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Chapter 103 Rent and Income

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 After continuing the contract with the Sincere Dwarf and accepting additional requests, the first thing I requested was to construct a building for living quarters.

 Currently, those with whom I had longstanding relationships, such as Narsht-san and Mei, along with Diana, Lewya, and female slaves, lived in the mansion, while male slaves resided in a separate dormitory. However, Gaadhir-san’s family, Liana, and the other Sincere Dwarf’s people were all lumped together in the barracks. With limited living space, they couldn’t continue to live this way forever.

 It is no surprise because there are only a few buildings where people can live, but I cannot keep treating them all together, so I decided to provide suitable residences based on their intended usage, such as accommodation facilities for outsiders and personal residences for settlers.

 The building skills of the dwarves were amazing, and they were better at building from scratch than altering existing buildings, and in just a few days they had built three magnificent brick houses.

 The quality of the workmanship was so good that I personally wanted one of the buildings as my own house, but the cost was reasonable, and even though I earn money by selling crops, there are not enough funds to build such houses so quickly, so I stopped building private houses after three, and now they are building accommodations for people from outside the city.

 Now that the three personal residences were complete, I intended to assign two of them to Gaadhir-san’s family and Liana. However, Diana halted my plan.

 ”Wait a minute, Master Neil. Providing them with living quarters is fine, but what about compensation?”

 ”Compensation? Uh…”

 ”Are you giving them a house for free?”

 ”Well, I did think of providing proper houses as a ruler, but I didn’t think about the aftermath… Yes, I haven’t thought about compensation.”

 Under Diana’s silent pressure, I confess honestly.

 I had been so fixated on the need for proper dwellings apart from the barracks that I hadn’t given any thought to the aftermath of constructing them.

 ”I wonder how much the rent should be, considering the nature of the settlement area, it should be cheaper than a city, right?

 ”Well, yes, but such magnificent residences should not be too cheap, either.”

 ”I should have asked them to build something more modest.”

 In retrospect, that level of quality was a little too extravagant

 Since it would be the standard for rent in the future, I couldn’t afford to go cheap, and if I set the rent too high, I might end up with a situation where no one would live there even though I had built the place.

 I was at a loss, so I decided to take bold action.

 ”All right, let’s talk to Gaadhir-san and Liana directly.”

 ”Are you planning to let them set the price?”

 ”Just for reference, we don’t know anything about the general rate for rent.”

 So I waited until Gaadhir-san woke up in the evening and called him and Liana to my office to talk to them.

 ”I’d like to know how much rent you paid when you lived in Denar.”

 ”Yes, how much was it?”

 ”The house we lived in cost one gold coin and twenty platinum coins per month.”

 ”I stayed in a shared room for one night and paid one platinum coin.”

 It may be too late now, but in this world, a year is divided into five stars (month), with roughly 90 days in one star (month). A week is made up of six days: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Sky, and Underworld.

 Although the length of the stars varies, Gaadhir-san’s statement that it cost one gold coin and twenty platinum coins per month means that it would be six gold coins per year, and Liana’s statement that she paid one platinum coin per day means she paid four gold coins and fifty platinum coins per year.

 ”You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, but what is the annual income of the two of you? Oh, Gaadhir-san, Gaadhir-san, please tell me your income from when you were working in the city.”

 ”It’s hard to say, since the amount of payment varies depending on the nature of the job, but when I was making a lot of money, it was about 40 gold coins, and after I got injured, it dropped dramatically to about 15 gold coins. Now that I am employed by Master Neil, my income is stable.”

 ”I see, what about Liana?”

 ”Well, my wages are paid for each day I work, so I’ve never really paid attention to how much I earn in total over the course of a year, and I also have irregular days off.”

 ”Hmm, I don’t need to know that level of detail, so a rough estimate is fine.”

 ”If that’s the case… well, I’d say 11 or 12 gold coins.”

 Hmm, if I recall correctly, the average annual income for a commoner is around 20 gold coins, so it seems like both of them are working for quite low pay.

 Gaadhir-san is now employed by us, so I know his annual salary, which is six gold coins per star (month) and thirty gold coins per year.

 ”By the way, I would like to ask Gaadhir-san, is your rent for one month average in the city?”

 ”It’s a little cheaper than average, because the house we lived in wasn’t exactly top-notch.”

 ”Well, if that house in the settlement were in Denar’s city, how much do you think the rent for one month would be?”

 ”Well, the price depends on where in the house is built, but if it was built next to our previous house”.

 Gaadhir-san looked worried for a moment and then held up three fingers.

 ”Three gold coins! I think that’s about right.”

 ”Ah, I see. Three coins, huh?”

 Converted to an annual basis, it would be 15 gold coins, almost the same amount as the annual income mentioned earlier.

 ”Oh, please don’t take my amateur opinion too seriously! I just thought it must be about that much for such a big house.”

 ”Yes, I know that.”

 While it might be an amateur opinion, it still indicates that from Gaadhir-san’s perspective, that house is worth paying that much for.

 Of course, the value would be lower than that if we take into account the fact that it is in the settlement, but it is enough as an indicator to decide the rent of the house we are going to build in the future.

 However, I was surprised at the low salary of Liana, let alone that of Gaadhir-san.

 Even though considering Liana’s age and job, her pay as a laborer for the firm might be reasonable, it’s clearly not enough to afford living in a detached house.

 ”By the way, Liana, can I ask you how much you are paid per day?”

 ”Three platinum coins.”

 No, it’s not enough to live in a house. There’s no way she could afford to live in a detached house on that wage.

 However, if things continue as they are, the barracks will never be empty, and even if a cheap dormitory like the one Liana was staying at in the city of Denar is built, it will take a lot of manpower to manage it…

 ”Oh, right, Liana.”


 ”Would you like to work for me too?”


 I explain to Liana, who is puzzled.

 ”If you’re interested, would you like to work for me as the manager of the guesthouse that Ronim-san and his friends are building for outside guests?”

 ”What? Me, manage the guesthouse? But I’m also working on the Harvest Hoe and I’ve been busy lately.”

 ”Even if you’re busy, you’re only busy when you’re sending the harvest to the main store. It’s not like you’re busy all day, right?”

 ”Well, that’s true, but…”

 ”If you take on the job, you can live in the guesthouse manager’s room for free, and of course, I’ll pay you. You’ll only work while guests are here, so you won’t have to work hard every day, and the most you’ll have to do is clean the rooms and change the bedding, nothing too difficult.”


 She seemed to think it wasn’t a bad idea, but Liana was still groaning, as if she was missing something.

 Then I give her one last push.

 ”By the way, if you work for me, if someone at the head office asks you why you’ve been skipping work, you can say you’ve been doing what I asked you to do.”

 ”I’ll do it!!”


 Diana and Gaadhir-san, who were listening to the conversation, look stunned at Liana’s immediate answer.

 They gave her a look that said, “Don’t you care about getting scolded by the main store? If you don’t want that, just work hard.” But Liana did not seem to be bothered by this and muttered with bright eyes, “Now I will be scolded less often.”

 It seems that the option of not getting scolded at all was not even considered in Liana’s mind.

 For this reason, Liana is now working as a manager of the guesthouse in the settlement, although she also works as an employee of the Harvest Hoe, but working for me means that she is under Diana’s control, and it will be a little while before Liana realizes that Diana has been added to the list of people to scold her.

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