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Chapter 92

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 ”I love you, Chihiro”

 ”Riko. I love you too”

 Riko embraced by him.

 Their bodies are tighter and deeper together.

 This made their position even more awkward, but they kissed each other regardless.

 And now, deep kisses are the norm today.

 It is unhygienic to put one’s tongue into another person’s mouth, much less to swallow saliva – if one thinks about it dispassionately, of course, but at some point Riko stopped thinking about such obvious things.

 And she would never want to have s*x with a man other than Chihiro, even now.

 Because it’s Chihiro, she can kiss him as much as she wants. She wants him to drink a lot of her saliva, and she wants drink his saliva too.

 That’s her way of expressing the strength of her feelings.

 So, she will savor it.

 In a sense, this time deep kissing and fellatio are the same thing. It is the act of using her tongue to touch Chihiro’s body, only the position of the touch is different.

 There are countless techniques, but they are the same.

 Although it is fun to devour a person according to one’s desires, it is also important to watch a person’s reaction. So, she is studying how to make Chihiro feel good, how to make him happy. And researching and pursuing what makes him feel good will ultimately lead to more and more enjoyment.

 Shortly, she thinks the more a girl is s*xually aroused, the more a boy will be happy.


 Pant… Pant…

 The minutes-long kiss is over. Then Riko, whose lips were moistened with Chihiro’s saliva, whispered softly to him.

 ”Please give me more kisses. So, let’s kiss again, okay?”

 To which Chihiro gave a slightly annoyed look.

 ”…But if I keep doing this, I might come out just from kissing”

 In a way, it was a very pathetic declaration.

 But Riko was happy that her kiss was praised.


 ”That’s good. I might come with just a kiss too”

 Girls use not only their body but also their brain to cum. She had read it somewhere, and it’s true. It is true that intense pleasure can lead a person to climax, but at the same time, if love, happiness and joy fill the mind, it is possible to cum without physical stimulation.

 ”But it’s a shame to shoot in the pajamas, isn’t it?”

 Riko smiled and reached for Chihiro’s lower body.

 She carefully grabbed his pajamas and then his underwear and pulled them down. Once she was in a kneeling position, she reached Chihiro’s feet and completely removed his underwear.

 Then, she stands up and deliberately pressed her lower abdomen against his exposed, semi-erect p*nis.

 ”Master, this is okay, right?”

 ”Riko, do you want me to take it off?”

 ”I’ll take it off on my own. Just this”

 Riko was dressed in cotton pajamas, bra and panties. But, she took off only the bottom of her pajamas and snuggled up to Chihiro.

 ”Can you do Sumata? You can put it out on my underwear, my pajamas, my stomach, whatever you want… so can we kiss some more?”

 With her tongue, she’ll make him feel so good.

 So, she pushed Chihiro down with her hug. And this time, she kisses him and entwines her tongue with his. But then her shoulders are grabbed by Chihiro and her posture is reversed.

 ”Then, I’ll cum without hesitation”


 Riko giggled as she saw the lecherous look in his eyes.

 She feels that Chihiro had stepped into the entrance of the “S” mode, and because of that, she was pushed down and her mouth was violated.

 Although technique is important in kissing, Riko feels a thrill from the slightly rough movements. The enjoyment of being pushed down by a man makes her forget about his technique.

 It’s so thrilling, and it makes her feel like she’s going to come.

 While doing so, she feels a hard p*nis in her lower abdomen. And before she knows it, she saw Chihiro getting a full erection and she felt the sweet numbness of it rubbing against her every time they moved around.

 ”*Pant* this might be good…”

 Riko felt as if she was having s*x with him while serving him.

 And until now, she has always liked hand jobs, blow jobs, and cowgirl positions. Because when they do that, Chihiro feels good and it makes her happy.

 So, if kissing is a service. She’d be happy to add Sumata to her service repertoire.

 ”Riko, there’s more”


 Once again, they kissed.

 At the same time, she wiggled and writhed, sending pleasure through herself and Chihiro. She can feel his p*nis twitching and hardening even through her panties.

 Besides, it’s easier to kiss because there’s more room in their movement than when she is penetrated.

 Thinking it again, she has Chihiro all to herself right now.

 And it warms her heart to know that only the two of them can play together.

 It feels fluffy and thrilling.

 Seeking each other, giving each other, and finally they both climaxed at the same time with their lips locked together.



 Riko suddenly bounced up and down, but Chihiro held her in place by putting his arms around her. And Riko’s panties now became damp from the liquid poured into them.

 It’s full of love juice from the inside and semen from the outside, and Chihiro’s p*nis is still attached to it.

 Chills and pleasure.

 The conflicting sensations make her even more excited.

 ”It’s good, do it again. Make my clothes and body even dirtier. Do whatever you want, Chihiro”


 With that said, their lips meet again.

 Taking in just enough air to sustain life, they kissed and humped with all their might. The suffocation became a catalyst for climax, and they both climaxed at a faster pace than the first time.

 Riko’s panties, having soaked up the semen of two climaxes, were beyond the point of absorption and became useless.

 Seeing so, Chihiro put his hand on it, and Riko did not resist, but let him take it off.

 Chihiro then looked at the piece of cloth in his hand for a while.

 ”…Riko, can you lick this?”

 ”You’re starting to say strange things again…”

 Riko wonders if he got this knowledge from books or porn.

 Still, she can’t say much about it and sighed.

 ”Sure, I’ll do that for you.”

 With that, she takes her panties.

 When she picked it up, it was really soaking wet. It’s a little uncomfortable.

 But the liquid soaking her panties is Chihiro’s semen. Thinking it again, it’s practically the same as drinking from a blowjob, and it’s rather endearing. But it’s not good. She thought so.

 Still, while thinking that, Riko extended her tongue.

 She licked not the inside, but the outside, where more semen had adhered. At that moment, a faintly sour taste and a peculiar smell spread in her mouth. A taste she knew well.


 She said sincerely.

 Then, after a few more licks, she realized that this method would take too much time.

 So, Riko curled up the fabric and sucked on one end, squeezing it as she went. As she sucked out the liquid with a sucking sound, the semen was sucked out with much greater efficiency than before.

 When some of it had accumulated in her mouth, she gulped down the semen mixed with her saliva.

 ”Thank you, Riko. That’s enough”

 ”Really? I could have drank it all”

 But Chihiro smiled, and he hugged her and kissed her.

 …And, thinking it again, she didn’t like the idea of tasting her own bodily fluids.

 After that, she was kissed by Chihiro and her hairless crotch was thrusted. She received his next ejaculation on her stomach and on her pajamas, and when it was over, they had s*x in cowgirl position.

 She climaxed over and over again, and she made him climax over and over again. At the end, the two of them savored the lazy evening hours together.

 ”Master, will you hold me like this again sometimes?”

 ”Of course. You can ask me anytime. …But, I’m not sure if I can take it anytime”


 Well, that’s honest.

 Anyway, if he wants to hold her, that’s fine. She’ll decide to leave the day of the week for now.

 …But she has a feeling that the number of members will increase again soon.

 Riko sank into a sweet exhaustion, closing her eyes and thinking such thoughts.

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