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Chapter 77 Cunnilingus 3P ★

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 Riko lies on the bed and breathing out deeply

 Her face is red and looks tense

 ”You don’t feel it?”

 ”Umm… I’m just embarrassed”


 As she said this, Chihiro put his face and fingers close to Riko’s hairless crotch

 He lightly placed his fingers on either side of the crotch and split it open

 They did not kiss or do anything else, even though they were giving a pleasure to each other. And because they had a rather serious conversation in the middle, the wetness is still insufficient

 That’s why the inside of flesh can be seen clearly

 ”If it’s like this, Riko should be able to feel good”

 …Even if it’s not like Maria, who climaxes when her body is scribbled on

 But if it’s an act of play, the shame will turn to excitement


 Riko didn’t protest too strongly, as if she couldn’t deny it

 And so, he began to trace his finger around the entrance of her crotch and lightly stimulate her clitoris. Then, taking the slightest bit of wetness on his finger, he crawl inside her vagina


 Riko shuts her eyes and starts to let out a sweet voice

 …But it’s going to take a while for her to get wet on her own

 So, Chihiro moved to caressing her clitoris with her tongue, and then started to cunnilingus

 Lick… Lick…

 He extended his tongue to tease the area around her pubic mound

 This area is sensitive enough because it was close to her genitals, and he could give Riko a gentle s*xual sensation. Besides, this area is clean and does not taste of sweat since she has just taken a bath

 Next, the crotch. He moves his tongue tracing it up. At the same time, the saliva will gradually increase the slipperiness, and the tongue will be able to penetrate deeper

 Once that is done, he can enter and play with it as he wishes. He licks and tastes the flesh inside, and then he moves his tongue around

 Then, lick her pointy clitoris

 After that, mixing her love juices with the saliva, and slurping it up

 ”Oh… Hya…”

 Riko couldn’t help but cover her face

 But this is where the shame play really begins

 The key is Maria, rather than Chihiro

 ”Mmm… Fuu”

 She is sitting beside Chihiro and the others, comforting herself. She lifted her breasts with both hands and squeezed them lightly

 The way her breasts swayed and her white fingers dug into her skin is extremely arousing

 And when she is in the mood, she moves on to the nipples instead of the whole breast

 She pinches them with her thumb and forefinger, and the nipples begin to grow erect. Then, while placing her palm on the breast, she starts to roll it with the tip of her index finger

 ”Ah… Mmm!”

 Maria pinched her nipple and shuddered

 And seeking a stronger stimulation, her right hand reached for her crotch while her left hand continued to play with her nipple. Like Riko, she split open her hairless mound with one hand and scratched around inside

 Squelch… Squelch..

 It seems that the inside of her vagina is already quite wet

 So, she slides two fingers in and out, and after a few smooth thrusts, she reaches for her clitoris and pinches it, too


 Maria’s body shakes again, and she stops masturbating

 She turns her head to look at Chihiro and Riko with a ragged breath

 ”Master, I’m ready”

 ”Good. Maria, straddle Riko’s face”


 Maria nodded obediently and carried out Chihiro’s order

 She approaches Riko from the side and straddles her legs over Riko’s

 ”Riko…I’ll do it”


 After giving a small nod, Maria dropped her hips down on top of Riko

 And Riko is in a position where her mouth is buried in Maria’s vagina. Although the folded legs are supporting the body, Maria is almost sitting on Riko’s face

 Her nose is open, so she can breathe

 ”Fuu… Mmm”

 Riko can’t seem to speak due to her mouth being blocked

 When Maria confirmed this, she turned to face Chihiro

 ”Master, how is it?”

 ”Yes, thank you. I think it’s good”

 A threesome, with one of the girls in the middle

 This is what Chihiro ordered Maria and the others to do this time

 Chihiro had a couple of experiences with having him in the middle – being mounted and serviced by another girl, but this is a first

 Well, both of them had done 69 in lesbian play and had licked their partner’s vagina before

 That said, there must be a different kind of embarrassment when one is completely seated

 ”*pant… this is a little fun…”

 Maria seems to like it a lot

 She seems to be enjoying it as a skinship between slaves, or as a shame play for herself

 ”Then, Riko, lick Maria and make her cum”

 ”Mmm, mmm…”

 She may have thought it was impossible

 But she must have realized she couldn’t refuse. So, Riko opened her mouth and extended her tongue to Maria’s secret place


 Maria let out a wistful cry

 As expected of two girls. Riko’s cunnilingus seems to be accurate, and the dark-haired girl shivers in ecstasy

 It’s a beautiful sight that makes him want to keep watching

 …But it’s not shame play if he just watches in silence

 So, in order to remind himself, he pinched Riko’s clit carelessly


 It worked

 The timing of the pinch caught Riko off guard as she is about to concentrate on caressing Maria, and she stopped her mouth movements and shook herself

 And Maria didn’t miss it

 She said what she thinks she would have been excited to hear if she had been told like this, and while she was careful, she didn’t show any mercy

 ”Riko, your tongue is stopped”


 By nature, humans are not very good at multitasking

 Especially when it comes to s*xual intercourse, where thoughts tend to become simple due to pleasure

 That’s why it’s so effective

 Lick… Lick…

 Riko resumes her cunnilingus. After confirming this, Chihiro starts to work on Riko again

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