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Chapter 86 Neglect Training ★

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 Finally, Maria spoke up

 Her voice was dry from being silenced for so long. It seems that she needs to be fed and hydrated

 ”Maria-chan’s spit can’t be dirty, can it?”

 Hana replied, taking the lid off the plastic bottle and gently placing it near Maria’s mouth

 In this kind of training, Hana’s steady attitude is good or bad, but in a way, she is easy to handle

 ”Please drink slowly”

 The bottle is tilted and a small amount of water flows into her mouth. Maria almost choked at first, but she drank the water without any problem. Eventually, the 350mm plastic bottle was almost empty

 After the water, she was given jelly

 This is also a liquid food, so it is easy to eat, and Maria was able to keep the whole package in her stomach

 After the meal, it was time to get cleaned up

 ”Izu… Master, I’m going to take this off”

 ”Yes, please”

 The bondage is carefully removed so as not to damage the skin. Because of the design of the belt, it is possible to take off the bondage even while her arms and legs are restrained

 However, gloves and socks are left on

 The panties were cut off with scissors, and the vibrator and dildo inside were carefully removed so as not to damage the inner mucous membrane

 ”It’s so slippery”

 Maria, who had been unresponsive during the operation, twitched

 Hana glared at Chihiro as if to say something, but started the rest of the work

 She wiped her unrestrained body with a wet towel and sucked up the remaining water with a larger towel

 …Looking at her again, Maria’s skin was very beautiful

 Rough skin caused by external factors is considered as damage and is repaired by [Self-healing], and she is said to have better hormone secretion than other people

 However, in such a case, her appearance and physical condition do not match each other

 ”…Well, I’ll take care of this. Have a good time”

 ”Thank you”

 Hana collected her ball gag, bondage and vibrator and left the room

 The door is still open, but subjectively it’s just the two of them. However, there is no way Maria can afford to be concerned about Riko and the others who are not here

 After more than ten seconds of silence, she opened her mouth

 ”…Master, does this mean that I should behave myself? Master says Takatsuki-san is right”

 Her voice was weak. It seems that even she is enduring the blame this time

 Well, Aika’s accusation was followed by the sudden hard training. And without even knowing what Chihiro’s intentions were, she was being put under so much pressure

 And if she can’t even be confident in her own feelings, she can’t help but waver

 ”No, it’s not”

 Chihiro answered Maria’s question with a shake of his head

 He crouched at the bedside and spoke from her side

 …It’s natural to think of this training as “punishment” for a “sin”

 ”I don’t know how to say it, and I’m not going to say it right now. …this isn’t just training for that. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that the purpose is not yet determined”

 ”…what does that mean?”

 ”I don’t know”

 Too much talk might interfere with the training

 Chihiro patted Maria’s head lightly and stood up


 ”I’ll be back in a bit. Until then, will you be a good girl?”


 The answer came back a little later

 After leaving Maria’s room, it was business as usual

 He took a shower, changed his clothes and had breakfast. The only difference was that Maria was not at the table and Chihiro changed into casual clothes

 Hana hadn’t prepared to stay overnight, so she ate breakfast first and hurried back to her house

 ”Chihiro-kun, I made your lunch as usual, is that okay?”

 ”Yes. If anyone in the class asks, just tell them I overslept”

 ”Okay. I’ll be waiting”

 After dinner, Aika and Riko finished the rest of their chores and went to school

 After seeing them off, Chihiro went back to Maria’s room

 He thought she might be asleep, but the dark-haired girl was still awake

 ”Master, are you going to school?”

 ”I’ll be going later. Maria will probably stay here for a while”


 The restraint training isn’t over yet

 For a while. Although the time frame was vague, Maria must have thought the training was hopelessly long

 And with a swift glance, she asked..

 ”So, the committee for the school festival…”

 Perhaps out of a sense of responsibility, or perhaps for some other reason

 Chihiro lightly dismissed the first reason mentioned, which was not housework, service, or attendance

 ”It’s not a problem. I will ask Riko to do it for you, and at worst you’ll be out of 1-C”

 …Nothing will change without Maria

 Did it sound like that?

 ”Well, I see. …Yes, of course like that”

 Maria felt her body suddenly relax

 And knowing that this was not a good thing, she doesn’t talk about it again

 And “I’m sorry”, she muttered in her mind

 Chihiro picked up Maria’s smartphone and ordered

 ”Well, Maria, shall I call the school and tell them you’ll be out for a while?”


 The call to the school was completed clerically

 Maria told them that she had to go to her parents’ house and it was accepted without any problem. Since it was a staff member, not the homeroom teacher, who took the call, and since many of the students at Shibahou Academy lived far away from their parents, there was almost no problem

 Now, no one would be suspicious if Maria was absent for a few days

 ”…Well then”

 Chihiro exhale and remove Maria’s shackles. The rope connecting the shackle to the bed is also untied

 But the shackles remain in place

 Then, he quietly tells Maria, who tenses, unsure of his intentions

 ”I will do it”

 ”…In this state, huh?”

 It’s a harsh thing to say to Maria, who is mentally exhausted from the night’s restraints and vibrations

 And to top it off, she couldn’t even use her arms

 There’s no way she can perform a proper service like this

 ――Still Chihiro is saying that he, as a master, will fuck his slave

 ”Are you having a problem?”

 Maria could only remain silent

 And accepted the silent reply, Chihiro rolled Maria onto the bed and carelessly inserted his p*nis into her well-wetted clit, thanks to the vibrator

 Then, while making gurgling noises, he moved his hips to make himself feel better, not her


 Maria was trying hard to keep her voice down

 Even rough s*x could make her feel. Chihiro wondered how Maria felt about her own body at that moment

 As he thought about it, he poured her cum into Maria’s vagina over and over again


 During the act, Maria climaxed several times

 Afterwards, Maria lay there with her eyes cloudy and vacant. Chihiro wiped her body with a wet tissue and lifted her into the bedroom in a princess hug

 At the same time, he undid the restraints on her arms and fastened them back in front of her body

 Leaving the leg restraints undone, he rolled her carelessly onto the bed

 ”If you try hard enough, you can get out of the bedroom, you know?”

 She could at least go to the bathroom if she wanted to

 In addition, she could fill a jug with mineral water and place it on the cabinet

 Combined with the food she had just eaten, she should be able to last about half a day, no problem

 ”…May I?”

 ”I will not allow it. Of course, you understand the risks”

 Maria confirmed and Chihiro replied that of course it was not about the bathroom

 Being able to move means that there is a chance of escape – but he trust Maria on that

 There is no way this girl doesn’t understand what it means for a slave to run away from a master who has made up his mind

 ”If you understand and then run away, there’s nothing to be done”

 The only thing to do is to accept that the chain of trust has been broken

 She must have understood the implied intention. While Chihiro finished the rest of the work, Maria stared blankly at the ceiling, as if she were confronting her own mind

 Chihiro took another shower and made Maria eat an early lunch of energy jelly before going to school

 And in the class, there was no one who could relate Chihiro’s tardiness to Maria’s absence

 ”Hey Izumi, did you hear about Fukami-san’s absence yet?”

 …At least as far as those around him could tell, but..

 This was what Chihiro thought when he saw Maisaka talking to him during the break after school

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