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Chapter 75 Scout

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 Kamishiro asks, and Chihiro immediately thinks

 The reason why the student council president and the morals committee president are calling the first-year students at this time of the year is..

 ”To put it bluntly, we want you”

 It was a straightforward statement

 The one who said this was Sayuki, who had kept quiet until now. She had a beautiful feminine voice, but her tone was somewhat disproportionately masculine

 Shuka raises an eyebrow at this

 ”Um, you want… me to be on the Public Morals Committee?”

 ”Yes. I’d like you to assist the Public Morals Committee”

 In other words, scouts

 Aside from Chihiro himself, the two who were called were first-year students too. It is understandable that they were invited to join the Public Morals Committee, including the fact that Hana, whose abilities are very unique, was not invited

 The Public Morals Committee is an organization that checks and cautions students on school grounds and some outside the school to make sure that they are not violating school rules or behaving in a manner that is inappropriate for a student of the school

 The basic activities of this organization are mainly simple, such as inspection of belongings and clothes

 The main purpose of the group is to cover the areas that teachers cannot handle or pay attention to, and because of this, the group is allowed to mediate and resolve minor disputes on its own

 At Shibahou Academy, students receive a certain amount of combat training, and many of them seem to have a certain amount of strength (even if they don’t have many opportunities to actually use it)

 So, for this, Kamishiro and Shuka are probably the best candidates

 Then, the question is

 ”Um… me too, right?”

 Why was Chihiro invited too?

 To be frank, he’s out of place. If Sayuki want him to be a member of the school moral committee, other students, such as Maria, would be more useful

 But then, Yotsuba, not Sayuki, answered the question

 ”Ah… no. Kamishiro-kun and Yuse-san are on the Public Morals Committee, but Izumi-kun would be invited to join the Student Council, not the Public Morals Committee”

 So that’s why not only Sayuki but also Yotsuba is here

 The student council

 It’s the organization that runs school events, organizes school assemblies, and handles public relations

 Although it is more friendly than the Public Morals Committee, it is mainly behind-the-scenes and administrative work, and has a large workload

 ”I’m on the student council?”

 ”…To be honest, I’m also surprised by the suddenness of this. If you don’t mind, can you tell the reason?”

 Kamishiro followed Chihiro’s words, and Shuka also gave a nod next to him

 Seeing this, Yotsuba nodded back and exchanged glances with Sayuki

 ”I understand. Let me explain first”

 First of all, what Yotsuba and Sayuki… or more specifically, the two organizations, are asking Chihiro and the others to do is to assist and help

 Now that the second assessment season is over, the school is moving towards the school festival in early November. Immediately after that, the election of student council officers and the election of the Public Morals Committee head will be held

 From there, the organization will be gradually reorganized under the new president and the new chairperson, but frankly speaking, it is quite busy to gather the new second-year members and take over the organization at that time

 In addition, the more manpower available during the school festival, the better

 So, in order to prepare some spiteful candidates for future members, three people are selected

 ”I chose Kamishiro and Yuse because of the popularity and physical strength”

 Sayuki said that plainly

 Because of their role in disciplining the school, the Public Morals Committee often walked around the school and sometimes stood outside. There are also times when they have to mediate fights, though not often

 As expected, the decisive factor is that the candidate has a broad face and good strength

 Next, Yotsuba says in a soft voice

 ”The main reason why Izumi-kun is chosen because of the recent remarkable growth”

 It seems that the devotion of the training even after school has led to his recent reputation as a serious and hardworking person

 Furthermore, there is no problem in doing office work because of the good performance in classroom lectures

 And regardless of [Mind-reading] ability, there is nothing intimidating about his appearance, which makes it easy for ordinary students to get to know him. The other ability, [Sleep Enhancement] also suitable for working hard

 …Incidentally, due to the frequent training, some people think he is bored

 At best, he’s bought for his abilities, at worst, he’s expected to be a useful subordinate

 After finishing her explanation, Yotsuba smiled, easing the tension in the group and said

 ”Of course, it’s not forced. Well then… one week. You have until next Friday to think about it, and if you are willing to help us, please come to the student council room or the Public Relations Committee room after school”

 She expects a good answer

 With these words, the conversation ended

 After the conversation, they left the Principal’s office with Yotsuba and Sayuki. They bowed together and Principal Ootori nodded humbly

 Perhaps he is a bit more personable than he seems to be, given that he lent them the place

 ”See you later, then”

 ”Next time, we’ll meet as comrades”

 Perhaps out of consideration, Yotsuba and the others left quickly at the entrance to the Principal’s office

 Chihiro and the others who are left behind walked slowly down the corridor and exited the elevator, somehow unable to bring themselves to disperse

 ”What are you going to do?”

 Shuka suddenly opened her mouth


 ”Not you, Kamishiro Yuuki”


 The words are blunt, but still laughable

 Kamishiro also answered Shuka’s question with an indescribable expression

 ”I’d like to accept that offer, if possible”


 ”This is a good chance. I can get closer to the upperclassmen, the people at the center of the school. And I’m sure being on the publicity committee…”

 He cut the conversation off there

 Then, he muttered and chuckled, looking at Shuka

 ”What about Yuse-san? You seem like the type who would make a quick decision on something like this”


 Shuka’s face turns red with anger

 ”You’re so annoying. Do I have things on my mind too? I mean, I never said I wouldn’t take it!”

 ”Haha, you’re right”

 It’s like a brother and sister, Chihiro thought

 Kamishiro, who had been smiling at Chihiro, suddenly turned to Chihiro

 ”What about Izumi-kun…?”

 ”Hmm… well, I’ll think about it”

 ”Well, I suppose so. Student council will be hard work, but it’ll be a good experience, right? If you become an officer, you’ll have a chance to use Maisaka”

 It seems that Maisaka, who is a class rep, has a chance to show up at the student council

 …So that’s it. The reason why Maisaka, who was good at doing odd job better than other students, wasn’t invited to join the student council was because he was an existing member of the council

 After that, at the school gate, Chihiro parted ways with Kamishiro and the others

 As he walked away, he could hear them arguing from behind me

 (Whether I accept to help the student council or not, I’m going my separate way from them)

 Feeling a little mixed up about this, Chihiro walked back to the apartment, speeding up the pace a little without being conscious of it

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