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Chapter 76 Want to Join the Student Council ★

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 ”Chihiro, what did the Principal want?”

 ”Is Aika not coming today?”

 After returning home and changing his clothes, Chihiro answered Riko’s question with a question

 After all, before changing the clothes, when checked the room briefly, Aika wasn’t here, but now looked around again. There is still no sign of her

 ”Oh, yeah. She said she’d stop by the infirmary today and go home directly. She said she had a lot of laundry to do”

 ”I see”

 Before the second assessment, she looked like she wanted to talk, so perhaps she’d stop by, but if that’s the case, it would be better to call Aika

 And Maria, who was watching this, said

 ”Then let’s talk about it at night. Takatsuki-san is probably busy at this time. It would be too much trouble for Izumi-kun to explain twice, wouldn’t it?”

 ”Oh… maybe so”

 At the suggestion, which seemed to have read his thoughts, he nodded

 It was so accurate that for a moment, he wondered what the conversation was about

 After that, Chihiro took care of his homework until dinner. Maria and the others who came straight home seemed to have already done so, and they shared the cooking and other household chores as well

 Despite the fact that it feels bad to rely on them so much, he’s gotten used to the rhythm of being a Master or perhaps a domineering husband

 [It’s okay, Chihiro, don’t worry about it. In return, we’re being held by you]

 Is it really a give-and-take?

 There are some doubts, but there are no complaints

 If the girls are satisfied with a life of servicing and being embraced, that’s proof that they’re in a different kind of relationship than normal

 Also, it would be easier to leave the detailed arrangements of roles and responsibilities to them

 In return, Chihiro must work hard to keep this life going

 For example

 ”I think I should call Aika”

 ”Hmm, okay”

 And now, the time is around nine o’clock at night, but then Riko’s face lit up and she stood up. She kneels down under the chair and puts her hand on Chihiro’s pants


 ”You’re not busy while you’re on the phone, are you? So, I’m going to serve you”

 That’s the answer she gave. Well, seeing Maria and Riko playing rock-paper-scissors, it’s pretty predictable

 As it is, there is almost no privacy in Chihiro’s life

 It’s not surprising, since he lives in a place where there are no other men

 He shares with Maria most of what happens in the absence of Riko and Aika, and conversely, Chihiro knows most of Maria and Riko’s private life

 They don’t hide anything from each other, and they don’t tell others. It’s an unspoken agreement

 ”Okay, I’ll call her”


 Riko takes out Chihiro’s p*nis and kisses it. Maria looks at Riko enviously and listens to the call

 And using the smartphone, he calls Aika

 He uses an earphone microphone to make the call hands-free. He bought it because he has been making long phone calls since he started going out with Aika

 And soon the call was connected

 [Good evening, Chihiro-kun]

 ”Good evening. Is this a good time to call?”

 [It’s okay. It’s after school, right?]

 Aika say yes and start the conversation

 At the same time, he let out a small gasp as Riko took the p*nis in her mouth. When he looked down, he saw Riko looking up at him and winking mischievously

 After that, she shifted to gentle sucking, and he thought that what happened earlier was an unavoidable incident

 Although the enthusiastic sucking of her tongue made him feel light-headed, he could talk normally as long as he did not exceed a certain level of stimulation. In a way, it is a good thing, because the slowing down of the brain makes it difficult to flatter and deceive

 What happened after school was not the Principal’s own business, but a call from the student council and the public morals committee

 Kamishiro and Shuka were recruited by the student council, and Chihiro was recruited by the student council

 He told Maria and the others who were listening about the situation of the student council and what Yotsuba, Sayuki, Principal Ootori and the others had done and said in detail

 […so that’s what happened]

 A relieved and slightly disappointed exhale could be heard

 [The student council president is a girl, right? She’s beautiful]

 ”Why the first thing is that?”

 [It can’t be helped. Chihiro-kun, you’re liked by all kinds of women]

 Aika has accepted the existence of slaves and has become his girlfriend, and is getting along well with Riko and the others, but she seems to be jealous as a woman

 She is often sarcastic or complains about them

 Chihiro also recognizes that this is unavoidable

 [Are you going to make her a slave too?]

 ”No, I don’t intend to do that yet at all”

 [What do you mean, “yet”?]

 The way he said it, like he might make her his slave if he had the chance, is something that makes him pause and think

 That Yotsuba’s appearance

 Her age is perfect, neither the same as him nor an adult, and her attitude is just right. Perhaps it’s because there’s something about her that attracts him

 ”At least, that’s not why I’m joining the student council”

 [I’m glad]

 Aika said as if relieved

 [So, are you going to say no? Or…]

 ”Well. I’m thinking that I might accept it”

 The strongest reason is that she had taken the trouble to invite Chihiro

 Chihiro is not a mentally strong person who can stand by himself. He is weak against people who are kind to him or who appreciate him

 And with Aika, Maria and the others there, it doesn’t seem like something he has to seek

 [I see…]

 ”Do you dislike it?”

 [That’s not true. But I don’t think I’ll be able to see you as much]

 ”…I guess so”

 Student council work is always busy

 It seems that most of the activities take place after school, but it is hard to say how much of their trust to Chihiro

 At first, as a helper, the responsibilities won’t be so great. But if they trust him, he can be trusted. If the work is busy, he may have to come to school early in the morning to work, or may have to show up even during lunch break

 In addition, they are asking for help because they are short of staff for the school festival too

 ”It won’t be a simple increase, though, since the after-school training will be stopped. But it will still be busy”

 [That’s right…]

 If he comes home later than now, it’ll be difficult to come home with her

 It’s okay to ask her to come to the apartment first, but if she only talks with Riko and the others, the meaning of coming to the apartment for Aika will be reduced by half

 Perhaps, this is not conceit

 Riko, who had been sucking on the cock with a lot of saliva, pulled her mouth away and looked up

 ”Takatsuki-san, can’t you just apply to be a part of the student council next year?”

 [Eh? What?]

 ”Oh, that was Riko, who just said that”

 And then, he tells Aika what Riko said

 Riko’s idea is not a bad one. It’s a bit early and it’s not the most immediate solution, but it would give them more time to be together before and after the election

 [Hmm… I understand what Riko-chan is saying, but then I’d have to stop helping in the infirmary]

 Aika is not only helping in the infirmary out of a sense of duty

 Watching and learning from Teacher Noriko and the other school nurse is also a way to prepare for a future career in medicine or nursing. At the same time, it may lead to the growth of her abilities by giving her more opportunities to use her healing abilities

 Considering this, she can’t stop casually

 ”If you live in this apartment, I think you can make up some of the time”

 Now tell Aika what Maria said

 …it might have been faster to put it on speakerphone

 [That’s…difficult. I want to, I want to do it, but…]

 She’s afraid of getting in trouble

 After all, most parents wouldn’t approve of their daughter sharing a room, even with someone of the same s*x

 Even if the dormitory is usually left unattended, in Aika’s case, friends may come to visit her


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