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 ”…too bad. Maria-chan dumped you”

 ”Hahaha, I guess so”

 Approximately five minutes after negotiations(?) in the atelier. Chihiro was taken by Nanase to the second floor of her house.

 They went up the stairs and opened one of the doors.

 Inside it was a bedroom.

 The room was almost empty except for a closet and a chest of drawers, and there was a double-sized bed.

 Although it may seem small compared to the huge bed in the apartment, in fact, the double bed is large enough for two persons to sleep.

 Note that “sleeping” here means s*xual intercourse, of course.

 And the smell of Nanase in the room – a refreshing scent similar to citrus fruits – made Chihiro’s heart beat faster.

 ”Um, Nanase-san?”


 Nanase turns around as she takes off her jacket and hangs it on a hanger.

 ”Earlier, you were asking Maria to join…were you serious?”

 ”Of course, I was serious. I like pretty girls too. Though I like boys better”

 Now wearing a blouse and pants, she walked up to Chihiro.

 She takes his hand and leads him to the bed.

 The two of them then sat down next to each other. But――

 What should I do in such a situation?

 Although Chihiro has some experience in this field, all the women around him are familiar with each other, and they are very friendly to each other even if Chihiro does not ask them out.

 This is the first time besides Suzu to have such a situation with a woman whom he doesn’t know well.

 However, he feels that Nanase is not as open-minded as Suzu.

 So, he decided not to rush and to talk with her for a while, even though she had invited him.


 ”Do you think Maria-chan doesn’t like lesbianism?”

 ”I don’t think so. Maybe she gave it up this time”

 ”I see. She’s your “slave”, after all”

 Well, she said, “I’ll pass. You two can do it alone” when Nanase asked her out.

 And since she didn’t seem to be angry, it was probably her true intention, judging from the fact that Maria and Chihiro have known each other for a long time now.

 So, Maria, who did not join, went home ahead.

 He asked her to take a cab because it was not safe for her to go home alone.

 Naturally Maria was reluctant to do so, but Nanase offered to pay for the cab.

 [I’m getting paid for the chastity belt, and if you’re join the s*x, it’s excessive cost on my part too]

 Maria did not complain when she was told this much.

 And by the way, Chihiro was supposed to be dropped off by Nanase after the meeting.

 Because he told her that he had to go to school tomorrow, and there was a possibility that he might lose the last train.

 It is still mid-morning, though, just before lunchtime.

 ”Excuse me, I was wondering if you could not tell anyone about us…”

 ”Of course. Some people might be upset by this”

 Without hesitation, Nanase accepted the offer with an evil look on her face.

 As expected of someone who claims to like s*xual intercourse, she is very quick to talk about it.

 She told him that she had been in the store for the purpose of shopping for adult goods. In addition, she also knows the owner of the store and sells her own goods directly to the owner.

 In any case, it is a relief to have someone with whom Chihiro can talk frankly.

 ”In return, you have to share a secret with me…”


 Nanase leans against him. He felt a thrill at the softness of her arms, shoulders, and other parts of her body that touched him, and he adjusted his position to support the weight of both of them.

 While leaning against him, Nanase’s voice chuckles.

 ”You are used to being spoiled like this, aren’t you?”

 ”You too, Nanase-san”

 Fufu, you see, I am spoiled like this by a man I have never met before.

 And out of the ten that was mentioned… how many men had I slept with in this bed?

 Nanase whispers these in Chihiro’s ear as she twists lightly.

 ”Oh, you’re thinking something strange, aren’t you?”

 ”No, I don’t…but…in fact, yes”

 ”You’re so possessive. You’re a boy after all”

 Chihiro felt somewhat teased and a little peeved.

 ”It can’t be helped, can it?”

 ”Yeah. Of course, that’s fine. …No, I’d rather you be jealous of me more. I want you to be crazy about me like that”

 Her arms then are taken from him, and her breasts are pressed against his chest.

 The smell, the touch, and the sound of her voice make his thoughts run wild. The gesture is so direct and so tantalizing to the man’s heart.

 From this, it is clear that she is used to it.

 To spend the night with a man, to be embraced by a man.

 And she uses her skills to the full, without hesitation. At the same time, he sensed a sincere and unadulterated feeling of longing for someone, as she had said.

 ”Don’t you want to feel good? It’s okay, you can monopolize me for yourself. I’ll pamper you and make you feel good today. Let’s get rid of everything else, shall we?”

 ”Nanase-san… Whoa!”

 Nanase pushed Chihiro down.

 She covers Chihiro and lies down on the edge of the bed with her feet on the edge of the bed.

 She then looked into his face at close range.

 ”You’re turning red. You’re so cute. I want to eat you right now”

 ”…Cute is not a compliment for a man”

 He sends his best protest, and Nanase tilts her head.

 ”Really? I like cute boys”

 ”Then, are the younger ones better?”

 ”Yes, I like it. Even though it’s fun to have a grown man gush over me, but I like to adore a cute child, both physically and emotionally”

 Every word she said was a sweet, lewd temptation. And she speaks again.

 ”Have you ever been spoiled by a girl?”

 ”Well, they all try very hard to do that for me”

 There were times when Kaede and Hana played him, and there were times when Aika and the other four girls served him and kept him climaxing.

 ”No, I don’t mean that. Have you ever had a girl lead you around and make love to you a lot?”


 Maybe not.

 Hana’s blaming was gentle in a sense, but it was an expression of her love for Chisato, not for Chihiro. To Chihiro, it was not too much to say that it was a shameful torture.

 Seeing Chihiro’s stuttering, Nanase’s mouth broke into a smile.

 ”Good. Then, I’m going to give you a lot of pleasure”

 With that said, her face come closer.


 Her lips touched his, and at the same time, Nanase’s body was pressed against his chest. Her weight body gives Chihiro a clear impression of her feminine flesh.

 Subconsciously, his hands crawl on the bed, seeking a place to escape, but Nanase’s hands catch them. And when the hands are held facing each other, it becomes difficult for him to push her away easily.

 At this moment, a happy sense of danger comes to his mind.

 However, before Chihiro could fully savor it, a full-fledged kiss started. A soft tongue invades his oral cavity. Slowly and slowly, it moved around Chihiro’s body as if checking his shape from the inside.

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