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 Right now, he’s being blamed.

 The mouth, especially the tongue, is become his definite s*xual zone. In a sense, it is rape.

 However, Nanase’s torture is unrestrained but not forced.

 Perhaps, if Chihiro really refuse, he can refuse well enough.

 In the worst case, he can bite her tongue or something like that – but her way of doing it is to deprive his of such a will to resist, or rather, to reduce his will to resist by sweet pleasure that she gives him.

 Slurp… Lick…

 Their mouths are mumbling against each other, and the sound of lewd water echoes in between.

 When their lips parted to catch their breath, they let out a longing breath together as if they timed it perfectly.

 Nanase’s eyes are more moist than before as she looks down at Chihiro.

 She was getting aroused and horny little by little. Perhaps she likes the way Chihiro submissively accepts her torture.

 His obedience is not exactly intentional, though.

 ”Are we going to have more kisses…?”

 A tingle immediately runs through him.

 Chihiro accepts again the lips that have fallen on him. Their tongues entwine with each other’s in a rather awkward and painful position, which neither of them is able to correct.

 But then…

 Chihiro finds himself moving his tongue to seek the other’s tongue.

 It is probably Nanase who makes him do so. Because while she caresses Chihiro’s mouth with her tongue, she invites him to seek her.

 This is like a s*x lesson.

 She says she prefers to play with younger men, so she must be very good at coaxing them and teaching them how to feel pleasure.

 And she does it carefully.

 She stimulates the sensitive parts with her tongue, pours saliva into them, and makes them feel happy by imprinting all of herself into their consciousness.

 It doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl who doesn’t know anything about her, she takes her time to lead them and make them fall in love with her.

 This play can be described as both S and M. It is hard to describe it as either service or training.

 But what will happen if such a technique is used on Chihiro who already knows how to kiss?

 Well, the result is that the experience of kissing and the pleasure that he has obtained are inevitably drawn out in this slow and serious technique.

 He is made to want more, and he is forced to ask for the other person himself.

 And the more he is asked, the more Nanase responds honestly. She moves her tongue more glamorously, pours more saliva, and presses her body tightly against him.

 It really feels good.

 It made Chihiro’s head dizzy. The pleasure is so great that his thoughts are somewhat spontaneously dulled.

 It is not so much that he cannot think, but rather he does not want to think.

 Soon, after a few breaths, their lips part.


 Chihiro felt bad that the kiss was over.

 It seems he has fallen completely into Nanase’s trap.

 ”It’s okay, Chihiro”

 She called him out.

 For some reason, he did not feel bad even though he had never met her before. Maybe it was because her tone was so sweet and gentle, or maybe it was because Chihiro had already forgiven her.

 ”You can be as spoiled as you want to be with me. Chihiro… no, Chii-chan, you can leave everything to me”

 Oh, so this is what it feels like to be pampered by a girl.

 Like falling asleep, like sinking to the bottom of a deep sea, his heart is at peace.

 He is treated almost like a child, but it makes him feel that he can throw away his precious manly pride.

 ”…”Onee-chan” is warm, right?”

 ”Yes. That’s what a big sister is”

 He can hardly remember his real-life sister being this kind to me.

 Not before the feud between the siblings was born, but since then, Kaede’s emotional response to Chihiro has been drastically reduced due to the problems of both of them.

 After a while, they moved onto the bed without leaving each other’s side.

 They sit down facing each other, and Nanase puts her arms around Chihiro’s neck. She pulled him down and hugged him, and Chihiro now rested his weight on her.

 Chihiro is supported by her arms and her breasts.

 When he looked down a little, he saw Nanase’s face, and her eyes were warm and loving.

 ”I’m going to squeezes a lot, okay?”

 With a whisper, her arms tighten around his body.

 Immediately, he can feel her body heat through her clothes.

 She does not seem to be concerned about the wrinkling of her blouse or pants. It is just an embrace to make Chihiro feel secure.

 And when he put his arms around her, Nanase wriggles a little so that Chihiro can touch her easily.

 ”Okay, touch me any way you like”


 He touches her back and he felt the smooth skin through the thin cloth on her exposed neck.

 Then he touches her hair. He feels the smoothness of her hair, and Nanase lets out a breath tickling him.

 ”Do you want touch my breasts?”

 ”Yes. But I don’t want to break this position”

 ”Hahaha, you’re a spoiled child. But I’m glad. It’s not often that someone touches other parts of my body first, except my breasts or buttocks”

 ”I see”

 But he thinks a girl’s skin and hair are smooth, silky and comfortable.

 ”Chii-chan, do you have a fetish for girls? Or is my size not enough for you? Anyway, I’m all-you-can-eat big sister”

 ”Size has nothing to do with it”

 ”Really? Well, then, have some of that, too”

 The body that had been in close contact with his is slightly separated.

 Chihiro then reached for the buttons of her blouse. Slowly and carefully, he unbuttoned it, exposing her bra on the inside.

 As expected, it’s nicely shaped and bulging.

 Nanase had shown it to him earlier, but it was big enough.

 If he mentions that it is too small, Aika and Riko will probably protest.

 Still, being so close to them makes him feel nervous.

 Anyway, he shifts her bra, taking care not to damage it, and unhook it. Then he took her right nipple in his mouth.


 Immediately, he hears her sweet voice as he takes the tip between his lips and roll it around with the tip of his tongue.

 ”It feels good. I knew you are used to this kind of thing”

 ”Thank you”

 ”Hahaha. It seems strange that we both praise each other’s experiences with other people”

 Nanase giggled and tilted her head.

 ”Are sister’s breast good?”

 ”Yes. They are delicious. But…….that makes me sound like a child….”

 ”Yes, I suppose so. But you can call me mommy if you want”

 ”No. I prefer “Onee-chan””

 Chihiro replies while caressing her left breast with his right hand.

 Probably Nanase does not have any particular preference.

 But she nodded lightly without any further comment.

 ”I see. Well then, Chii-chan. Are you ready to touch your sister’s bottom too?”

 Her lustful eyes, and the feelings behind them, made the heat in Chihiro’s body stronger.

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