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Chapter 92

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 It is a little painful to do so.

 And on the first time the boy fucked her in the back of her throat, she couldn’t stand the sensation of the foreign object and returned all the food in her stomach. She even soiled his clothes, and she got a lot of spanks as punishment, which is a good memory now.

 ”…Should I do something like that again, will I be spanked?”. She thought so.

 At least she got spanked a hundred times.

 The last part was so painful that she was crying and screaming, and she was covered with tears and stuff, but afterwards he was even nicer to her than usual.

 And she felt like she wanted to experience that feeling of release again.

 After thought so, Riko worked on his p*nis again in a reverse movement from before.

 And now, she was able to swallow slowly and tolerate the pain. If he’s pistoning hard into the back of her throat, she can barely hold back until he ejaculates.

 A dozen seconds to go, a dozen seconds to come back.

 She didn’t count because it didn’t make sense, but she repeated the process dozens of times.



 Suddenly, Riko’s throat was blocked by his p*nis, which was thrust up from below, and she screamed in agony.

 She couldn’t even cough… and when she looked up at her master, he was looking at her with a bad look on his face.

 ”I’m sorry, Riko, I can’t take it anymore”

 With that, the book was placed on the desk.

 The boy grabbed Riko’s head with his free hands and moved it back and forth as if he were handling an onahole.

 Riko thought she couldn’t breathe well and had no room for anything but trying not to make her teeth bleed it.

 Still, she is happy.

 His unrestrained lust, his raw feelings, were being pounded into her. So strong that it almost broke through her fragile body and destroyed it.

 At this moment, she is indeed being dominated by him.


 In her whitened consciousness and vision, Riko felt her master’s semen pouring into her.

 And with her head held down and immobilized, she took it all in at the back of her throat and swallowed it, suppressing all the physiological reactions that occurred before finally being released.

 After the ejaculation subsided, she slumped limply to the floor.

 …She thought she might not be able to move for a while.

 But just as she thinks this, she receives a new order from her master.

 ”Riko, lie down on that bed and stick your ass out”

 When he said that, she could only think of one thing to say.

 ”…Yes, Master”

 ☆   ☆   ☆


 After his [Mind-reading] or perhaps it should be called synchronization turned off, Chihiro returned his consciousness to reality and saw Riko in front of him exhaling a deep sigh.

 Her expression relaxed and she still looked like she was in a dream.

 ”Are you satisfied, Riko?”

 ”…Ah, Master”

 When he called out to her, she looked at him, but he wondered if the Master she had just called was really the real Chihiro.

 Well, he on the other side was definitely him, Izumi Chihiro, at least in appearance.

 The reason why he decided to use [Desire Exposure] again to look into Riko’s image was because of Maria’s comment.

 [Chihiro-sama. You can make that ability grow, right?]

 [Yes. Suzu-san said something like that]

 [Then why don’t you practice on us? Maybe it will have some effect on the original [Mind-reading] as well]

 Riko, Aika, and the others didn’t reject the idea out of hand.

 Even though they knew that the dark-haired girl was speaking for herself.

 In the end, after the incident she caused, that was the only time Chihiro was able to use [Desire Exposure] on Maria that night. Because after that, he still got shut out due to a headache caused by over processing capacity.

 So, the best way to get over this is to grow his abilities. Chihiro thought so.

 With that, he decided to give it a try and asked Riko, Aika, Hana… the same members as last time, but the difference is that the place where they are now is the bedroom and Chihiro is currently alone with Riko.

 The reason for this is the girls want do it, but it must be in a place where no one else is around.

 So, in response to the unanimous request of the three of them, he decided to test his abilities where no one else was around.

 ”But I feel that Riko’s image of me is quite devilish, or rather, quite selfish”

 Chihiro muttered, thinking back to his earlier vision.

 It seems that Riko’s desire were quite detailed, and there were not many parts in the vision that were left to Chihiro’s imagination.

 In addition, the atmosphere itself was more on the female side, i.e., on Riko’s side, so Chihiro felt as if he were being shown a scene from a shoujo manga from the viewpoint of a male character.

 And Riko replied, a little annoyed.

 ”That’s not true. You saw how satisfied I was, right? Besides, what you’re doing is not so different from usual, Chihiro”

 ”…I wonder if I’m that bad”

 If that’s the case, he feels a little unsure.

 When Riko saw Chihiro, she chuckled and stood up, saying.

 ”Well, I’ll go get Takatsuki-san. If you’ve had a nightmare or something, you should deal with it while you can”

 ”No, I don’t think so…”

 And so, Riko left the room without waiting for an answer.

 But when he looked at the place where she had been sitting, he saw a stain on the sheet that was clearly visible.

 …Maybe Riko was the one who was climaxing in a dreamy state.

 Thinking about what to do about it, Chihiro felt Aika’s presence behind the open door, and hurriedly sat down on the stain.

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