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Chapter 77 Cunnilingus 3P ★

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 When Riko’s tongue stops moving in pleasure, Chihiro stops blaming her

 Chihiro repeats this over and over to give Riko an illusion

 When she blames Maria, she feels good too

 In other words, she is now blaming herself

 ”Riko, you have to work hard or you won’t be able to cum”

 Without saying who, he whispered, and it seemed to do the trick

 Riko began to work Maria more aggressively than ever before

 ”Oh, Riko, that’s good”

 Maria occasionally adjusted her body position to accept Riko’s tongue. Chihiro also checks how Maria feels and adjusts the pressure to be as equal as possible

 Before long, Riko’s crotch was flooding

 Slurp… Slurp…

 Squelch… Squelch…

 Riko breathes hard through her nose, and occasionally sucks in a mouthful of air as she works. Maria, on the other hand, gradually stops saying meaningful words and only lets out sporadic gasps and raspy breaths

 Now, the girls’ pleasures must be synchronized to a large degree

 In a way it’s masturbation, in a way it’s lesbian play. But in fact, it’s Chihiro who’s torturing Riko, and it’s Chihiro who’s giving orders to Maria


 ”Maria, are you going to cum?”

 ”Yes, I’m about to cum… Please let me cum”

 ”Okay, then”

 Riko hears their conversation and starts to move faster. To make herself cum

 The sound of water, breathing, and panting echoed in the soundproof room..

 ”I’m coming…I’m coming…I’m coming…!”

 As soon as Chihiro heard Maria’s declaration, she pinched Riko’s clit harder than ever


 The two girls’ voices overlapped. Maria lifted her hips as she climaxed, and Riko seemed to be able to speak more freely

 With a gasp of air, Maria pulled away from Riko

 ”Riko, did that feel good?”

 ”*pant* *pant*… yes, it felt good”

 Riko replied, sounding dreamy

 She seemed to be floating in a state of fever, simply because she was hot from Maria’s body heat

 ”I see. Then, can you do it again?”


 The girl’s mouth dropped open

 Riko understood the meaning after a few seconds, and said to Chihiro while half raising her body

 ”Wait, wait a minute. One more time?”

 ”Because I haven’t cum yet”

 Seeing this, Maria giggled and nodded as she spread her vagina with her fingers

 ”That’s right. …Riko, Master is right.”

 ”No, you. Are you just saying what you want because you’re in an easy position?”

 ”No? I envy you”

 ”Well… that’s the kind of girl you are”


 When Riko looked up again, her face had returned to that of a female slave

 ”Okay, Master… please enjoy my cunt”

 She said and lay back down

 ”Good girl, Riko”

 Maria straddled Riko’s face again as she caught her breath

 ”Maria, you’ll have to remember that later”

 ”Yes, I’ll look forward to it”

 As soon as the girl’s face is covered again, Chihiro inserted his p*nis

 He swung his hips, enjoying the feel of her wet pussy, and worked her mercilessly. Because of the pleasure of penetration, Riko continued to serve Maria desperately, though she stopped her tongue frequently

 There is a different kind of pleasure this time from the last time

 Since she is being fucked by the opposite s*x while serving the same s*x, the pleasures are not synchronized. Instead, the degree of multitasking will increase, and her consciousness will be distracted more intensely

 She will not be able to comprehend anything

 Only think about what feels good

 Perhaps her heart was touched, because Riko’s tongue moved faster as the speed of penetration increased. Maria also moves her hips to get pleasure together with Chihiro and Riko, and rubs her clit against Riko’s face

 And then..

 ”Oh, I’m cumming…”


 Spurt! Spurttttt!

 As Chihiro ejaculated, Maria and Riko climaxed again

 He waited for the semen to stop flowing and pulled out his p*nis. Maria also moved out of the way from above Riko’s face, but she remained lying limp

 ”Oh… this is pretty hard”

 ”I bet it is. Even if she’s not suffocating, her breathing is restricted”

 Maria replied, patting Riko’s head in place of Chihiro, who was in a bad position

 Just now, it’s just like choking s*x and it feels good

 The more their bodies and minds are tortured in this way, the better they feel. He wants Riko and the others to experience the pleasure of slavery, the pleasure of masochism

 Chihiro wants them to be unable to leave him

 ”Then it’s Maria’s turn to be held by Master”

 ”Fufu. …Yes, I want to taste a lot of Master’s cum in my pussy”

 After a brief pause, Maria is now in the middle and Riko is straddling her

 As Maria herself said, the condition of her vagina was different from that of Riko’s, but instead of being reluctant, Maria became more excited and gave cunnilingus to Riko

 Then, after Chihiro ejaculated twice, they took a break again. After that, Riko and Maria took turns to have s*x with him in the normal cowgirl position

 As there was no clock in the bedroom, it is hard to tell, but it took quite a long time for the three of them to fall asleep exhausted

 When he woke up as usual, it was morning, and Riko was giving him a blowjob wearing nothing except a choker, with traces of semen on her body

 ”Good morning, Chihiro. Did you sleep well?”

 ”Yes, good morning. Are you feeling sleepy, Riko?”

 ”I’m fine. Anyway, why don’t you go take a shower with me after you’re refreshed?”

 It didn’t take more than five minutes for ejaculate

 After that, he went to the bathroom with Riko and asked her to wash his body

 ”Hey, Chihiro. We’re still the same even if you join the student council, right?”

 ”…Of course. We won’t change”

 ”Oh… I’m glad… then I’m relieved”

 Riko smiled shyly

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