Earh Extra Vol3 2

Chapter 92

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 School is a strange place.

 Every morning, at a certain time, many boys and girls gather and make a commotion. However, once HR or classes start, the noise and crowd disappear from the corridors.

 After a few cycles of noise and silence, things change again after school.

 Many of the students who had been there for so long have left the school, and the atmosphere is suddenly very quiet.

 ――This is even more noticeable at the private Shibahou Academy, a training school specializing in [Lost Item].

 The two main focuses of the school are physical training, including combat training, and classroom education on par with a regular high school.

 With these two focuses, so-called athletic or cultural club activities are rarely implemented here. Instead, individual or small-group combat training and self-study are the orthodox ways to spend after-school time.

 The sounds of the athletic teams practicing on the field and the instruments of the brass band, such sounds also absent in Shibahou Academy’s after-school activities.

 Whether or not students feel lonely is up to them.

 For Suzu, an alumna of Shibahou Academy who is now a teacher by title, this atmosphere is rather nostalgic and comfortable.

 This alma mater has not changed a bit from “those days”.

 The only difference is in the faces of the students and teachers, and in a vague sense, everything is as it was.

 It has only been a few years since she graduated, so it may be natural.

 At the same time, she feels happy that it hasn’t changed, but a little sad that her position has changed.

 Squelch… Squelch…

 Suzu was masturbating at the gate, alone, with such uncomfortable thoughts.

 ”Mmm… *Pant*”

 She’s not wearing any panties. Not that she had taken it off, but she hadn’t worn it when she left the log cabin. No bra on top either, just an out-of-season long coat. The coat was also hanging on her shoulders without sleeves.

 Leaning her back against the wall in front of the entrance, she plays with her private parts with her right hand. Her other hand is squeezing her bare breasts and rubbing her nipples with the tips of her fingers.

 By the time she reached this point, she was fully aroused, and her fingers were soaked with her love juice.

 Now, after fifteen or thirty minutes of climaxing once or twice, a puddle of water was forming on the ground.

 …For the note, while she was masturbating, the elevator was not completely empty.

 Students in detention and teachers at work walked by several times. Each time, instead of frowning, Suzu intensified the movement of her fingers and moaned in shame and excitement.

 However, no one noticed such Suzu.

 It’s because of Suzu’s ability [Cognitive Obstruction]. It’s named after the secret tool of a certain cat-like robot which Suzu herself uses, that she is here unnoticed by anyone. Unless she turns off the ability herself, her embarrassing appearance will never be seen.

 With the exception of those who have come into contact with her, they can recognize Suzu, but of course, she had no intention of allowing this to happen to strangers.

 So now, she indulges in exhibitionistic masturbation for the thrill of it.

 And also, for another purpose.

 The thrill is good. Even though she knew that no one could see her, she was still embarrassed to be naked, and the embarrassment was what excited her.

 She knows it’s wrong.

 But the reasoning that tries to keep her from doing so makes the pleasure stronger.

 It’s tempting to stay for another thirty minutes or an hour, but she must at least have enough energy to return to the log cabin. If she wanted, she could have enough energy to fulfill the other purpose.

 To do that, she wants to meet up with “that boy” as soon as possible.


 As Suzu gazed blankly at her surroundings, just barely holding on to the pleasure of masturbation, a student walked towards her.

 A boy with a quiet impression, wearing the school’s designated blazer.

 Judging from the color of the school badge, he was a first-year student, with a cute face that could look like a girl if he changed his clothes and hairstyle.

 He was definitely the one Suzu was waiting for.


 She tried to call him but stopped.

 She forgets that he can’t hear her unless she deactivates his ability. But she wanted to see him as soon as possible, so she ran ahead.

 However, what should be done?

 She could turn off her [Cognitive Obstruction] and call out to him, but that would be a bit embarrassing. If that’s the case, she should hug the boy from behind when he reaches the shoe box.

 And so, Suzu decided so.

 Within a few moments of thinking, the boy had reached right near Suzu. She judges from the fact that the boy was carrying a bag, he must be on his way home.

 So, she follows him from behind.

 For a while she stares at the boy, waiting for the right moment. And in the meantime, the boy continued to walk…


 But then the boy stopped.

 He wonders if he forgot something. Or was there an incoming call on his smart phone?

 But both were off.

 And then the boy turned back to Suzu.

 At that moment, their eyes met.

 However, his [Mind Reading] was not triggered. This is probably because Chihiro cannot see Suzu due to the effect of [Cognitive Obstruction].

 In other words, it must have been a mere coincidence that their eyes met.

 But Chihiro took a few more steps toward Suzu’s previous location and looked down.



 What he was looking at was a puddle of Suzu’s love juice.

 Suzu’s [Cognitive Obstruction] does not extend to things that are far from her body. So, it’s possible to recognize it.

 …although those who have passed by so far have not even noticed.

 Perhaps this is fate.

 Even if it was just a coincidence, Chihiro noticed the presence of Suzu. He noticed her. Seeing that, Suzu knews she had made the right choice.

 And she’s happy.

 So, Suzu hugged Chihiro with a feeling of excitement.


 ”!? Puha…S-Suzu-san?”

 Chihiro, who was hugged by Suzu’s larger-than-human breasts, pulled away from her, his cheeks turning red in confusion.

 But Suzu’s hand is still on his shoulder, so they can talk.

 ”You’re dressed like that again…”

 ”Ufufu… Don’t worry, I won’t show it to anyone except Chihiro-kun”

 ”Isn’t that the problem?”

 Anyway, it’s a problem for Suzu.

 Chihiro believe it’s ethically permissible to show them to someone she trusts.

 ”Isn’t it hard to pee with clothes on?”

 When Suzu said that, Chihiro seemed to understand.

 ”Outdoor s*xual activity, huh?”


 She answered and hugged him again.

 Chihiro, whose face was buried in her chest, showed his agitation in her arms, but at the same time, he seemed to be in a good mood. Seeing so, Suzu feels that he is a boy who likes girls’ breasts.

 Such a boyish reaction makes her happy.

 ”Suzu-san, you smell good”

 ”Hmm? I just took a bath last night”

 ”I don’t think it’s shampoo or anything, I think it’s Suzu-san’s smell”

 ”Geez” Suzu sighed.

 If he said that, she would be overwhelmed with love. That was her thought.

 Although it’s only been a short time since they started talking, they’ve only met a few times. But Suzu’s heart was filled with excitement.

 ”Where do you want to go, Chihiro-kun?”


 She tried to pester him a little.

 Unless he suggests something really weird, she’s going to respond, but her main purpose is to see him in distress.

 She smiled and waited for his answer, and soon after, he said.

 ”Well, I’d like to go for a walk outside…”

 ”Yes, sure”


 It’s one of the best parts of exhibitionism.

 Chihiro has a girlfriend, and there are other women in his life, but he’s so innocent in a strange way. And his suggestion was more to Suzu’s liking than she had expected, which made her feel better.

 And so, Suzu nodded her head and took Chihiro’s hand.

 ”Let’s go, then”

 She then pulled his hand.

 At the shoe box, she watched with a smile as he changed his shoes with only one hand, and when he was done, they went outside together.

 ”It’s cold outside”

 ”You’re not cold?”

 ”I’m fine”

 After all, her body was on fire from the masturbation she had just done and the excitement of the walk date.

 Then, while feeling the breeze, they took a step forward.

 Chihiro took her by the hand with a nudge. And he led her with a gentle but not painful tug.

 But Chihiro’s gentle escort made her chuckle.

 Deciding to leave it to the gentle escort, Suzu walked one step behind Chihiro.

 After a while, they walked towards the school gate and then turned off the road to the school ground.

 On the large field where all the students gathered for the festival, there were some students running and exercising. Like Chihiro, who must have been a member of the student council, they were doing their best.

 ”It’s such youth, isn’t it?”

 ”…But it’s an awesome picture to see a naked woman there”


 Chihiro says a verbal abuse.

 And because of that, Suzu became aware of her own attire, and her embarrassment grew stronger.

 Her love juices also flowed down her thighs.

 Still, her hand was pulled by Chihiro’s, and theye walked into the playground. They stopped in a position where they could see each other while holding hands.

 ”Do you like to be ashamed, Suzu-san?”

 She wonders if it’s a bit cruel to start a small talk here.

 But Suzu can’t help but feel the situation.

 ”…No, I don’t think so. Maybe I like “unusual s*x””


 ”Yes. Doing naughty things in front of other people, or doing naughty things while I’m away from work. Also, playing with younger boys”

 At her last analogy, Chihiro looked a little annoyed. Either he didn’t remember being taunted, or he thought about the possibility of her doing the same thing to other boys. If it was the latter, he was way off the mark. Suzu’s thought.

 ”I’m sure it feels good to be embarrassed, but I think I’ll intoxicated by the situation…”

 ”I see”

 At Suzu’s words, Chihiro nodded and glanced at her.

 ”So, you really don’t like it when I ask you to take off your coat here?”

 ”…What’s that?”

 Suzu moaned as she felt a shiver run down her spine.

 ”That’s very exciting, Chihiro-kun”

 She said, reaching for the coat on her shoulder.

 With both hands, she grabbed the matching part and slowly opened it. She made sure that Chihiro was touching some part of her body several times.


 A gasp escaped from her mouth.

 And now Suzu is exposed.

 She’s not playing with fire privately, she’s exposing her naked body at the boy’s command.

 The pleasure increases as the area exposed to the air increases. And when the coat was completely removed, she almost collapsed.

 If her body had not been supported by Chihiro, she might have fallen to her knees on the ground.


 A small stain appeared on the ground, dripping with love juice.

 ”Suzu-san, please let me take that coat”


 If she does that, she won’t be able to put her clothes back on immediately.

 But her mind went blank and her whole body trembled as she realized that she was going to be made to walk around naked.

 Almost collapsing once again, Suzu let out her pleasure.

 ”I’ve come… I’ve come…”

 She couldn’t take it anymore.

 A naked, exposed walk is nice, but her mind has gone completely pink.

 At this point, she said.

 ”Chihiro-kun, want to have s*x? Let’s have exhibition s*x here”

 Feeling like a prude, she invites Chihiro to join her at a nearby fence.

 She grabbed the fence, thrust her ass out to Chihiro, and wiggled her hips lewdly.

 ”…Do you not like it?”

 ”No, of course, I like it”

 And so, Chihiro slowly pulled on his pants, as if to show off.

 His exposed p*nis was already hard and erect, and seemed to need no foreplay or lube.

 ”I’m going to put it in, Suzu-san”

 ”Yes, come on, give me lots of cum”

 Suzu begged, deliberately loudly. No matter how loud she screamed, no one but Chihiro could hear her now.

 Suzu could hear the sound of students running and screaming from a relatively close distance, and she felt a thick meat stick entering her vagina.


 She naturally cries out in delight.

 Suzu’s vagina was filled with her love juices, and it was fully loosened due to the masturbation she had done while waiting. Despite her lack of experience in the bedroom, she accepted the p*nis without resistance and clamped it tightly.

 This was the second time she had s*x with Chihiro.

 ”You’re having s*x with such a girl for the second time… do you hate it?”

 ”I love it”


 Suzu blush when she hears so.

 And it made her love him so much.

 While thinking so, her flesh was gouged back and forth, and the cock stirring in a circular motion. As it became more difficult for her to stand, she leaned harder against the fence.

 Every time her vagina is stroked, her brain becomes numb and sweetly debauched.

 ”Ah, ah, ahh!”

 She couldn’t stop screaming.

 It felt good to be embarrassed, and it’s embarrassing to feel good too.

 And now, everything but the s*x act becomes unimportant for her.

 Before long, she was also shaking her hips and begging for Chihiro, pistoning her over and over again.

 To answer her request, Suzu’s breasts were grabbed by Chihiro’s hands.

 Suzu’s breasts tasted by him as he thrust upward, connecting deeply with her. Her breasts played like toys, like handles for balance.

 That’s how deeply he’s wanted her.

 And feeling his need, Suzu became even more intoxicated.

 ”Ah, ah――, ahh――!”

 The signs of climax were shaking her whole body.

 And sensing her climax, Chihiro’s hand, which was on her breast, accelerated its movement and intensify the thrusting.

 Quickly and surely, the staircase of pleasure rises.

 In a place where people work out seriously.

 ”Cumming, cumming, cumming, cumming, cumming, cummmmmming!”

 Her mind went blank.

 After proclaiming her climax over and over again, Suzu felt hot semen slamming into her vagina and let out a scream that could not be described as an “a” or an “u”.

 As the waves subsided, she lost all strength in her body and was pitifully held in Chihiro’s arms.

 The p*nis, which was inside her vagina, was withdrawn from her and she turned around in a backward position, leaning against the fence.

 As she leaning back against the fence, Suzu surrendered to the gentle stroking of her head, and felt dreamy.

 ”I’m glad, it felt good…”

 ”Me too”


 Suzu knew that Chihiro had also ejaculated a large amount of semen.

 After all, the semen mixed with her love juice and began to drip onto the ground.

 ”Suzu-san, shall we go back to the log house in a little while?”

 ”Oh… …Are you sure you want to stay like this?”

 ”Yes. Naked, without wiping up”

 It was also a sweet temptation.

 And with that, Suzu and Chihiro walked back to the log cabin, following the tracks on the ground.

 Afterwards, Suzu asked Chihiro to accompany her to the bedroom because she couldn’t walk well, and then she pushed him down and demanded a second round.

 Even so, Chihiro only complained to Suzu with a troubled look on his face instead of getting angry afterwards.

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