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Chapter 69 Revenge, Part Two

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 The wooden sword was intended to compensate for his range and defense

 After all, if Chihiro was attacked by Kamishiro’s fists again and again, his body would not survive. Also, the farther away he could attack when intercepting Kamishiro, the less danger he would be in

 In this sense, it’s a loss that Kamishiro broke it, still it helped him a lot

 It saved him several rounds of damage, and he was able to make Kamishiro break the wooden sword and accumulate damage on his arm

 ”Hey Kamishiro, don’t break equipment so casually”

 Maisaka unintentionally interrupted the fight

 Kamishiro chuckled at that

 ”Sorry. I didn’t really pay that much attention”

 He said he hadn’t been paying attention

 So, maybe, he means that he doesn’t have enough time to fight with Chihiro

 …If so, it would be great

 Then, taking advantage of the small amount of time created by the interruption from the outside, Chihiro catch his breath

 He clenched his fists and stood up, and Kamishiro looked back at him and tightened his expression

 ”Let’s go”


 Chihiro began to approached Kamishiro at high speed. His attempt is a spinning kick

 ”It seems to be difficult to avoid it completely…”


 Chihiro felt like clicking his tongue

 The kick is a powerful one, but if it misses, he can easily lose his stance. Although Chihiro has been taught how to kick by Aika, he can’t do it easily like Kamishiro

 As expected, this is the advantage of being strong

 But, after spending less than a second to grief, Chihiro decided to do it

 Kamishiro, who saw him move, broke in before the attack could hit him and slammed his overpowered right fist into Chihiro’s kick!

 ”… Is that what you expect?”

 Chihiro is horrified

 Kamishiro suddenly changed course. The speed and trajectory remain the same, in the direction of the collision with Chihiro, but he cancels the preliminary kick and clenches his right fist

 His aim is to exchange blows. Naturally, there is a difference in the attack power and durability of the two

 There is no way they can cancel each other out. Right hand to right hand, if Chihiro is prepared to break his bones, he might be able to block Kamishiro’s fist, but the risk of failure is too high

 Still, Chihiro chose to go head-to-head, surrendering his body to be attacked


 Chihiro’s fist went into Kamishiro’s, and Kamishiro’s fist went into Chihiro’s stomach

 If Chihiro hadn’t taken time off from eating beforehand, or if he hadn’t been able to hold it in as quickly as he did, he might have vomited up the contents of his stomach

 The impact turned into pain and hit his whole body

 For a moment, his consciousness dimmed


 Aika’s distressed voice echoed through the venue

 …But it’s okay

 Although Chihiro couldn’t scream back, he mustered up the strength to stand


 ”That move again?”

 A somewhat cold voice came out

 ”…I thought Kamishiro-kun might use it too”

 ”No… I won’t use it. It’s not like I’m fighting the enemy”

 Since Chihiro is his opponent

 Kamishiro doesn’t need to use his full strength to win

 It could be taken as a generosity, but it is probably a matter of Kamishiro’s will or policy

 ”Izumi-kun, just for the record, do you give up?”

 ”I won’t, of course”

 ”…I know you won’t. But that technique is really dangerous. It’s not good to use it a lot”

 Kamishiro’s serious eyes turn to him

 His intentions are purely out of concern for Chihiro

 And yet, it irritated him a little

 ”I’m fine”

 Chihiro shakes his head and replies

 ”I’m off tomorrow. Besides, Aika understands me”

 While Maria and Riko agreed that the match with Kamishiro was a regular occurrence, Aika was the only one who disagreed

 [I know it’s not my place to say… but I don’t want you to do anything dangerous]

 [I’m sorry, Aika. I still want to do it]

 [Really, for boys’ pride?]

 [Yes… that’s right]

 Chihiro hugged Aika, whose cheeks puffed up in confusion

 It’s just a cover-up, but if he tried to explain it in words alone, he wouldn’t know what to do. That’s why he uses gestures to convey his feelings

 [Do you remember what I said before?]

 [I do. But maybe it’s a little different from what we talked about back then]

 It’s not a compulsive feeling of needing to fight and win

 Rather, it’s about wanting to confirm, to accept


 [That I can fight. To protect Aika, Maria, Riko and the others]

 Surely all men, to one degree or another, are concerned with such tests of strength

 Chihiro and Kamishiro too

 And what Chihiro wants is for Kamishiro to accept it

 He must have had his own thoughts and feelings when he asked Chihiro to fight. As a man, he understands his seriousness, and he want to accept it

 [I want you to watch me. And heal my wounds when it’s over. Because only Aika can do this for me]

 Of course, the reasons Chihiro told Aika are not the whole story. There is still a part of himself in Chihiro that cares about beating Kamishiro

 It’s all about determination and pride

 It’s selfish, but Chihiro has always been honest with his thoughts and desires

 He just can’t give in!

 [I get it… That’s who you are, isn’t it? That’s how I fell in love with you, too]

 In the end, Aika agreed with him

 And as promised, she is still watching over him


 Kamishiro took a step forward with a faintly distorted expression

 Chihiro didn’t dodge the right fist that came out, but instead hit Kamishiro’s right shoulder back instantly, with more than his full strength

 Still, Kamishiro did not stop

 His fist slammed into Chihiro stomach. The impact is strong. And it made Chihiro choked

 ”I liked Takatsuki-san. No, I loved her”


 Chihiro replied in the same way to Kamishiro’s whispered words

 ”I confessed to her twice, but she rejected it both times”


 Chihiro tried to move away from Kamishiro, but was swatted off his feet

 His body then hit the floor with a thud

 Kamishiro just watched as Chihiro got up

 On the third time, Chihiro went at him again

 But Kamishiro caught his straight punch with both hands. A solid and sure hand. The damage is probably not zero, but the impact is considerable

 However, Chihiro is grabbed by the arm and thrown. Although he is able to maintain his balance, but his back still hurts

 ”So, honestly, it’s a little frustrating”


 ”I’m sorry”, Chihiro wants to say that, but he stopped. He doesn’t think Kamishiro wants him to apologize

 However, it seems that he wants to let out his emotions

 So, all Chihiro can do is take it

 And thinking it again, his right hand would stop working after one more hit

 So, Chihiro grasps his left hand tightly and unleashes a straight punch

 Kamishiro moves in to meet it. His left fist collides with Chihiro’s fist, and Chihiro bouncing backwards with a sound

 ”pant… pant… pant…”

 Chihiro’s arm slumped down

 It doesn’t seem to be completely broken, but there might be a crack or two. Kamishiro also grasped his left hand, frowned strongly, and dropped it down

 Since it’s hard to guard against attacks anymore

 Now Chihiro have to try kicking. Not yet, he still has one shot

 He grasps his right hand tightly

 ”Izumi-kun, you――”

 Kamishiro exhales and approaches. It’s a straight punch from Chihiro’s right arm

 If it’s going to be useless in one more shot..

 Then, punch it with all the force he can muster. Their fists collide again, and they are pushed back with a creaking sound

 ”You can’t beat me in this fight”

 Kamishiro’s arm is still intact

 The impact of his own speed and power has taken a heavy toll, but it’s not impossible to use if he pushes himself


 ”…I wonder. But I bet Kamishiro-kun must be in some pain. If so, your speed may have decreased so that even my kick can reach you”

 If he can only use his legs, he should fight with them


 Kamishiro sounded like he was biting his lip

 He shouted with a look of utter incomprehension

 ”Why wouldn’t you pass out from the pain? How can you stand up?”

 ”Even if you say so… it’s not like I can’t stand it. But I’m used to being in pain for a reason”

 Is he insensitive to pain?


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