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Chapter 92

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 Recently, Nishizaki Riko had some complaints.

 It’s not a big one, like the one that Fukami Maria exploded the other day. It was only a very small complaint.

 In addition, Riko is not the type of person who keeps her problems to herself.

 ”I want to tell something”

 Said Riko, gathering everyone at the table in the living room and quickly talking to them.

 Besides Riko, there are Maria, Aika and Hana. In short, all the girls who are currently in a relationship or slave relationship with Izumi Chihiro.

 Strictly speaking, there is a woman named Suzu, who has declared herself as a “saffle” (?), but she can’t be contacted and has nothing to do with this case, so she is excluded.

 For the record, Chihiro is currently taking a bath.

 And Riko sometimes “serves” him in the bath, but not today. After all, today is a good opportunity for all of the girls to talk to each other without Chihiro.

 However, the time is short, so it is necessary to be straight to the point.

 ”Next time. How about we decide which day of the week it is?”

 ”…You mean, the days of the week when Chihiro-sama can hold us?”

 Maria quickly responded to this rather wordy suggestion.

 ”What do you mean?”

 Aika, on the other hand, still didn’t seem to understand. She tilted her head in a gesture that was adorable even from a same-gender perspective, and Riko explained a little more in order.

 ”You see. We’re always doing that with Chihiro… but who’s doing that with Chihiro and when is different now, right?”

 ”Yeah, I guess so”

 Aika nodded.

 In fact, at present, in every situation from morning service to bathing service to night service, Chihiro’s partners are those who are available, those who are free, and those who are appointed by Chihiro.

 It’s true that this kind of flexibility makes it easier to respond to Chihiro’s moods.

 ”That’s why lately, I don’t have many times when I can be alone with Chihiro”


 Hana grumbled delicately at Riko’s sullen muttering.

 ”Come to think of it, Nishizaki-san is on that side, too”

 ”What do you mean, that side?”

 ”I mean the side that wants to be held by Izumi-kun alone”

 ”…No, of course not!”

 Riko replied with half an eye.

 She loves Chihiro, and she likes to be held by him. But she has no intention to be embarrassed with this group now.

 Well, she’s had to take a step back a lot lately.

 But Riko is a woman of her age.

 Still, she knows her place as a slave, and she wants to respect Aika, who is Chihiro’s lover.

 However, she can’t always give in honestly.

 Sometimes she gets jealous, and sometimes she wants to spend time alone with Chihiro.

 ”That’s why. Why don’t we decide who’s on duty on Mondays, who’s on duty on Tuesdays, and everyone together on Sundays?”

 In other words, it’s like a rotation system.

 The person in charge would be assigned to a day of the week in advance, and the person in charge of that day would have the right to be held and serves Chihiro for the whole day.

 ”…Is this “duty” a common thing?”

 ”Riko… If we just use our common sense, Aika-san won’t understand”

 ”Yeah. But am I gonna like Maria because of that kind of knowledge?”

 It’s true that her knowledge of such things has increased compared to the past.

 After all, a while ago, Riko saw a manga in a bookstore and bought it out of curiosity. She was strangely attracted by the image of the master and the maid in the manga, and bought a lot of works on the subject of master-servant.

 And the first one was a healthy one, but as Maria recommended, she started to read adult works as well, and before she knew it, she was reading sensual novels other than maid stories.

 Thanks to this, her knowledge of such things has increased considerably, but she feels that she should regret her rashness.

 ”A-Anyway. How? I don’t think it’s a bad idea”

 The number of 3P and 4P is increasing because everyone’s right to be held is being left in the dark. If someone has a clear right of priority, it’s up to the right holder to choose whether to let someone else participate.

 ”But, Riko, Chihiro-sama should have the final say”

 ”Of course. As long as Chihiro breaks the rotation, he’s free to do so. There should be no hard feelings”

 ”Hmm. Then I don’t mind”

 First, Maria’s approval was obtained.

 Then Aika, who had been listening to their conversation, opened her mouth. She lowered her eyebrows in distress.

 ”Uh, Riko-chan. To be honest, I’m not sure I should agree. I don’t want to be restricted by everyone to be with Chihiro-kun”

 ”…Aika, you’ve been speaking your mind a lot lately”

 If anything, it’s a good thing.

 Riko nodded at her comment as well.

 ”Well, you’re right. I think Aika should be a priority. I mean, Chihiro will probably give priority to Aika, so it won’t change”

 ”…Then I’m okay with it”

 When Aika said what she wanted, it was like she was sending salt to the enemy. Still, she agreed, looking a little embarrassed.

 Then, Hana was the only one left.

 ”Hmm. I disagree, I think it’s a bit confusing”

 ”What do you mean?”

 ”Because, why not do it this way?”

 She laughed and called out to Chihiro, who had just come out of the bathroom.

 ”Izumi-kun, Nishizaki-san wants to be held alone with you”

 Hearing so, Riko wondered, in a double sense, what Hana was doing.

 ☆   ☆   ☆

 ”Sorry, Riko, I didn’t notice”

 ”…It’s okay, it’s fine. It’s my own fault”

 Riko replied bluntly, sitting on the edge of the bed.

 Now, Chihiro and her were alone in the soundproof bedroom. Chihiro, who had heard what Hana had said, had taken only Riko out after dinner, in that case.

 He has a subtle, insensitive side, but he is also the type of person who notices and does not ignore.

 That’s why Riko like him, and that’s why she sometimes feels uncomfortable to tell him directly.

 And yet, when Hana is involved with Chihiro, she instantly becomes mean.

 From the outside, it looks like she likes Chihiro too. The evidence is that she says she’s going to kill him and that she won’t forgive him, but she hasn’t done anything about it.

 …Well, it doesn’t matter.

 Just leave the naive ones alone.

 Unless she’s seriously injured like Maria, it’s her own fault if she’s just a tsundere who can’t accept it. Maybe that hateful tone is her way of being sweet.


 ”Oh, sorry. I was just thinking”

 Now that it’s just the two of us, what’s the deal?

 She shakes her head lightly to change her mind. If she smiles lightly, she’ll start to feel more and more happy.

 And what should be done do?

 Most requests will be heard.

 For example, ask him to say “I love you”. Or a hug.

 …while thinking about it, she almost smiled.

 Riko is aware that she is not as slave-like as Maria. Or maybe she’s even more lenient than Hana when she’s playing a role.

 In this kind of unrestrained time, she is tempted to indulge him.

 She thought it was wrong, but there was a part of her that felt she had no choice. It all started from the feeling of security that Chihiro gave her.

 ”Hey, Chihiro, can you sit here?”

 ”Eh? O-Okay”

 He sits down next to her, confused but honestly.

 And Riko hugged him tightly.

 She then lay down, and places her head forcibly on his lap.


 It’s warm.

 She can feel his warmth from where she’s touching him, and it’s slowly warming her heart. The happy touch makes her feel like she doesn’t need anything else.

 …She’s completely dyed in the wool.

 In a way, that’s natural.

 That day, when Chihiro, whom Riko had underestimated as just a small fish, took revenge on her. And her old self was shattered and rebuilt.

 By Chihiro’s hands, and only for Chihiro.

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