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Chapter 86 Neglect Training ★

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 The next morning. Chihiro woke up to the sound of someone coughing

 He opened his eyelids and looked up to see Aika half-asleep on the bed, breathing with tears in her eyes

 Near her face, exposed through his pajamas, is his magnificent erect p*nis

 ”Aika, did you wake me up?”

 ”Y-Yeah. Riko-chan asked me to”

 Riko-chan told her to wake up Chihiro since she was taking care of breakfast

 It was probably because Maria wasn’t around to help, but Riko might have used the opportunity to show Aika a good eye

 ”…I couldn’t do it properly like Riko-chan and the others, though”

 Well, her response was less sensitive than it had been when she was awake, and she seemed to lose her breath as the stimulation continued for longer

 ”Thank you. I’m still happy”

 ”…Mmm. I’m glad”

 Chihiro smiled as he raised himself up and pulled Aika into a hug

 He then kissed Aika’s lips, savoring her tongue and saliva

 A few minutes later, they parted their lips and Aika whispered softly to Chihiro

 ”Chihiro-kun, I bet it would be weird if you didn’t let it out”

 ”Eh. Well… yeah, sort of”

 It’s been a habit of his lately to ejaculate during Maria’s or Riko’s blowjobs, so it’s certainly uncomfortable for him to just stop. Of course, it’s not a necessity, but..

 His devoted and hard-working girlfriend made an unusual offer out of consideration

 ”So, um… Would you like to do it here?”

 Aika gently traced her finger under her skirt, to her private parts, which were covered by her pure white panties

 ”Is that okay?”

 ”Yes. I can’t do it with my ass yet, so I want you to put those on”

 Chihiro was a little lost when he heard that

 He felt bad asking Aika, who wasn’t a slave, to do that much, but last night had been a bit light, so it was nice to be able to do it here

 As long as it doesn’t take too long, there should be no problem with the time

 ”Well, I guess I’ll ask you”


 Aika nodded, her eyes switching to a lecherous, in-action look

 Aika took out a stock of condoms from the bedside cabinet, grabbed one of the wrapped condoms, and pulled out the content

 ”Uh, it’s still wet, so this should be okay… right?”

 Flipping the condom over so as not to confuse the reverse side, she carefully wrapped it around Chihiro’s p*nis. Apparently, she was right, and breathed a sigh of relief

 …Though, to tell the truth, Chihiro still sometimes mistook the back and front of the rubber

 After carefully covering his erect p*nis with the rubber, Aika said, “Well, let’s go, shall we?” and she pulled her panties off her legs

 Then she reached down through her skirt to her hairless crotch

 Squelch… Squelch…

 ”Mm, mmm…”

 She readied herself until she heard the lustful sound of water, then opened her legs and positioned herself over the p*nis

 ”Are you okay, Aika?”

 ”I’m fine. I’ll try, no, let me do it”

 In a position she’d never been in before, Aika swallowed the rod slowly

 ”This is more than usual…”

 When her private part was fully penetrated to the root, she let out a lusty gasp

 Well, Aika is already used to penetration, so once she overcomes her psychological resistance, the cowgirl position should make it easier for her to feel the shape and size of the p*nis

 Although she may not be so good at female-dominated activities

 Aika moves her hips gently

 At first, she moves awkwardly, as if getting used to it, and then she gradually learns to move more smoothly

 ”Aika, don’t worry, you can put your hands and feet wherever you want”

 ”Yes, but…”

 ”It’s okay. It’s best if you do it in a way that’s comfortable for you”

 Chihiro smiles to reassure her

 And nodding her head, Aika put her hand lightly on Chihiro’s stomach and started to move her hips up and down again

 Squelch… Squelch…

 Aika’s movements became somewhat more steady than before

 The position of her hands and the direction of her body may differ from other individuals, but Aika seems to be the type of person who is more comfortable when her body is supported

 ”How is it?”

 ”Mmm… it feels good. How about Chihiro-kun?”

 ”Me? the feeling of wanting to cum is getting stronger and stronger”

 In the cowgirl position, Chihiro’s movements are less involved, making the stimulation less predictable and more likely to lead to s*xual sensations. In addition, he can feel Aika’s body heat across his thin skin, which definitely heightens his mood

 On the other hand, Aika has to control her pleasure, which is rather hard work, but she smiles and continues her vaginal services

 ”I’m glad. Now let’s move some more”

 Squelch… Squelch… Squeeze… Squeeze..

 ”Ugh, kuh…”


 Chihiro’s hips jumped in response to the thrill

 And with that, he thrusts up against Aika, and a gasp escapes from the girl’s mouth

 ”Aika, can I let out?”

 ”Yes. Chihiro-kun, give me as much as you want…”

 As she said that, Chihiro thrust into Aika’s vagina several more times, and his hips quivering as he climaxed

 Spurt! Spurttt!

 ”Ah, ahh…”

 Perhaps feeling the pulsation of ejaculation inside her vagina, Aika let out a gasp of air and weakens


 Chihiro also relaxed, feeling the semen shoot into the condom. He felt his consciousness switch to the active mode. It’s a scary habit, he thought

 ”Thank you, Aika”

 ”No, if it made Chihiro-kun feel better… Kya!”

 He called softly to Aika, then sat up, supporting her body with his arms



 He kissed her lips, which had opened lightly in surprise, and hugged her in a face-to-face position. This time, unlike the cowgirl position, he holds Aika with his arms and thrusts aggressively

 ”Chihiro, kun… I’m coming…”

 ”Yes, Aika, come”

 The morning’s activities finally came to an end as Aika climaxed quickly and sweetly

 Aika lay on the bed with the p*nis withdrawn, muttering in some frustration

 ”Chihiro-kun, isn’t that going to make it harder for you?”

 ”No… it’s okay. Maria will take care of it”

 Aika nodded her head in agreement

 ”I guess so. That might be a good idea”

 After they cleaned up the mess, they got dressed and left the bedroom

 In the kitchen, a meal was being prepared, with Riko as the main cook and Hana supporting her

 ”Oh, good morning, Chihiro”

 ”Good morning. Riko, Hana”

 Riko raised her voice to greet him

 Hana looked at Chihiro sideways and said

 ”I’ve bought what you asked for. It’s in the fridge”

 ”Thank you”

 He’d asked her to do the shopping in advance

 The stuff he asked her to buy was some nutritional food in jelly form and some mineral water in plastic bottles. And one by one, he took them out of the fridge

 Then Hana stopped what she was doing to get ready and said

 ”I’ll go with you”

 It seems she wants to take care of Maria as much as possible. Since there was no particular reason to refuse, Chihiro nodded lightly and agreed to Hana’s request

 And so, they put some water and jelly on a tray with a towel and entered Maria’s room through the open door

 Immediately, a faint scent of sweat could be smelled

 ”Maria, are you awake?”


 Chihiro called out from the bedside, and her eyes are vacant. The girl’s eyes are slightly darkened, as if she hadn’t slept much

 And her eyes conveyed a feeling of loneliness

 Even with Chihiro and Hana by her side, this feeling remained a relief and continued to sway in Maria’s mind



 Hana squatted down and removed Maria’s ball gag

 The spherical part of the girl’s mouth is soaked, and a trail of drool runs from her mouth to her neck and down her chest

 Hana tosses the gag onto the bed and kisses her lightly on the cheek. She then licked Maria’s drool off with her tongue

 ”…Hana-san, it’s filthy”

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