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Chapter 78 School Festival Performance

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 The next day, Saturday morning

 When Chihiro arrives at school, the class is buzzing with the news that Kamishiro has been scouted by the Public Morals Committee

 Kamishiro himself had already arrived at school, and was being squeezed by several people, mostly boys

 ”Kamishiro~. Go easy on me”

 ”Please let me off the hook when talking erotic stuff as a friend”

 ”Haha. Well, I’m just helping you, and I don’t have that kind of authority”

 Chihiro looks at them with a sidelong glance and walks over to his seat. Everyone is so focused on Kamishiro that they don’t notice Chihiro


 Aika came up to him in the bustle and greeted him

 ”Good morning, Chihiro-kun”

 ”Oh, good morning, Aika. Thanks for last night”

 ”No, don’t worry. I’m sorry for being so selfish”

 As they naturally smiled and exchanged words, the girls following Aika smiled meaningfully

 In a way, it was thanks to Aika that the girls were paying attention to Chihiro

 ”What is it? What do you mean, last night?”

 ”Did you two finally cross the line?”

 To response to the blurred but straightforward question, Aika and Chihiro waved their hands in the air

 …Although they can’t tell the truth, actually, they’ve crossed the line in their imagination long ago

 ”Oh. By the way, I heard you were invited to join the student council. Congratulations”


 ”Yeah, thanks”

 It was an unexpected congratulations, but at least he was congratulated by two of his classmates

 ☆   ☆   ☆

 The elective class was over in a flash and the HR was on the way home

 When the homeroom teacher finished informing the students, Maisaka raised his hand and stood on the platform

 Although he is often seen by the students as just an easygoing guy, he is a member of the class committee

 ”Well. The other day at LHR, we couldn’t decide on the school festival, so we’ll discuss it here afterwards”

 The story goes back to a few days ago

 In the first LHR after the end of the assessment, there was a discussion about the school festival, as Maisaka had just said

 The main topic of discussion was, of course, what to do for the class performance

 The school festival of Shibahou Academy is held at the beginning of November. It is held for two days, Friday and Saturday. On that day, just like any other high school festival, there will be visitors from outside the school

 The students welcome these visitors with elaborate performances by each class

 Of course, students can take turns to enjoy their free time in between the activities

 One peculiarity is that there are almost no club activities in this school. It is not that there are none at all, but only a few, and they are small, so basically most of the students concentrate on the class performances

 However, it should be noted that the number of students in the class is originally small

 Also, since it is now the end of September, the preparation period is about one month

 Based on these assumptions, opinions were collected from a broad range of people, and as a result, many proposals were proposed

 The reason may be that many students are in a good mood due to the school’s strong athletic background, and that they want to have fun because they are usually under a lot of stress from training

 That’s good, this is good. Well, there are some problems with that idea, and there were frequent exchanges of opinions, and as a result, the discussion could not be finished in one LHR session

 So the discussion continued on Saturday after school

 ”The discussion will start in thirty minutes. In the meantime, please eat your lunch or eat here. It’s not forced, so if you’re too busy or too lazy, you can skip it. In that case, we’ll decide what to do with the people who are present”

 Maisaka called for participation with a very frank explanation, and most of the students agreed to participate

 Only a small number of students who had something to do did not participate. Among them was Kamishiro Yuuki

 ”Oh, Kamishiro is on the Public Morals Committee?”

 ”Yeah. It was only yesterday, but I wanted to show up as soon as possible. Sorry”

 ”No, don’t worry, if that’s the case, I can’t blame you. Good luck”

 Maisaka ate three onigiri (rice balls) from the convenience store, and waved Kamishiro off

 He then looked at Chihiro, who was looking at him

 ”Izumi? Aren’t you going to the student council?”

 ”Oh, yeah. The deadline is next week, so there’s no hurry. I’m going to stop by after this is over, though”

 ”Hmm, I see”

 It seems he got the message. Maisaka just smiled and returned to his meal

 And thirty minutes later, the discussion begins in a somewhat relaxed atmosphere

 At this point, the blackboard is already filled with a summary and classification of the opinions expressed last time. Maisaka had asked a volunteer in the class to help him during the break

 ”Well. Now, let’s get some more ideas. Anyone else who has an idea?”

 More hands are raised, and the blackboard is filled with empty spaces

 After a short break, the total number of ideas raised far exceeded the number of students in the class (20)

 Some of them are exhibitions such as research presentations, some are theatrical plays, some are food and drink including food stalls, and some are sales and games such as bazaars and shooting targets

 It seems that once one idea emerged, the number of events increased rapidly

 Maisaka nodded his head as he looked over the list of items

 ”Good. Now, let’s have everyone vote on the ones that look good. We’ll begin with the person at the far end, so please give one vote each”

 ”Maisaka. I thought we will write it on paper and put it in a box”

 ”Hoho. Well, I could kind of tell that you were thinking of something erotic, but if you don’t have the guts to say it in public, then give up”

 Having said this clearly, he seemed to be the class president

 ”Besides, it’s too much trouble to collect papers and open the ballot”

 …if only he hadn’t added that extra word

 Anyway. Each classmate votes for the one they think is best

 The number of votes is small compared to the number of choices, but it seems that they will have a decisive vote when the time comes

 ”Hey Nishizaki!”

 ”Hmm, fried food stall”

 ”Aiyo. You voted for a tough one, huh?”

 Riko voted for her specialty. The main ingredient is just chicken, and the ingredients are less vulnerable in November

 And when Maria is asked to choose, she answers without hesitation

 ”Fukami, which one do you want?”

 ”The bazaar, please. If there’s a chance to gather a wide range of people, we might be able to recycle the unused items”

 Aika, too, showed her typical attention to detail

 ”What about Takatsuki?”

 ”I think I’d like the break room. Put up a partition a little further back than the entrance to make it soundproof, and play some soothing music inside”

 Maybe some cold drinks could be sold there as well

 When she explained it like that, there are a few exclamations from the class

 ”Well. So, the last one is Izumi”

 Chihiro, who had unexpectedly become the last one, answered as he felt everyone’s eyes on him

 ”…Uh, maid cafe, please”

 ”Wow, unexpected”

 It must have really caught him off guard

 Maisaka grumbled and then gave him a wink

 But regardless of his reaction, the class is buzzing

 ”Izumi-kun, why the maid cafe?”

 ”Oh, yeah. I just wanted to see someone in a maid cafe”

 The classroom is buzzing again

 ”I mean, Takatsuki-san”

 ”Oh. C-Chihiro-kun. It’s embarrassing…”

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