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 ”I see. That explains why I thought you were a little strange”


 Chihiro didn’t want this person to tell her that.

 ”Um, Minakata-san…”


 ”Nanase-san, what are you making?”

 It’s hard to tell from her studio.

 It’s so cluttered with stuff, it’s like…

 ”Anything. I make anything I can think of”


 ”Really anything. That’s what my ability, [Forging] is for”

 According to Nanase, her rank is B.

 Her ability [Forging] is said to be able to make things in a very short time without using tools, as long as she knows how to make them and has the necessary materials.

 It cannot be used for cooking since it cannot be used for food, but it can be used for anything else – for example, from a dog house to a musical instrument or a computer.

 ”…isn’t that a foul?”

 It may sound simple when people think of it as just making things, but the range of applications is far too broad.

 In the extreme, it could even be used to create explosives, making it easy to carry out acts of terrorism.

 However, Nanase cowered her shoulders at Chihiro’s comment.

 ”Not really. The problem is that I must know how to make it”

 Knowing how to make something means that Nanase can “actually make it”.

 Where she could make it with her own hands if she had the tools and time, she can only obtain the actual thing to save time and effort.

 The more complicated the object is, the more it becomes a problem.

 For example, mechanical products are usually made by machines. In such a case, she needs to know exactly how the machine works and how the product is finished before she can make it with [Forging].

 Therefore, if she wants to make a wide range of products, she needs to accumulate an unbelievable amount of experience and knowledge, and as a result, even if she has an amazing production capacity as an individual, she would rather “use a machine”. This is the reason why she has remained at B rank.

 ”And by the way, it’s no fun to make something using my ability”

 According to her, she becomes creator because she likes making things, so it is boring if she skips the process and only get the result.

 ”So I use my ability to earn a living”

 Buy materials, quickly [Forging] them, and sell the high quality goods she has created at a low price that eliminates the labor cost.

 If she aims to make a high-value product, she can earn a considerable amount of money from it.

 Thus, when she has more time and money, she can spend them on her hobbies. The process is to challenge to make new things, and to increase knowledge and experience.

 ”Well, I guess you could say I’m living comfortably”

 ”Yes, I guess so”

 In fact, it is probably quite “profitable” ability.

 The fact that she lives alone in a house like this and is surrounded by so many things is proof of this.

 ”…well… Now that I’ve told you about me, tell me a little more about you guys”

 Nanase asked them several questions.

 The main questions were about the purpose of using the chastity belt and how it came to be necessary.

 Chihiro answered them in a reasonable way, exchanging glances with Maria.

 ――The question was a strange one.

 But when he saw Nanase’s eyes sparkling as she listened to him, he suddenly realized that this was a really strange question. It seems that this person is in the same league as Maria and Suzu.

 She is the type of person who puts what she wants to do and what she is interested in first.

 Due to this, Chihiro is a little relieved.

 Frankly speaking, he doesn’t mind talking about such things as long as his identity is not identified.

 Besides, Nanase makes a promise at the store, and perhaps she won’t make a bad impression on a like-minded person.

 Chihiro judges so because Nanase seems unperturbed by Chihiro’s stare and his [Mind Reading].

 ”Eee… heh~. A harem of six girls, and one of the girls is trying to train another guy. What’s that, that sounds like a lot of fun”

 As expected, this was Nanase’s reaction upon hearing the story.

 This forced Maria, who is basically a cautious person, to soften her attitude.

 ”Are you interested?”

 ”Of course I am. I love s*x too”

 The answer was simple and unaffected.

 There is nothing about this that could be considered a lie even by Chihiro [Mind Reading].

 And the kiss in the store was amazing. Moreover, it was not an application of an ability like Kaede did, but a pure technique.

 Then, it is more natural to assume that her words are true.

 ”Why would you say that?”

 ”Because making things is something you do alone, isn’t it? That’s why I miss people”

 Is that why she kisses other people?

 ”Even if I find it tough, masturbation is another matter”

 ”I didn’t ask”

 ”Oh, if you want, I can tell you how many people I’ve done this before. Let’s see, roughly 10…”

 ”Don’t say that!”

 Why is it that when a woman is so carefree, it makes a man feel embarrassed?

 Chihiro interrupted her in a hurry, and Nanase smiled at him.

 ”…I like you. You’re so cute. You’ve had s*x with a lot of girls, but you react in such an innocent way”

 Nanase’s tongue flicked in a glamorous motion.

 Then, without hesitation, Nanase put her hands on the floor. Bending forward emphasized her bosom, and Chihiro couldn’t help but look at it.

 He tried to avert his eyes, but Nanase moved first.

 She crawled toward Chihiro and looked into his eyes.

 ”You can read my mind, right? But I can understand your feelings, too. I’m thrilled. You’re thinking in your head that you’re going to have s*x with me”

 ”No, I don’t”

 ”It’s impossible. Because it’s normal for a boy. It’s rather impossible not to want to do it when you’re tempted”

 Nanase turned her eyes to the next room.

 Suddenly, Maria blinked a few times before answering.

 ”Yes, indeed”

 ”Whose side is Maria on?”

 ”Well, I want to says Chihiro-sama is right. But as Nanase-san said, it’s natural for men to have unrestrained s*xual desires – or at least, that’s the way it should be”

 ”Haha. Maria-chan knows her stuff. I think we’ll get along”

 Chihiro had a feeling that he would be in serious trouble if Maria agreed with Nanase.

 ”Umm… What’s going to happen to us?”

 So, to return to the main topic, he had no choice to ask that.

 If they get tired of talking and forget about the main topic, that’s great, but if things are left to the flow, they might end up having a threesome.

 ”Hmm? You want a chastity belt, don’t you? Then I’ll make one for you. That way you can pay less and you can get exactly what you want”


 Nanase, with a smile on her face and continuing her earlier lewd smile, easily merged her side of the story into the main topic.

 ”In return――Chihiro-kun, right? I want to have s*x with you. If you want, Maria-chan can join us”


 ”You’re not going to say no, are you?”

 A demand that holds s*xual desire and sincerity hostage.

 Chihiro’s shoulders slumped in despair, unable to resist.

 ”…I understand”

 Well, however, Chihiro had to admit that it was a bonus.

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