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Chapter 107 Year-end Party

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 On the evening of the fifteenth week of Harvest Month in the year 2222 of the Grigis calendar, just a few hours before the New Year, I gathered everyone in the restaurant, leaving no one behind in the settlement.

 The reason for gathering them was, of course, to celebrate the New Year together and to reward them for their hard work.

 The tables were filled with various dishes, and some were anxiously waiting for the start time, wondering when they could eat.

 ”Master Neil, Narsht-san has finished his work. He should be here soon,” Diana said.

 ”Okay, let’s start when Narsht-san and the others arrive,” I replied.

 Soon after, Narsht-san and her female assistants, who had been helping him, arrived at the restaurant.

 When they saw me, they stopped talking and waited for my words.

 I wasn’t comfortable with all the attention, but I had to speak up. So I started speaking, recalling the contents of my script that I had read over and over again.

 ”Everyone, I’m happy that I can celebrate the New Year with all of you today. It has been about half a year since this settlement started moving, and it’s been a half-year of many firsts and various problems. I am sure that we will continue to face many problems in the future. But for now, let us celebrate the New Year together, instead of worrying about the problems that will come.”

 As I lifted my glass, everyone did the same.



 As the feast began, I moved away from the crowd to avoid getting in anyone’s way and watched everyone’s actions

 The Sincere Dwarf immediately jumped at the various drinks prepared for the occasion and started a drinking competition with the dishes as their accompaniments

 Other people were enjoying the party in their own way, but there were some people who were sitting by the wall looking as absentminded as I was.

 As I expected, they were slaves, and they seemed to be confused about what to do, perhaps because they were concerned about their position.

 Just as I was thinking that I should call out to them, Gaadhir-san and Narsht-san approached them, so I decided to observe quietly.

 ”What’s wrong with you guys? Why are you gathering in the corner like that?” Gaadhir-san said.

 ”Gaadhir-san,” one of the slaves replied.

 ”You guys usually eat only what you’re supposed to eat and only for what you’re supposed to eat, right? Today is your chance to eat whatever you want and as much as you want,” Narsht-san added.

 ”But we’re slaves… I don’t know if it’s all right for us to be here…” one of the slaves replied.

 ”Of course it’s fine!” Narsht-san said.

 As they said that, the slaves’ expressions gradually brightened, and they started to enjoy the feast with everyone else.

 ”If things don’t work out, Master Neil won’t call you here. Besides, I’ve prepared enough for all of you. If you don’t eat, there will be leftovers for thirty people,” Narsht said.

 ”That’s right, if you care about your status as a slave, wouldn’t it be more problematic to squander the favor of Master Neil, your master?” Gaadhir added.

 ”I agree with Gaadhir, I think we should do as Master Neil says,” Narsht chimed in.

 Gaadhir-san and Narsht-san persuaded the slaves to leave the wall and start to eat.

 ”But if we prepared enough for everyone, won’t there not be enough food?” one of the slaves asked.

 ”It’s just that it hasn’t been brought out yet. It’s also in the kitchen. There wasn’t enough space to lay it all out at once,” Nasrsht explained

 ”I see. So that’s why you’ve been late,” the slave responded.

 After persuading the slaves, they continue chatting and laughing, and I go back to observing the surroundings.

 If there was anyone else who didn’t seem to be enjoying the banquet…

 ”Master Neil, what would you like to eat? Or would you like a drink?” Diana asked.

 ”No, don’t worry about me, Diana, go enjoy yourself,” I replied

 ”If I step away, who will serve Master Neil?” Diana asked.

 ”I can take care of that myself! It’s a celebration, forget about your position as my servant for now,” I insisted.

 ”Thank you for your concern. But even if I can forget about my position, Master Neil’s position is not the same. In any situation, it is important to remember one’s position as a noble,” Diana reminded me.

 ”…Isn’t that asking too much of me now?” I grumbled

 ”At least while I’m here, you can appear to be proper,” Diana replied firmly

 Ah, I see, it is true that if Diana is busy around me, I will look like an aristocrat who manipulates my servant.

 In reality, she is just taking care of me on her own, but Diana is worried that without her presence, my aristocratic appearance will only be reduced to my attire

 However, in a place where there are mostly family members, it is not necessary to maintain face, but even if I tell Diana to leave, she stubbornly refuses.

 ”Ah well…Lewya!”

 I called out to Lewya who was chatting with Glayna-san and Liana at a distance.

 ”What’s up?” Lewya asked.

 ”Could you please include Diana in your group for a bit?” I requested.

 ”Master Neil, you don’t have to worry about that kind of thing.”

 ”Oh, I see.”

 Lewya, who must have immediately understood what was going on when ahe saw the exchange between Diana and me, smiles bitterly at me and grabs Diana from behind.

 ”Lewya! What are you doing?”

 ”Diana, why don’t you relax a bit today? It wouldn’t hurt to have a drink and vent your frustrations.”

 ”My frustration lies in being restrained by you right now!”

 ”There must be something else bothering you. Come on, let’s talk about it.”

 ”Oh, Lewya!”

 Diana was dragged away by Lewya, and I waved her off.

 With Diana gone, I am left alone and I casually dish out some food onto a plate, sit at the counter with some wine, and have a solitary meal.

 Although it might seem lonely to be alone at a party from an outsider’s perspective, I feel more relaxed since I am used to having someone around me most of the time

 If only Pius were here with me… I was thinking that when suddenly someone sits down next to me.

 ”Excuse me.”


 ”I apologize for the delay in thanking you. We, as outsiders, are grateful for being invited to this gathering.”

 ”You don’t have to thank me. Larnan-san and the others have contributed to the settlement, so it’s only natural.”

 ”Although we plan to receive compensation for our contributions in the form of rewards… we appreciate your generosity.”

 I thought he just came to thank me, but Larnan-san tipped the glass in his hand and slurped down his drink, then slowly opened his mouth.

 ”I have a question for Master Neil.”

 ”Yes? What is it?”

 ”Regarding tonight’s party, as the settlement develops and the number of people increases, do you plan to continue to hold the party like this in the future?”

 ”Hahaha, that’s impossible. It’s manageable at this scale, but offering free food and drinks to everyone would be financially difficult if the settlements get bigger.”

 I answered, and Larnan-san blinked his eyes as if surprised by my answer.

 What? I thought my answer was pretty normal, but why did he seem so surprised? I tilted my head in confusion, and Larnan-san noticed his own strange expression and coughed.

 ”Ahem… I’m sorry. I froze up because of the unexpected response.”

 ”Is there something strange about my answer?”

 ”It is not strange, but rather a difference in the way you think about what is important. What I wanted to ask you is not about “funds” but about “position”.”

 ”By ‘position,’ do you mean treating nobles, commoners, and slaves equally?”

 ”Yes, now there are less than fifty people, the majority of whom are slaves, and in this small settlement, the closeness that is allowed because we are all so close to each other, would cause more than a few complaints if the same thing were done in other cities. So, I’ll ask again, Master Neil, do you plan to hold festivals like this in the growing settlement in the future?”


 ”There will inevitably be a significant source of dissatisfaction if you do. There are many people in this world who do not want to be treated equally with slaves, foolish people who cannot comfort themselves unless they look down on others, and they are not just nobles. It is impossible to avoid the entry of such people into this land as the settlement of Master Neil grows.


 ”Master Neil, if you care about your slaves, I suggest you treat them ‘like slaves’. That is the only way to protect them from others.”


 ”As expected, was it too impolite to lecture the nobles? Please forgive this rudeness,” said Larnan, bowing and standing up.

 I also reflexively stood up upon seeing this.

 ”No, not at all! That’s outrageous! Larna-sann’s words were very much appreciated, and I learned a lot from them… anyway, please raise your head,” I replied.

 ”Thank you very much. Then I’ll take my leave,” said Larnan as he bowed and returned to the group of Sincere Dwarves.

 ”Treating slaves as slaves is the way to protect them, huh…” I reflected on Larnan’s words as I watched him leave.

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