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Chapter 75 Scout

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 ”Izumi-kun and Kamishiro-kun, please go to the principal’s office after school”

 On Friday

 The homeroom teacher’s words, spoken in a casual manner during the homeroom HR, froze not only the two students concerned but also all their classmates

 Then, after a moment of silence, the classroom was enveloped in a completely different noise

 ”Izumi-kun and Kamishiro-kun, why those two?”

 ”Oh no, I don’t know why!”

 While everyone was buzzing, Chihiro suddenly looked at Kamishiro’s seat. Then he too looked back at Chihiro and their eyes met


 They smiled at each other and looked away

 As the homeroom teacher walked out of the classroom, Aika came up to Chihiro first

 ”Chihiro-kun, the principal office?”

 ”…Yeah. I have no idea”

 He looked at her as if he had no choice but to go there for now

 And since he didn’t know how long it would end up taking, they decided to go home separately, promising to let her know later

 ”Oh, it’s coming. Well, it shouldn’t be too bad, so go ahead and take it easy”

 ”What do you mean?”

 ”You’ll see”

 It’s not a bad thing, apparently

 Chihiro was stunned to see Kamishiro leaving the classroom after being seen off by Maisaka

 Riko walked up to him, tilted her head, and said

 ”Izumi, wouldn’t it be awkward if Kamishiro left you behind?”

 ”…Oh, right”

 He hurriedly grabbed his bag and followed Kamishiro

 The time lag must have been less than a minute, but the difference seemed to be bigger than expected. As the corridor became crowded, he caught up with him just before the principal’s office

 But then he heard a boisterous voice coming from the direction he was going

 ”Why are you here too?

 ”Even if you say so. I don’t know what’s going on either”

 Shuka, a small girl in many ways, is poking at Kamishiro’s troubled face. It seems that the two of them still have that kind of relationship

 (…But they went to the beach for a night, so maybe Shuka likes Kamishiro…)

 ”Okay, but don’t drag everyone down with you. And my leg, of course”

 ”Haha. I’m not dragging any girl down”

 He doesn’t know what Kamishiro is thinking, but it seems that Kamishiro is so dense

 Thinking that it might have been a joke, he called out to Kamishiro

 ”…Kamishiro-kun, Yuse-san”

 ”Oh, Izumi-kun. I’m sorry. I came alone first”

 ”Hmm? …oh, the other day’s kid who got beat up by Kamishiro Yuuki. What was your name again?”

 Shuka didn’t remember much about Chihiro

 So, after briefly introducing himself to her, he composed himself and knocked on the door of the headmaster’s office

 ”Come in”

 An adult male voice called

 ”Excuse me”

 After greeting, they walked through the door and entered a room with a very typical principal’s appearance

 To the left of them is an expensive wooden table were sofas, and to the right of them are expensive cupboards and bookshelves. On the other side of the room, there is a large desk and chair facing back the window

 And there is only one person in the room

 A man in his mid-thirties. He’s a little taller than a man of medium height. He has a rather serious face, and his wrinkles make him look older than he is

 Chihiro had only ever seen him from a distance, but he is the school’s principal, Ootori Yuuji

 Standing by the window, Principal Ootori turned around, looked at the three of them in turn, and opened his mouth

 ”You are the first-year students who were called here, right?”


 As a student, they couldn’t help but be intimidated by the dignity of the room and Ootori title as Principal

 So, they lined up in a brisk fashion, and announced their classes and names in order, starting with Shuka from Class A

 ”Yuse, Kamishiro-kun… and Izumi Chihiro-kun, huh?”

 Principal Ootori muttered, keeping his eyes on the last one, Chihiro

 Although Chihiro was slightly curious as to why only his full name was called, he was not in a mood to say it out loud

 While he was puzzled by the situation, Kamishiro asked

 ”Um, Principal. Why are we here?”

 ”Hmm? Oh, didn’t you hear it?”

 The Principal looked at Kamishiro and replied with a softened expression

 ”There are a few more people coming here soon, so we’ll talk about it later”

 Just as he was about to finish his words, there was a knock on the door of the Principal’s office

 ”Excuse me”

 Two people entered the room through the open door. Both are third-year female students

 The first to pass through the door is a girl (shojou), or should that be woman (josei), with short hair and an amber headband. Her smooth skin is gradually shifting from the strong glow of youth to the luster of maturity, and her manner is elegant and well-mannered to the extent that it is not imposing

 The second girl who followed is very tall

 Although not as tall as Kamishiro, she was even taller than Suzu, who was taller than Chihiro. Her long black hair is shiny, reminding him of Maria for a moment, but her appearance is dignified and innocent. Her breasts are moderate and she has a slender figure

 …But then, he saw Shuka is jealous, so he pretended not to notice

 Chihiro recognized the two girls as well

 Both are people who often stood on the stage at school assemblies

 Kurohane Yotsuba and Shiramine Sayuki. They are the current President of Shibahou Academy Student Council and the current President of the Public Morals Committee in order

 …Principal, Student Council President, and Public Morals Committee President

 Chihiro, who has been living in a very dark school life, wants to run away right now, but he can’t really do that. So, he stands up, trying to look as calm as possible

 ”I’m sorry to keep you waiting”

 The student council president, Yotsuba, apologizes in a clear voice. Perhaps she was accustomed to the situation, but she didn’t seem to be intimidated by the Principal

 Principal Ootori nodded humbly and urged everyone to be seated

 ”Don’t worry about it. Everyone should sit there”

 At their urging, Chihiro sat down on one side of the sofa with Kamishiro and Shuka. On the opposite couch sat Yotsuba and the Public Morals President, Sayuki

 …This isn’t an interrogation meeting, is it?

 Sayuki, who hadn’t said a word since a few minutes ago and who had announced that she was entering the room, stared at Kamishiro and the others with a hard look in her eyes, which made Chihiro feel uneasy, but Yotsuba, who was sitting in front of them, smiled and he was able to relax a little

 ”Well, I’ll leave the details to the parties concerned. My main purpose was to see everyone’s faces”


 Yotsuba bowed to Principal Ootori as he returned to his desk, not seeming to be bothered by his words

 In other words, it was Yotsuba and Sayuki who had business with Chihiro and the others, and Principal Ootori was basically just lending them space

 Chihiro didn’t understand why they wanted to see them, but he could understand how it happened

 ”I’m sorry for calling you out of the blue”

 ”No, that’s fine, but what can I talk to you about?”

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