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Chapter 92

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 The first time they met was at the entrance ceremony of their high school.

 She remembers that the moment their eyes met, she got the impression that he was different from everyone else.

 ――But in a bad way.

 It was a bad first impression. After that, they had a bad relationship… or rather, she hated him one way or the other, but things were completely different when she realized.

 Dislike became interest.

 Repulsion became fondness.

 She found herself attracted to a thin and unreliable boy with a woman’s face, who was not her type.

 Once she became aware of her feelings, it grew stronger with each passing day. She tried to deny it, but the more she did, the more she couldn’t think of anything else but him, and the more she got stuck in the mud.

 …And finally, she admitted that she liked him.

 She felt better when she did it, but she could not confess her feelings.

 After all, her past relationship with him, the violence she had unilaterally imposed on him, made her hesitant to take positive action.

 But then fate played a trick on her.

 One event dramatically changed the relationship between the two.

 While they are still classmates who do not get along well at school, a new relationship has been established in their private lives.

 A secret between them that they cannot tell anyone else.



 Her whispered call is answered by him, the Master.

 Seeing his gentle voice, his face with the softness of a girl’s and the sharpness of a man’s, makes the girl, Riko, feel heavenly.

 And now they are in his room.

 An ordinary private room with a bed, a bookshelf, a study desk, a chest of drawers and a closet.

 The windows are frosted, so she can’t see out, but this place reminds her of everyday life, and it’s a little embarrassing to do “that kind of thing”.

 But that is Riko’s daily life.

 Whenever and wherever she is called upon. She pledges her allegiance, and for the sake of her beloved Master, she will serve and be held, and show her disheveled form. It’s an impossibly lewd and decadent life, but the happiest of all.

 ――This is Riko’s life as his maid.

 Her head is adorned with a lovely frilly headband – a white brim headband to be exact, and she is dressed in a chic maid’s uniform with a beautiful contrast of black and white.

 With a long skirt and a pure white apron with pockets, she exudes a unique charm that combines purity and obedience, cuteness and functional beauty.

 And around her neck is a thin leather choker.

 The overall color is brown, and the design itself is casual. However, considering the fact that she is wearing a maid’s uniform, it is obvious that it has the role of a collar. The girl’s name inscribed in handwriting on the metal plate in front of the collar also accentuates this impression.

 She has been instructed to wear this at all times when she is at home.

 A number of maid’s uniforms are prepared for her, and her underwear is limited to black and white. Still, she is happy with this rule that binds her to the wall.

 The more she is tied up, the more she feels that she belongs to him.

 In addition, the costume itself is cute, and it makes her feel more relaxed. She also wear this outfit when responding to deliveries, but her embarrassment only got the better of her in the beginning. Now she suppresses her embarrassment by thinking, “What’s wrong with working in work clothes?”.

 ”Master, what can I do for you?”

 ”Well. I’m reading a book, and I don’t have time for anything else. So can you do that?”

 He sat down in front of the desk, lifted the hardcover in his hand and indicated his feet. There was no explicit command, but it was enough to say.


 Riko nodded her head and ducked down to the Master’s feet. As she did so, she spread the hem of her skirt to make herself look as cute as possible, and sat down in a girl’s sitting position.

 Then, leaning forward lightly, she put her hand on his pants.

 ”Excuse me”

 She unbuckles his belt, undoes the hooks and zippers, and pulls out his p*nis. Carefully avoiding scratching or clawing at the zipper.

 She then places her white-gloved fingers on the still-erect little thing.

 While she doing that, the boy has already turned his gaze back to the book and is concentrating on its contents.

 Although it was sad that he didn’t look at Riko who was about to serve him, this was a role-play for both of them, a kind of role-play.

 The play is the boy did not hesitate in any way to Riko.

 He orders her around as he pleases, or makes her do a chores, and still acts as if they were strangers at school. This is a rule that has been set through various events since the relationship between Master and maid began.

 And the girl takes pleasure in being “used” by him in this way.

 She knows that this is his way of loving her, his effort to act like a master to the best of his ability.

 After all, the more she is used, the more the girl becomes a part of his life. But the day will come when he will not be satisfied without her. Because she believes that it will come.

 Squueze… Squueze…

 She strokes the rod with a slow, gentle hand.

 The command is not to make him ejaculate, but to give him a break, so there is no need for strong, short-term pleasure. Just let the faint pleasure seep in slowly and build up.

 Perhaps it is because of wearing gloves, but even Riko feels dull in her fingertips.

 This means that it interferes with delicate movements. However, the texture and smoothness of the glove stimulates him differently from that of her fingers.

 Then, as she avoiding the glans, which is not wet, for fear of damaging it, Riko continues to stroke the glans, and eventually she saw the p*nis begins to grow.

 And she still continues to stimulate him.

 She strokes the rod up and down vertically. Then circles it halfway horizontally with her fingers. With the other finger, she comforted his balls by rolling them.

 Gradually, as the pre-cum increases, she put it on her fingertips, twirl it around the glans, and rub it.


 He lets out a small gasp.

 And it’s making her feel good. Even though he’s pretending to be indifferent, he’s forced to respond. That was Riko’s moment of pleasure, and her aim.

 Make him feel better and better.

 Show him her pretty face.

 Let those voices be heard.

 As ordered, the service continued for a long time.

 By the time the order was given, the book was halfway through. Depending on the reading speed, it might take an hour or so to finish.

 Seeing that, she doesn’t have to make him ejaculate until then.

 In a sense, it’s as if he wanted her to kill him alive.

 She rubs it with her glove, and as soon as it starts to squirm and squeak, she opens her mouth and takes it into her mouth.

 Of course, she has plenty of saliva in her mouth.

 She holds the rod between her lips and swallows it deeply as she handles it. Slowly, at a steady pace, she works her way to the back of her throat, into the realm of deep-throat.

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