can’t lose to you”


 Kamishiro is aiming far higher

 That’s something he’s been feeling for a long time, and just now he realized it was true

 To get to the top, so no one could beat him

 ――At the same time, his declaration sounded like something else

 Kamishiro fighting for his goal

 He would not fight for personal grudges

 It’s as if Kamishiro is telling himself this

 (…No wonder everyone admires him)

 Chihiro looked back into Kamishiro’s eyes, thinking

 ”I don’t want to lose to Kamishiro-kun either”

 Chihiro was never going to be as good as Kamishiro

 His reasons for fighting include personal grudges

 Still, he doesn’t want to lose. Chihiro has his own reasons

 After that, they ate their lunch without speaking a word

 ☆   ☆   ☆

 After taking a good rest and changing clothes, they went to the large training area

 This time, Maisaka is in charge of setting up the room, but when they arrived at the corner of the room, it is almost completely reserved. The booths on either side of them are empty, but the number of visitors exceeded that of the last time

 It seems that Maisaka spreading the word, so beside Aika, Riko, Maria… Hana, Shuka, and even some of the senior students are there

 Really, why did Maisaka gather so many people?

 When Chihiro turned his head to at least give Maisaka a glance, he suddenly heard a voice in his ear

 ”Fight. Chihiro-kun”


 He stopped and whispered

 ”Hmm? What’s wrong?”

 ”No, it’s nothing”

 Chihiro shake his head and answer. Even if Suzu really is there, it would be useless to look for her. Just take what she said as an encouragement

 And so, the two, Chihiro and Kamishiro, stood facing each other with some distance between them

 Kamishiro with his bare hands, and Chihiro with a wooden sword in both hands

 ”Well…Izumi, are you really okay with that?”

 Maisaka, who had stepped up as the starter, frowned, but Chihiro is serious

 ”Yes, it’s no problem”

 ”Okay, but… well, the rules are the same as last time, right?”



 No time limit. If the player falls and can’t get up, or gives up, he loses. The rules are the same as in class, but weapons are allowed

 And since the last time they fought under these rules, Chihiro’s fists nearly shattered

 So, he must be prepared to take the same or worse damage in some cases

 He breathed in and waited

 They looked at each other, and Maisaka took turns looking at them, then announced loudly

 ”Let’s begin!”

 After Maisaka start the match, Kamishiro is coming straight at Chihiro

 He aims for his stomach with his right fist. As before, Kamishiro has no intention to be cunning

 This time, however, he is on full throttle from the start


 Just one breath after Kamishiro started to move, he is already in front of Chihiro. The first blow using the body-strengthening technique came from the start

 …first move, first victory



 As expected, Kamishiro’s fist is extremely powerful, even though Chihiro uses his crossed wooden swords to block it

 The palm of his weapon hand goes numb, and he take a few steps backwards from the impact

 (…Really, I had actually planned to intercept him with a counter attack, but his attack was so fast that I could barely defend myself)


 Chihiro exhaled and swung his right wooden sword

 Kamishiro kicked the floor again at about the same time

 ”Didn’t you know it, Izumi-kun?”

 Kamishiro brushed off Chihiro’s hit with his arm, and then swung a punch at his stomach

 Chihiro guarded it with the wooden sword in his left hand

 And then, the wooden sword bounced up with a somewhat light sound

 ”If you don’t have a lot of strength and skill, two swords will only reduce your power and speed”

 A right fist came relentlessly at his stomach

 This time it struck deeply, and Chihiro is blown backwards – or so it seemed to the viewer


 Yes, Chihiro had started to retreat before impact

 Though he hadn’t been able to avoid it completely, Kamishiro’s fist had only gone in shallowly, killing much of the impact. So, he could avoid the fatal blow

 And now, Kamishiro is probably planning to make his decision now

 Still, he showed a slightly surprised expression as he readjusted his stance

 ”…Hey, why can’t he block an attack like that?”

 ”Izumi can read the minds of people he sees. That’s how he anticipates their attacks”

 ”Well, I know that, but…”

 That’s what the viewer said

 But, if Chihiro want to give a reason other than his mind-reading, it would be familiarity

 Both in the last fight and in the actual training in class. He had seen Kamishiro’s moves many times. Thanks to this, he has the timing and patterns pretty well in mind

 Though this time Kamishiro is even faster than before

 ”If you’re going to drop your weapon, now’s the time to do it”

 ”I understand that this is a little tweaked”

 They exchanged a few words and resumed fighting

 Perhaps having given up on the stomach shot, Kamishiro’s target is the left shoulder. But as if to block it, Chihiro slashes from the lower left. Kamishiro, who saw that, stops moving for a moment and dodges just in time

 Chihiro then swings his right wooden sword horizontally

 Kamishiro is forced to hold back his left hand long enough that Chihiro could launch a two-stage attack again. And then, the wooden sword strikes Kamishiro’s left arm

 ”It’s still light”

 Kamishiro’s right fist is squeezed at close range


 ”…I see”

 Noticing that Chihiro is raising his left wooden sword to attack him, Kamishiro retreats a few steps

 A moment later, Chihiro was caught off guard


 From the look in Kamishiro’s eyes, Chihiro panicked and tried to move, but there is no chance for him to move

 So, Kamishiro moved forward immediately, grabbed the right wooden sword with his left hand, and swung his right fist. He did this, as he had done in the previous serious fight


 The wooden sword broke

 ”Not yet!”

 Chihiro knew it would break

 That’s why he prepared two swords in advance

 Chihiro swung the left wooden sword and hit his shoulder. But that wooden sword is grabbed in the same way


 It snapped with a creaking sound, making it useless


 Kamishiro slowly backed away, taking one or two steps backwards

 Then, his whole body radiated a spirit that made Chihiro gulp

 ”I guess it’s time to get down to business”

 ”…Yeah, I guess so”

 Chihiro knew Kamishiro is extraordinary

 He threw away the wooden swords in his hands, feeling the cold sweat on his cheeks

 He then smiled back at his opponent as best he could

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