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Lewd Creator 5 – Girl Talk

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Maria arrived back at her apartment a little after noon.

 And it was thanks to the cab that she was able to return home surprisingly quickly. On the other hand, however, her original goal was not achieved. If no chastity belt was found in that store, there was another store she was planning to stop by.

 But should she leave that to Chihiro?

 She is not particularly worried about leaving him and Nanase alone. Although she might be a little jealous, it’s worthy of Master to have a lot of women in his life. However, she doesn’t think that woman is capable of truly breaking Chihiro’s heart.

 Although the way they met is a bit too coincidental – considering the fact that Nanase lives far from Hokkaido, that her occupation is not easy to move to another place, and that his alma mater is Shibahou Academy, there is almost no possibility that she is related to her brother.

 So, Maria concludes that it is really just a coincidence.

 ”I’m home”

 When arrived at her apartment, she unlocked the door to her room and went through the corridor to the living room, in which Riko, Aika, Hana, Suzu and Yotsuba – in other words, everyone related to Chihiro – were all there.

 They had probably just finished lunch and cleaning up.

 After all, all of them were seated and enjoying tea.

 Yotsuba’s presence was probably for the purpose of socializing with other members.

 And she doesn’t seem to have asked Maria to do the shopping…. But she entrusted Maria with the purchase of the chastity belt because of her knowledge and because she was afraid of being seen when she purchased the belt.

 ”Welcome back, Maria. Have you eaten?”

 Maria showed a convenience store bag in her hand to Riko who asked her.

 ”Don’t worry. I got some food”

 ”Is that bread?”

 Yotsuba tilted her head when she saw the item from the bag on the table.

 Maria eats it frequently for lunch, and it is nothing new to her.

 Hana nodded affirmatively.

 ”Kurohane-senpai doesn’t seem to eat this kind of food very often, does she?”

 ”Yeah. I’ve never had a hamburger or something like that before”

 ”Don’t say rude things. I even buy and eat with my friends”

 Riko followed Hana, and Yotsuba turned her face away. By the way, the current vice president of the student council, Lucille Orwell, is a glutton.

 It is said that sweets are often served in the student council room, and there are not so many girls nowadays who come in a box that convenience stores are a rarity.

 Suzu, who saw the exchange between her sister and the juniors, let out a small smile.

 ”Anyway, Yotsuba, you wanted to talk about nutrition, didn’t you?”

 ”Yes. That’s right. But, well, from the food we just had, it seems that we don’t have to worry about that”

 Said Yotsuba.

 In fact, Maria, who only eats lunch at convenience stores, is concerned about nutrition in the morning and evening. Maria herself is a good cook, and Riko has been improving her cooking skills remarkably recently. Aika and Hana also cook on a daily basis.

 And Chihiro eats the same food as they do.

 So, there is no way that they have a proper diet.

 ”By the way, Maria, what about Chihiro-kun?”

 ”Well, he had some business to attend to…”

 As she puts the bread in her mouth, she tells the story of what happened at the adult store and Nanase’s house.

 They are probably in the middle of a s*xual act right now. Due to the urgency of the story, Maria reports it to me instead.

 Still, each of the girls had a subtle expression on their faces when she told them.

 Aika puts her hand on her chest and exhales lightly.

 ”…I see. But I’m glad he is not in danger”

 ”Well, it’s Chihiro, after all”

 ”Fufu. Chihiro-kun is popular, isn’t he?”

 Riko and Suzu also mumbled in a casual manner – at least on the surface it seemed that way. Hana and the others looked pleased, saying, “So it’s just us tonight, then”.

 Then Yotsuba interrupted.

 She was dressed neatly and elegantly, like a lady, and frowned.

 ”Wait. How could you make it so easy?”

 ”I don’t know”, said Maria with a small shake of her head.

 And instantly, there was a moment of silence.

 After a while, Aika and the others looked at each other.

 ”Even if you ask me why”

 ”I guess all we can say is that it is because he is Chihiro”

 It is a common understanding among the existing members.

 Since it is a kind of tacit understanding, Yotsuba would not understand it.

 ”I don’t understand… Although I think I understand everyone else”

 Yotsuba shakes her head with a melancholy look on her face.

 Well, she is the newest member of the group. She is a special case in that she fell in love with Chihiro and became his slave despite the fact that she has another lover – her fiancé.

 And her proclivities are unique as well.

 The other members of the group are basically masochists, although they differ in degree and in the kind of play they prefer. The exception is Hana, who can play both offense and defense.

 Yotsuba, however, is a true S.

 She loves to abuse others and to see her oppressors writhing in shame, pain, and pleasure.

 The only exception is Chihiro, her master.

 Because of this, she has a selfish side to her personality.

 Behind her elegant and graceful mask, she hides the temperament of a queen.

 ”I don’t want Master’s time to be taken up by a woman who hasn’t sworn her allegiance to Master… I don’t want it”

 Said Yotsuba and she purses her lips.

 Despite her strong words, her face is filled with anxiety.

 The unbalanced impression makes all of the girls feel her feelings strongly.

 ”…Yotsuba-san, your time with Chihiro-sama is short, isn’t it?”

 Unlike Maria and the other students who live in a dormitory away from their parents, Yotsuba commutes to school from her parents’ house.

 Because of her status as a young lady, she cannot come to the apartment very often.

 If she has to stay over, it is even more difficult for her to make arrangements, which inevitably leads to fewer opportunities for her to be embraced by Chihiro.

 But it would be uninteresting to have an unrelated girl embraced Chihiro when she comes to the apartment.

 Well, Yotsuba knew about Maria and Chihiro’s shopping. Though Yotsuba probably did not expect to be embraced by Chihiro today.

 But that’s not the same thing.

 ”Hmm…. By the way, I’ve been wondering about you too”

 Riko opened her mouth somewhat reservedly.

 She tilted her head in an unconscious gesture and looked at Yotsuba.

 ”What do you think about us, senpai? Don’t you think we are an obstacle to Chihiro’s love?”

 The question was a direct one.

 Aika looks at Riko in surprise, but there is no rewinding of what has happened.

 ”Should I stop it?”, thought Maria as she stopped eating

 She could say something impactful to arouse Yotsuba interest and keep the conversation going. Because if a fight broke out in Chihiro’s absence, it would be difficult to mediate, and the conversation would inevitably grow.

 Maria, however, decides in an instant that she will not stop.

 She is sure that this kind of honest discussion is necessary.

 Especially, it is necessary to know each other’s inner feelings, which is not possible if Chihiro, the master of the group, is not present.

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