Earh Extra Vol3 5

Chapter 92

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 The wedding night.

 It is an important moment for lovers, or rather, for “couple”.

 For men, it is the time when they make the person they love truly “their own”. For a woman, it is a time to confirm the vow of eternal love, and a time to feel all the emotions of being united at last.

 But, well…

 ”Isn’t it popular nowadays to have the first time be the wedding night?”

 ”But there are so many after parties, there is no time to be alone with husband”

 That’s what some of Aika’s friends said to her.

 She can understand both opinions.

 She’s not a virgin anymore. She’s the type of person who gets anxious if she doesn’t get embraced by him, and she feels it’s her duty as an inviter to treat the people who have come to her wedding well.

 But that doesn’t mean she wants to neglect her wedding night.

 …So, she’ll make sure they have some time alone together!

 She had insisted on it from the beginning of the marriage proposal. Fortunately, he accepted without objection, and they made many preparations for it.

 On the day after the wedding, it took a whole day off to prepare for it.

 She told her boss and co-workers that even if she had to work urgently, she would never attend.

 In anticipation of losing the last train, booked a good hotel near the wedding venue.

 And in case of drinking too much, she made sure that her friends with the ability to detoxify toxins would be there for the after-party, and she selected the most effective energy drinks.

 And then, here it is.

 ”It’s gotten really late, hasn’t it?”

 ”Yeah. But we made it back in one piece”

 Suite room in a fancy hotel in Tokyo. In many ways, it’s a room that she would never normally stay in, and now she’s looking out the window.

 The time has already passed midnight, and the world is gradually coming back to light.

 Still, first night is first night.

 ”Well then, Chihiro-kun… no, Dear”


 The wedding dress she wore… was put on by her spouse after she came back here after the fourth party of the ceremony. She’s really grateful to her spouse, who took the trouble to learn how to put the dress on her just for this occasion.

 Her spouse, too, is now dressed in the formal dress he wore at the ceremony.

 Both were purchased, not rented. It cost a lot of money, and it would be an outrage to throw them away here, but that is why it will remain in their hearts as a once-in-a-lifetime memory.

 ”Please, hold me”

 The first time they met.

 The first time she became aware of him.

 How they got together and how they started dating.

 Sometimes there were fights, sometimes troublesome encounters.

 With so many memories in her heart, Aika told him so with all her heart.


 And while being told by her, he answers so, stands at the bedside and kisses her.

 From a sweet, gentle, touching kiss, they moved to a deep kiss. But they parted their lips briefly, suppressing the urge to go on and on.

 ”…We’re kissing like this, dressed like this…”

 The unusual act made Aika’s heart beat faster.

 ”I know I’ve said it many times, but you look beautiful, Aika”

 ”Thank you. I’m always happy to hear it”

 They smiled at each other and then Aika’s waist was wrapped with his arm.


 She is picked up and carried to the bed.

 And after being carried, her legs are gently lowered.

 A pure white hem then spread out on the white sheets. Now sitting on the bed, Aika asks him softly as he climbs into bed.

 ”What are you going to do?”

 ”I’m going to do this”

 From behind her, Aika’s breasts are gently cupped with his hands.

 Through the dress and bridal lingerie, the touch is extremely soft. She bought the dress on this day, but it seems he doesn’t want to damage it unnecessarily.

 This thoughtfulness, and the situation where his arm is wrapped around her from behind, makes her heart flutter.

 ”…It tickles”

 ”But, Aika’s heart is pounding”

 ”Of course. I’m here with you, after all”

 Because of the nature of the dress, it was difficult to slip an arm under and touch her breasts directly.

 It was also difficult to touch Aika’s private parts due to the hem of the dress that spread softly in the way.

 So, the caresses inevitably end up being more like frolicking.

 Still, it’s a luxurious way to spend a moment.

 They have used love hotels several times in the course of their relationship, but unlike those places, they don’t have to worry about checking out here. In front of the door, there is also a “Do not wake me” sign, so there will be no disturbance from the outside.

 Their smartphones are also turned off.

 She might get a jealous e-mail from them, but she won’t see it until late afternoon or early evening.

 ”This is kind of embarrassing”

 ”What’s the matter, now?”

 ”Because I’m not as big as Maria, nor as soft as Suzu-san. I’m not as sensitive as Hana-chan too”

 Aika’s voice sounded sultry, but she meant it.

 And yet, he smiles at her. And it made her a little queasy.

 ”Don’t worry about it”


 ”Aika’s breasts have a nice shape, and they’re big enough to wrap around with my hand like this. And they’re very beautiful”


 Hearing so, Aika’s cheeks flushed red.

 She had a complex about her breasts compared to other girls, but he didn’t care about it at all. On the contrary, he gives her a number of good points about them.

 He always does that.

 When there’s a similar exchange, it’s always the same. And each time, he comforts her like this.

 ”So that’s why you chose me?”

 Aika was the only one he had dated since their school days.

 But when the idea of marriage came up, many women came forward as rivals, more than could be counted on one hand.

 But he chose her, and he didn’t choose her out of spite.

 ”That’s right. Because Aika is Aika. I chose Aika because I really wanted to marry you”

 ”…I’m glad”

 He always gives her the words she wants.

 He also hugs her when she needs a hug.

 …as if he could read her mind.

 Laughing at the adjective that had crossed her mind, Aika told him.

 ”I said, that’s enough”

 ”Are you sure?”

 ”Yeah. That’s enough. And I can’t wait any longer”

 Aika looked back at him, who was trying not to mess up her spread skirt. And she could see his gentle face that her friends called unreliable or feminine. Then――


 Lightly, almost without effort, she pushes him down on the bed and reached for his crotch.

 However, she doesn’t try to take it suddenly, but she first strokes it through his pants. Then his body quivered sensitively. Aika could tell even through his clothes that he was hardening, which seemed to have excited her enough.

 ”Isn’t it bigger than usual?”

 ”That’s… because Aika is so beautiful”

 Of course, he’s always said that.

 But he never forgets to add this.

 ”And… I love you”

 So, after he said that, she takes off his pants. Though it’s a small thing, she tosses it under the bed out of the way.

 ”So, are you ready to go?”


 First, she gets down on her knees and stand up lightly, lifting her dress with both hands.

 Feeling the weight of the dress on her body, she moved a short distance and then, with a determined effort in her heart, she sat down on his hips.

 The skirt part spreads softly with the momentum.

 Taking advantage of the moment, she knelt down, and the hem of the dress completely covered his p*nis.

 ”It’s a good thing your panties don’t come in one piece”

 ”Fufu. What are you talking about? Because I thought about it before I chose it”

 The lingerie Aika was wearing was designed with a separate corset and panties. The panties she wore during the ceremony are now not worn, allowing her to perform the act while wearing the dress.

 If the panties had been an integral part of the dress, it would have been very troublesome. There is no sentimentality in this situation, and there is even a possibility that it would not have been possible to slide the panties off if they were of the type with a solid frame.

 In fact, the whole thing was calculated from the beginning.

 ”You’re the best, Aika”

 ”Thank you. But I don’t feel like a compliment in the slightest”

 It’s like he’s implying that Aika is a naughty girl.

 Well, it’s his fault that she’s like that, and it’s her own fault that she wants to be like that.


 She dropped her hips from her kneeling position, making a faint sound of clothing rubbing.

 She’s worried that she won’t be able to put her hands on her private parts or his p*nis, but it seems to be okay.

 After thinking about it, she inserted his p*nis with the cowgirl position.

 Poke… Slip…

 Her aim was right.

 She had memorized the shape of his p*nis through countless hours of s*x, and now the tip of his p*nis was wrapped tightly around her secret place, which had been opened wide in anticipation.

 And it was hard enough.



 As she adjusted the angle and relaxed her body, a shock went through her body.

 Not pain, but a sweet numbness.

 ”It’s in…”

 She has been resisting raw penetration for a long time.

 But now she’s lifting the ban on the act, she does it at once.

 So many years of waiting.

 She put up with it and put up with it and finally made love to him.

 She even waited until she could afford to get married and have children.

 ”Finally, it’s done”



 It’s hot.

 Compared to penetration through a contraceptive, the heat is overwhelming.

 She can feel the thickness of the p*nis, the occasional pulse, and the way the vagina squeezes it more directly than usual.

 ”It’s not your ass today”

 ”…I know”

 The anus, which was supposed to be a substitute, has become as sensitive as the vagina.

 But it’s still different.

 The pleasure and peace of mind of being connected at the most important part is irreplaceable.

 ”Fuhh… Mmm…”

 Her legs, wrapped in white garter socks, are now folded up on either side of his body.

 With her weight resting on his lower abdomen and p*nis, she raised her hips and the pleasure was so great that she immediately fell back.

 ”Aika, don’t push yourself”

 ”It’s okay”

 It’s not impossible.

 ”I mean… It just felt too good, that’s all”

 When she tells him that’s the reason he lost his balance, he blinks and his cheeks turn a light shade of red.

 He then extends his hands.

 And without saying a word, his hands are immediately grasped her tightly.

 At that moment, her body is stabilized.

 Then, supported from below, Aika moved her hips.

 In the silence of the room, all that could be heard was the sound of their clothes brushing and their breathing. Unlike when they were naked, there was hardly any sound of disgusting mucus.

 Even though they are doing something indecent, it makes her feel somewhat sophisticated.

 ”This is…amazing. I want to do this forever…”

 ”Me too. Don’t worry, we can’t do it forever, but there’s still plenty of time”

 From today, they can do it as many times as they want.

 And this is the one time there’s really no need to hold back.

 ”You are like a king”

 ”If so, why don’t I just call you a princess or something?”

 ”But I’m not so young anymore”

 ”No, not at all. For me, Aika will always be a princess”

 Hearing so, Aika felt a warmth in her heart.

 Her vagina unconsciously tightened, and her body jumped at the more direct stimulation of the p*nis.


 It feels good.

 She feels so good that she almost stops her hips, but the many s*xual skills she has experienced and accumulated make her continue the act. Aika knows how to make herself feel better and better.

 ”I love you, I love you, I love you…”

 She wants to kiss him. She thought so.

 But it’s difficult in this outfit and position, so instead she whispers “I love you” over and over.

 ”Aika… I love you too, I love you too…”

 She lowered her hips as he thrusts, and raised them as he pulls out. The intense yet sweet s*xual intercourse continues without pause, and soon she begins to lose track of everything.

 I love you, I love you, I love you.

 And then it all came flooding back.


 She stopped breathing.

 For a moment, a pleasant sensation that made her think even her heart had stopped rushed through her body. Immediately after, hot liquid poured into the depths of her body, into her womb.

 Once again, Aika climaxed.

 ”Ah, ahh…”

 She was filled with an ecstasy that surpassed anything else.

 Pant… Pant…

 Immediately afterwards, both of them were in a stupor, and it took a good few minutes for them to calm down to some extent.

 Holding back the urge to fall on top of him, Aika smiled.

 ”If I keep this up, I might not be able to get up until tomorrow morning”

 ”It’s okay. I’ve brought some clothes for Aika to wear to work”

 ”Eh? When did that happen?”

 ”Just in case, you know”

 Apparently, he’d thought about it too.

 It made her happy, and it made her want to do it even more… Aika doesn’t know if it’s a virtuous cycle or a vicious cycle, but she squeezed his hand that he was still holding.

 Needless to say, he immediately squeezed her hand back in the same way.

 ☆   ☆   ☆

 ”…What should I do, Chihiro-kun?”

 Waking up from his sweet, sweet dream, Chihiro noticed Aika’s pale face and tilted his head.

 He wonders what’s wrong.

 Was there something she didn’t like? Or what…

 ”What if this delays our marriage?”

 ”Eh? Why?”

 ”Because. You know how they say if you wear a dress before you get married, you’ll get married later? What if this one counts?”


 He thought it was something serious, but it was just a cute concern.

 When he blurted it out, Aika puffed out her cheeks.

 ”What is it? It’s important!”

 ”Sorry, sorry. But you see…”

 He told Aika, trying as hard as he could to put on a gentle smile, though it didn’t work as well as it did in the dream.

 ”If you’re worried, Aika, you can just stay with me. Then we can get married whenever you want”



 Aika mumbles in a low voice, and he answer her slowly.

 She crawls over and hugs Chihiro’s neck, her expression slightly downcast and obscured.

 ”…You promised, right?”

 The look in her eyes at close range is one of immense affection.

 And Chihiro had a vision of six wings sprouting from Aika’s back and binding him tightly.

 This event may or may not have had a significant impact on their relationship.

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