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Lewd Creator 4 ★

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”Mmm… sho…”

 Nanase pulls her pants down her legs while her arms are in contact with Chihiro’s body.

 She then tosses her pants in a random manner after removing it completely.

 Although it’s not so interesting to see her put it away like that, it’s still very proper. And it made Chihiro giggle unintentionally. Nanase, who notices it, makes a similar face.

 ”See. There is no need to dress up anymore since there is a guy in front of me to have s*x with, is there?”

 ”So you were wearing that clothes to attract men’s attention and find a partner?”

 ”That’s right. I might meet the man of my dreams by chance. And to tell you the truth, I met a cute boy this way”

 Her exposed panties were the same blue as the bra, a gorgeous design.

 It seems that once she has achieved her goal, she no longer needs the jacket, pants, or anything else.

 ”…Okay, Nanase, I’ll touch them…”


 After seeing Nanase nod, Chihiro put his right hand into her panties.

 He slowly touched it with his fingers, and felt a rustling of hairs.

 Then, he felt a slippery dampness.

 He groped and twirled the small amount of love juice that had already been secreted, and stroked her secret part gently. Her body seemed to be ready enough because there was a lubricating fluid, and Nanase did not show any unpleasant reaction.

 Rather, she occasionally trembled and let out a small moan.

 And her sound is somehow pleasant to Chihiro’s ears.



 Because Chihiro lost his patience, he quickly kissed her.

 He also did not stop moving his fingers while their tongues intertwined. Nanase too wriggled under his continuous caresses, and sometimes she pushed her hips against him.

 Gradually, her love juices are flowing.

 Perhaps sensing that she did not need to be reserved, Nanase kissed Chihiro harder this time. Their breathing and saliva are exchanged intensely between them.

 Their movement to seek for pleasure also becomes intermittent.

 And Chihiro, who knew the meaning of the kiss, thrust his fingers in and out of Nanase’s secret part repeatedly.

 Then, after a few thrusts, Nanase climaxed violently.

 At the moment of climax, she declared adorably and lewdly.

 ”Ah, I’m cumming. I’m cummming…!”

 Chihiro supports her without hesitation as she relaxes and leans against him.

 Then, she made a somewhat listless voice.

 ”Mmm, that felt good…”

 ”Are you satisfied?”

 Come to think of it, he wonders how many times a woman climaxes in general.

 Nanase just came back from a trip, and if the main purpose of s*x is to enjoy the company of others, it may not necessarily be about penetration.

 Chihiro thinks about it, but a smile comes back to his face.

 ”Yeah. I wonder if this is enough to make Chi-chan play with me”

 ”I see. I’m glad――Mmm?”


 Nanase tilted her head.

 Chihiro also tilted his head.

 ”Do you still want to?”

 ”Eh? We haven’t even gotten down to business yet”

 Nanase seemed to have a strong libido.

 And somehow, Chihiro got the feeling that he would never have s*x with a so-called “normal girl” in the future.

 Aika was a virgin and had little s*xual knowledge when we started dating, so she is excluded from “normal girls” from the viewpoint of common sense.

 And back to the current situation, Nanase said that she had enough of fingering, so she wanted to give him oral services. After all, she told him that she would pamper him, and it seems that she likes to see another person getting pleasure from her.

 So, she begins to put her hands behind her back and brings her face close to Chihiro’s crotch.

 The skirt is rolled up and the panties are taken off.

 ”It’s a strange feeling. I can’t believe a p*nis is coming out of a skirt”

 ”I-I agree…”

 Well, Chihiro is now dressed as a woman, which Nanase doesn’t care about and she had almost forgotten.

 He is wearing a wig and makeup too.

 In addition, he is wearing women’s clothes and underwear.

 The sad part is that he deserves it. Still, it is fortunate that he is not in “Chisato mode”.


 Nanase’s mouth, which was filled with her saliva, swallowed his p*nis.

 Inside the warm hole, her supple tongue wriggles like a tentacle. It caresses the p*nis in every direction, twirling the liquid and moving her lips, trying various stimulations.


 ”Ah, your voice is so cute”

 Nanase muttered as she took her mouth away from Chihiro’s p*nis.

 Indeed, he couldn’t help but let out a girlish voice.

 Although it was unwillingly.

 ”It’s because Nanase-san’s blowjob was so good”

 ”…haha. I’m glad”

 For a moment, Nanase looked puzzled, but her smile soon returned.

 ”Well. Then, give me a lot of cum, okay?”

 The blowjob resumed.

 As expected, Nanase used her unique technique to the fullest.

 While doing this, Nanase sometimes looked up at Chihiro to see how he felt. It seemed that she knew the point of sensation in combination with the reaction of the p*nis, and incorporated it into her fingering.

 She also makes Chihiro feel impatient by deliberately missing his weak point a little bit.

 Then, just after Chihiro thought it was too close, the stimulation came to the weak point. But she does it weakly – so as to make him think it is not enough, and immediately gives him a stronger pleasure.

 It’s really a great contrast of position and strength.

 What makes this possible is her rich experience – the experience of having had intercourse with different types of men.

 As she continues her oral, she is refining her skills more and more. She uses a general-purpose blow job technique in order to develop a technique for Chihiro, and applies it immediately.

 This is a different field from Maria and others who have mastered specialized techniques only for Chihiro.

 The irregular rhythm of the rhythm makes Chihiro’s thoughts to be debauched.

 And rather than being forced to ejaculate, or using the girl as a tool to ejaculate, Nanase made sure Chihiro’s hearts surrendered to the process.

 Then, after a few moments, Chihiro spurts out his semen and Nanase drinks up the large amount of sperm with a smile on her face.

 ”Chii-chan’s semen is tasty”

 Nanase removed her mouth from his p*nis and mumbled vaguely.

 Her moist eyes and wet glistening mouth are strangely glamorous, and it made the desire to ejaculate, which had once been dampened, immediately begin to recover.

 As Chihiro regulates her breathing and thougth so, Nanase unclips her bra and throws it on the floor.

 She then sanwiched his p*nis with her breast and squeezed the p*nis.

 As they are just barely the right size, it is not enough to completely wrap the rod, still it gives him a different feeling from those of Suzu and Maria. And because there is no extra flesh, it is easier for the rod to escape, but it still could be squeezed while it is firmly fixed.

 And while she squeezed the rod, the glans, which was protruding, also rained with her kisses.

 Sometimes she even licked the p*nis with her mouth.

 So, under this enthusiastic paddling, his p*nis rapidly increased in hardness――and he thought he could try to hold back, but in less than ten minutes, he was led to ejaculation.

 ”Mmm… being young, you have so much energy, don’t you? And full of it”

 Nanase scooped up the white stain from her face to her breasts with her fingers.

 After licking her fingers back and forth several times, she let out a breath.

 ”I got carried away and did it twice… What should we do now? Do you want to take a break?”

 It seems that she has no choice but to end the session.

 Well, Chihiro, for his part, is not happy that she has gone this far, still…

 ”Well. If you leave me here, I’ll have a hard time too”

 ”Hahaha. I’m glad to hear you say that”

 With a smile, Nanase gets down on all fours and moves a short distance away.

 She lay down next to Chihiro.

 ”Here you go. Do you want to fuck me a lot?”

 ”Do I have to wear a rubber?”

 ”No, I don’t need one. I’m on the pill”

 Then he doesn’t need to hold back.

 Chihiro started to move to Nanase’s lower body. Then Nanase opened her legs and exposed her crotch.

 Her well-groomed pubic hair glistened wetly with her love juice.

 Quickly, Nanase’s hands moved and touched her secret cleft.

 Her fingers sink in from the left and right, revealing the inside of her pussy openly.

 ”Shall we?”

 She directly seduced him.

 And Chihiro was choked by the sensuality of it.

 She said she preferred younger men. Then some of them must have been virgins. So, she’d shown them “put it in here” before.

 Not in mockery, but out of love.

 And to get themselves aroused by the lewd act.


 A beautiful woman opens her legs in front of him.

 Of course, Chihiro couldn’t be patient and thrust his p*nis into Nanase’s pussy with an indescribable feeling of elation.

 ”Chii-chan, you were able to thrust in without me leading the way, weren’t you?”

 The soft flesh gently accepted the p*nis.

 As it slowly penetrated deep into her vagina, Chihiro felt a slight tightening of the vagina.

 He looks down and sees Nanase’s face.

 She giggles mischievously and extends her hands to Chihiro, pulling him down.


 She hugged him with her whole body.

 Her legs, which had been spread to the left and right, were lifted up and entwined around Chihiro’s waist. It was as if to say, “I will not let you go anywhere else”.

 Chihiro then asks Nanase, who is getting close to him.

 ”…Do you always do this?”

 ”Mmm, not always. When I’m with a girl I’m not used to, if I hug her too much, it interferes with her movement”

 ”So you are special,” she whispers.

 She says it well. So, it doesn’t hurt Chihiro’s self-esteem, but rather satisfies it precisely.

 ”I’m going to spoil you a lot, and you’re going to spoil me a lot, too”

 ”――Okay, sure”

 He felt Nanase’s body strongly on his upper body and moved his hips while his lower body was also loosely restrained.

 At first, the timing was not in sync with Nanase’s, but little by little, their breathing became in sync.

 He pulled his hips back shallowly, hitting her rod, and violating the vagina.

 They do not think about anything else. Their heavy breathing and panting was the only one, which echoed in the empty room.

 ”Oh… this p*nis feels so good….”

 ”Hahaha. I’m flattered”

 Nanase’s lips touched Chihiro’s cheek then she said something.

 ”Idiot. I’m not flattering you”

 In the end, Chihiro did not know whether it was true or not, but his body became hot.

 Still, Chihiro took Nanase’s lips. Nanase tried to shake her head and tried to move away from him, but Chihiro forced his tongue into her mouth.

 Eventually, she asked him to do the same.

 Pant… Pant…

 The heat is rising.

 Their body temperatures are transferred to each other, and more heat is generated by the movement. Both of them never stop moving, although their breathing becomes even more labored.

 Although it is a one-night stand, they seek each other’s spiritual fulfillment.

 They thrust in and out of each other again and again, until they both climaxed at the same time.


 Instead of bending over, they embrace each other more tightly.

 The spasms of the two of them were combined to create a long, lingering sensation of pleasure. Their consciousness is so debauched that they want to fall asleep.

 But after the wave receded, they remained connected.

 ”…Oh, it’s great. I’m so happy…”

 Said Nanase.

 Chihiro thought he could agree with what she said, even though it was such a casual s*x.

 ”Nanase-san. Do you have a boyfriend?”

 ”No, I don’t have a boyfriend”

 She shook her head slowly with a somewhat sad look on her face.

 ”I’ve been in relationships with people I’ve had s*x with…well, mostly “those” relationships, but they don’t last long”

 ”I see”

 It can’t be imagined that someone breaking up with her who has s*x like this.

 As if Chihiro’s doubts had been conveyed, Nanase started to talk about herself.

 She has been with many people in her life.

 Boys she liked, men her own age, or older men. Some of them were girls. Some of them were compatible with her, and some of them were pleasured by Nanase.

 Sexual intercourse was going well, but they all left Nanase.

 The problem was a personality problem.

 Nanase likes s*x and wants to be pampered and to be pampered during the play. However, as a creator, she doesn’t like to be restricted in her private life.

 For example, she was visited by someone as a surprise outside of their agreed-upon date, and she had to leave her unfinished work unattended.

 And there is one case where a successful partner asks her to marry him, but then says, “Let’s move to a nice house instead of this dirty house”.

 Then, after having intercourse at his house, he asks her to cook and do laundry.

 But he ridicules Nanase’s hobbies and work, and when she expressed her anger that he treats her in such a way – he criticizes her attitude as if she is not interested in anything else but s*x.

 So, some of them quietly moved away from Nanase, saying they couldn’t follow her any more.

 ”I know it’s my fault, I know that… But this is me, I love my hobbies”

 To make things.

 So, she ends up in a saffle type of relationship. She has a short relationship, then she end it once and for all, and when she gets lonely, she finds someone new.

 Still, she can’t stop.

 She like s*x, after all.


 Chihiro was lost for words.

 He couldn’t make up his mind.

 But what can he say from his point of view?

 He wanted to stop her, but he could not bear the responsibility of accepting the heavy burden of the situation head-on, however…

 ”Would you like to be my slave?”

 So he said it cheerfully as a joke.

 He hoped that Nanase would laugh it off cheerfully, saying, “That’s impossible”.

 He was sure that Nanase’s personality would do so.

 But she blinked again and again.

 ”Eh, is it okay?”


 She said something Chihiro had never thought she would say.

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