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 The girl has a loved one.

 That is a friend she lost when she was in the sixth grade but met again when she was in high school.

 Back then she was pretty, but now she’s much more beautiful.


 …And she didn’t intend to confess her feelings to her.


 A best friend, a simple affectionate relationship, would suffice for her. She just wanted to be there for her and be her best friend.


 But now, she couldn’t.


 After all, it was three years of separation.

 Unlike her, who was stuck in time, her loved one had changed and had a friend, a “best friend” by her side.

 Her best friend was an ordinary girl.

 She had a good-looking face, but her quietness made her inconspicuous. Her academic and athletic abilities were mediocre, and she did not have any special skills. She seems to be an ordinary person who can be found anywhere in the world.

 Not worthy of her loved one’s attention.

 But for some reason, her loved one’s girlfriend was with this ordinary girl. And she seemed so, so happy.


 …if that was all, it was still good.


 No reason is needed to fall in love with someone. After all, she can count backwards the number of times she’s fallen in love, but in the end it’s all about feeling.

 Maybe that’s why she could have convinced herself that the two of them were lovers.


 … as long as they, or rather the three of them, were not of the “same gender”.



 The girl, Mishuku Hana’s love interest, Fukami Maria, was a girl of the same age, and so was Maria’s new best friend.

 Hana gave up her confession to Maria because of her gender.

 And yet, the same gender, who had only known Maria for a short time, was taking Hana’s place.


 So, she couldn’t let that happen.


 If she was beaten by a man, so be it.

 But she doesn’t want to lose to the same gender.


 …If that’s the case, then just take her away.


 Hana came to a wild but straightforward conclusion.

 Take Maria away from the intruders. No, that’s not enough. .

 She’ll take them both for herself.


 As long as both of them love her, there’s no problem.

 She doesn’t want to completely destroy the relationship, just reconfigure it a bit to reinforce it. In this way, a relationship that will not be easily destroyed will be created.


 And so, Hana’s plan was successful.





 The intruder girl fell easily.

 From her cheeks to her forehead. Hands, feet… and lips. Little by little, when Maria wasn’t looking, Hana made suggestive moves to extend the skinship. The girl, who had a lesbian tendency when she was attached to Maria, gradually turned her heart to Hana.

 When she was sufficiently tainted, Hana pushed her down and taught her to taste her without being able to resist.


 And eventually, “she” became more devoted to Hana than to Maria.


 To this change in her best friend, Maria grew jealous. Hana used this to her advantage to get Maria into the palm of her hand as well.

 The method is almost the same. The only difference is that it takes two people.

 Hooked on lesbianism and enthralled by Hana, “she” easily agreed to corrupt her former lover. “She” tells Maria all about Hana, and when Maria grows jealous, Hana says kind words to her.

 It’s a contradiction to be saved by a supposed love rival.

 Even so, as the two girls shake her with different hands, Maria gradually slips away from her consciousness. Seeing this, Hana embraced Maria and took her virginity and dyed it Hana’s color.


 And now, together with her best friend, Maria loves Hana.


 Accepting such a perverse and sensual act, Maria became incredibly lecherous, and her beauty grew surprisingly strong.

 On the other hand, Hana thought “she” was inconspicuous, but when “she” dressed up, “she” became a sight to behold.


 ”I love you, Hana-san”

 ”Hana-chan, I love you”

 ”Yes. I love you too, both of you”


 The three of them are now in Hana’s bedroom.

 Hana is living alone, away from her parents. Not to brag, but she’s reasonably well-off, and with the money she’s receiving, she was able to put a double bed in her bedroom.

 It has a chic black body and white sheets with cherry blossom petals dancing on them.


 On top of that, three people wearing the same underwear are lying down.


 Maria is wearing black, “the girl” is wearing white, and Hana is wearing two colors of black and white.

 They are wearing lingerie that is somewhere between a bra and a camisole, a so-called baby doll and panties. These items, which have a strong meaning of emphasizing cuteness and are also used as “night underwear”, are exposed to the same gender rather than the opposite gender.

 The desire to be seen and appreciated by the other person is the same as that of ordinary couples.

 However, their direction is not to arouse s*xual excitement. But to confirm and express their feelings to each other by dressing up, and to get drunk in a special mood.


 Just the three of them in a space where no one can disturb them.

 There is no tacky man in sight, and the casually burned aroma eases the tension of the girls. There was a beautiful, clean, pure, girls-only communion.


 Each of the girls was lying slightly on each other’s sides.


 Maria flicked her tongue between “the girl”’s legs, while “the girl” worked on Hana’s private parts. Then Hana takes her time tasting Maria’s precious spot, polishing it with her saliva and tongue.

 Their interlocking bodies formed a beautiful and lascivious triangle.






 When one girl is made to feel by the other girl, her excitement is directed to the next girl. The next girl who receives the pleasure will pass it on to the first girl, and so on, and the excitement and pleasure will grow.

 And now, each girl is wondering what to do to make the next girl feel better.

 But it’s easy to see what will make a girl happy. After all, they are all girls and it is impossible for them not to understand the subtleties of a girl’s body.


 Be sweet, just be sweet.

 That was Hana’s way, to adjust the pleasure as much as possible so that it would not be too intense, and to keep giving her partner only the best feeling.

 Everyone is happy when someone is kind to them. Of course, it is better to feel good than to be in pain or distress. So, if someone indulges them and makes them feel good, they can’t help but be attracted to that person.

 And that’s it.

 Hana can give them more and more happiness and pleasure if they give her the same feelings. As she develops a girl’s body, it will become more and more s*xy, and as her heart grows to accept the pleasure, the strength of what she can pour will also change.


 Then, what awaits is a deep swamp.


 A swamp as harmless as clear water, as sweet as honey, and as warm as a futon on a winter morning. Because it is harmless, there is no reason to resist, its sweetness prompts thoughts, and its warmth invites peace.

 Once in, there is no way out.


 ――The result is as you can see.


 Each girl buries her face in the other’s secret place without any resistance, letting out a sweet voice as she is tortured.

 Their faces are relaxed with relief, and there is no unnecessary stiffness in their bodies. Even though they are in a special situation of same-s*x love and threesome, they are affirming it from the bottom of their hearts.

 They are happy.


 There is no need for dirty, smelly, lumpy men.

 It’s best for girls to hug and love each other, as the current scene proves.


 Hana, who thinks so, feels a thrill of happiness and can’t control it.


 ”Cum, I’m about to cum…”


 She said with an exhale, and both of the other girls immediately responded.


 ”I’m almost there, too”

 ”Let’s all three of us cum together, Hana-san”


 The girls tormented the next girl more enthusiastically, opening their minds and bodies to accept it.


 ”Cumming, Cumming…!”


 And then they climax in unison.

 A sweet numbness overtook their whole body, and the stiffness and relaxation were repeated over and over again. After the waves subside, a feeling of lassitude and comfort remains.


 ”Did it feel good, both of you?”

 ”…Yes, very much”

 ”Yes, it felt good…”


 Maria replies with a lingering “yes, it felt good…”, while “the girl” muddles her words as if ruminating. Satisfied with their words, Hana smiled.


 ”Good. But, it’s not over yet, is it?”




 The girls’ cheeks turn red.

 They look embarrassed, but very happy.




 ”So, Hana-san, can I do it this time?”


 Maria whispered, half raising herself and crawling towards Hana. Hana had no reason to deny her wish.

 She nodded in reply and turned her gaze to “the girl”.


 ”So, shall we kiss?”



 Hana straddled Maria’s face while she lay on her back on the bed. Feeling the dark-haired girl’s tongue reach out to her secret place, she faces “her” and brings her lips to “hers”.

 ”She”’s sitting on Maria’s lower body, grinding her legs together. This is what is called “clamming” – a unique play between girls.

 There are many techniques and positions in lesbian play. There may be more than just the basic action of penetration, or even more than male-female intercourse, where there are restrictions. When it comes to threesomes, the patterns are even wider.




 Hana kisses “her” as they touch each other, then she looks at “her” from the front.

 After taking a bath and brushing “her” hair, Hana can say that “she” is a legitimate beautiful girl. If Maria is the type that can be described as beautiful, this is the type that can be described as cute.

 ”She” still has the same inconspicuous atmosphere – a beauty that only those who have acquired it can know.


 And now, “her” cheeks flush and “her” eyes moisten as if to express “her” affection.


 The heart of “the girl” who was supposed to be Maria’s has been completely stained by Hana.

 Even now, as long as it has been dyed over time, it cannot be easily removed. Perhaps the influence will remain for the rest of “her” life.


 Slurp… Smooch…


 Now a deep kiss as well. Seeing a beautiful pink tongue, a beautiful mouth, which was clear, indicating that “she” took care of “her” oral care. Hana wonders if it’s her imagination that the “girl”’s spit is somewhat sweet.


 ”I like you, Hana-chan”

 ”Yes. I like you too, Chihiro-san”


 And now, nobody can have them.

 Hana will keep “her” and Maria with her forever.

 Whether this is revenge against “her” for trying to take Maria away from her? Hana doesn’t care because she now likes “her”.





 ”I don’t like the idea of you two in your own little world”


 Maria complained, and Hana/s heart thumped.


 ”It’s all right. I love you too, Maria-chan”

 ”Yes, thank you. I love you too”

 ”Um, Hana-chan, do you really love “me”?”


 They joked and laughed together.

 The girls indulge in fornication.

 They exchange saliva between their lips, rub their secret places together for pleasure, and caress their beloved’s vital parts.

 The waves that had once subsided now surge again, and they shake themselves simultaneously with high-pitched screams.


 Pant… Pant… Pant…


 In the end, they gaze at each other after an indifferent exhalation.


 ”What should we do next?”

 ”I don’t think I’m done with you yet, so I’ll take this one”

 ”Mmm. Maria-chan. My breasts are getting sensitive…!”


 The girls intertwine, changing their shapes again. The action between the girls, with no limits or restrictions on ejaculation, goes on forever. Until they are too exhausted to move, forever.


 For a long, long time, the sweet moans continued to echo in the bedroom.



 ☆   ☆   ☆



 ”…I’m not happy. There’s no way I’d put “someone” in the same category as Maria-chan”


 Hana had seen her own desire, and yet her first thought was dissatisfaction.

 Her expression was one of annoyance.


 ”If I’m right, that third “girl” is me…”

 ”Please shut up”


 A very cold voice stopped Chihiro.

 On the other hand, Hana, who raised her voice had the reddest expression ever, and it was easy to predict that she would explode if provoked.


 ”Most likely, Izumi-kun, you just substituted yourself into the situation. That’s not what I want”

 ”…No, but. I thought it was Hana who wanted a threesome…”

 ”It seems you want to die!”


 Apparently, Chihiro turned the fire on.

 Because of this, using the elasticity of the bed, Hana jumped on top of him, hugging him and putting her hands on his neck. After lightly squeezing him, the girl’s hands suddenly lost their strength.

 Irresistibly, she whispered in his ear.


 ”Anyway, please don’t tell anyone about this. I’ve been cooperating with you from the beginning because it’s my duty”

 ”I understand. Thank you, Hana”



 When he thanked her with a smile, the girl choked up faintly and turned her face away.


 ”It’s alright if you understand. …Oh, and…”


 ”Izumi-kun smells good for a man, doesn’t it? Please keep it that way. Otherwise, I won’t let you hold me”


 Her expression was still very red when she said that.

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