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Chapter 76 Want to Join the Student Council ★

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 Both of them may not know what to say

 Aika probably can’t say, “I want you to stop”. After all, Chihiro does not force himself to join the student council

 Should Yotsuba’s offer be turned down?

 [Um, Chihiro-kun…]


 [I wonder if there’s any kind of proof. Other than this thing on my belly?]

 Something to express that the two of them are connected

 …to ease the loneliness of seeing less of each other

 Something, for example

 ”How about getting engaged?”



 Aika makes a raspy sound

 Riko, who had resumed blowjobs, spewed down below. It’s fortunate that she didn’t bite the p*nis


 ”You didn’t like it?”

 [No, I didn’t hate it. No, I don’t. But I’m not ready to introduce Chihiro-kun to my mom and dad and tell them I want to get engaged…]

 If she says so… she’s right

 ”If we can get engaged so easily, I’m sure they’ll let us live together”


 ”Izumi-kun, I think you’re jumping to conclusions a little too quickly. I wonder who influenced you”

 ”Well, isn’t it you?”

 Riko muttered in a cold voice

 After that, they came up with a few more ideas, but they couldn’t come up with any good ones

 A wedding dress would be too early, a ring would be too expensive, but it would stand out in the school. Chokers are worn by Riko as collars, and pierced ears are too sensitive to pierce

 ”Oh, how about a bracelet?”

 [Oh…yes. That would be nice]

 Aika’s voice was lively

 [Let’s go shopping next time]

 And so, they promised to go shopping next Sunday

 By that time, Aika’s mood had completely recovered, and she said she was looking forward to it

 [Well then, Chihiro-kun]

 ”Yeah. Good night, Aika… I love you”

 [Fufu. Thank you. Good night. I love you too]

 They whispered their feelings to each other and hung up

 To be honest, it’s embarrassing to say “I love you” even over the phone, but Aika seems happy


 But when he let out a breath of embarrassment, he felt an instant stimulation between his legs


 Riko giggled and started to move her mouth in earnest

 The wave of pleasure that he had forgotten about, that he had soaked himself in, suddenly came back and swept Chihiro away at once


 He ejaculated into her mouth

 Riko was used to it by now, and she took it all in and swallowed it with a gulp

 ”Gulp… thanks for the meal”

 ”No, you don’t have to say that like it’s dessert”

 ”Hmm. It’s more like an appetizer”

 …Oh, right

 If Aika is coming, there’s no way the situation will end up like this

 An appetizer or foreplay. It’s almost exactly the same

 ”Well, let’s go to the bedroom”


 Riko nodded her head, and Maria’s face broke into a smile

 ☆   ☆   ☆

 Shrug… Shrug..

 Riko mumbled as she and Maria ran their hands over their clothes

 ”Hey, Chihiro. Are you going to join the student council?”

 ”Yeah. I’m planning to”

 ”Only because you were asked to?”

 There is no accusation in her voice

 Riko’s face didn’t look at Chihiro’s, and her expression seemed to be genuine

 For that reason, he couldn’t know how to answer


 It’s true that he wanted to accept the position, and it’s also true that he felt more inclined to do it after Aika’s understanding

 However, to be honest, the details of the reasons are so complicated that it is hard to describe

 Let’s try to unravel them somehow

 ”To seek the future, I guess”

 ”The future?”

 ”Yes. You see…I’m greedy”

 And then..

 Everything, down to their panties, was stripped off, and Riko and the others were completely naked

 Riko’s girlish body and Maria’s luscious body

 The two slaves slowly walked over to the bed and climbed up

 ”I guess if there’s stuff I want, I must get it. And… well… Joining the student council gives me power”

 Of course, there’s only so much power a student can have

 It’s not a dream come true, but still, power is power

 There is some flexibility

 The mere fact that he is a member of the student council may change the reaction of the people around him

 ”Besides, I think I can protect Maria and the others in case something happens, and the position might also be useful when I have to push things around in the school”

 ”…Oh, I see”

 With a thud

 Riko jumped into Chihiro’s chest, and they both fell onto the bed

 Maria crawled up beside them and smiled

 ”I want power… that’s a totally villainous line”

 ”Is it no good?”

 ”No, I think it’s fine. Master, then…”

 The quiet voice seeps into his heart

 It’s a deep, soul-deep affirmation

 But then Maria chuckles

 ”But if you get too tired after work, we might get sulky”

 ”…Haha, I’ll be careful”

 ”So… Master… give us lots of love, please”

 ”Hmm, okay”

 Chihiro asked Riko to move away from him for a moment, pondered for a moment what to do, and then ordered them to do something

 The girls look at each other, their cheeks stained with shame and desire, and nod to each other

 And so, the curtain rises on another lewd feast tonight

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