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Chapter 113 Prostitute’s Work Clothes※

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 Moona-san’s clothes fell to the ground with a <i>pasa</i> sound. Despite the dimly lit cargo bed, I could clearly see the silhouette of her well-built body, but my gaze was fixated on something else.

 ”Moona-san, is that underwear?”

 ”Hehe, I knew guys would be curious about this.”

 The underwear Moona-san was wearing was a bra and shorts that I often saw in the world I used to live in. Well, I mostly saw them on a screen, and the only time I saw them in person was when I passed by the women’s underwear section in a clothing store… but let’s not talk about that sad story. In this world, the mainstream for women’s underwear was the type that covered the entire torso like a chemise, and I had never seen underwear that was separated into a top and bottom like a bra and shorts.

 ”Um, is that underwear from the world you used to live in?”

 ”Huh? No, it’s not. I bought this underwear here. I threw away the underwear I used to wear because it was worn out.”

 ”Do they sell that kind of underwear here?”

 ”Yes, Master Neil said he had never been to a store like this before. It’s quite famous among prostitutes because customers like it. However, this design is too extreme for everyday use. It would be nice if there were more subdued designs.”

 It was dark and hard to see, but it seemed to be a total lace underwear with a quite extreme design, as Moona-san said. Since there seemed to be no subdued designs, this type of underwear was probably only available at a so-called s*xy jewelry store. I couldn’t help but think inwardly, what exactly was Ihomono trying to spread by coming to a different world.

 ”But then, underwear for the whole ensemble must be quite expensive, right?”

 ”Yes, indeed. A set of top and bottom would cost around 50 platinum coins.”

 ”Fifty platinum coins for underwear? Even if it’s necessary for work, that’s quite an expense.”

 ”Well, not really. While it’s true that we need to save up platinum coins to buy our first set, we can sell our used ones to customers who are willing to buy them. That way, we can afford to buy new ones.”

 ”Wait, you sell underwear?”

 ”Yes. Some customers are willing to pay even with gold coins just to get their hands on them. For us prostitutes, it’s not just a work outfit but also an important source of income.”

 In the world I used to live in, there were also people who had an extraordinary passion for women’s underwear, and it seemed like people in this world were no different. As a man, I understand the temptation of women’s underwear, but I can’t help but think that it would be better to spend those coins on women instead of buying used underwear. But that’s just a matter of personal taste, so I shouldn’t judge.

 ”You seem to be wondering what’s so good about this underwear. How about this one?”

 ”Huh? Woah!”

 It seems that the thought of not understanding why anyone would pay for used underwear showed on my face. As a result, Moona-san kneeled over me and held me tightly against her voluptuous chest.

 I had buried my face in Diana’s chest a few times before, but Moona-san’s was on a completely different level. Diana’s chest had been enough to cover my nose and mouth, but Moona-san’s chest was big enough to completely cover my face.

 My face felt like it was burning, and the sound of Moona-san’s heart beating in a steady rhythm against her sweaty skin reverberated through my entire being. When I took a breath, the intense smell spread throughout my nostrils, making me feel like I was going to be burned.

 The smell was so alluring that it stirred up my lust unconsciously, causing me to move my face and direct my nose towards the source, which was Moona-san’s worn underwear.

 After each customer service, it was impossible to serve the next customer with the underwear in the same state, so she couldn’t avoid washing her body. But it was not the same for the underwear; it was impossible to wash them after every customer, and it would only be a hassle to change into new ones that weren’t even that dirty. Therefore, the underwear, which touched Moona-san’s sweaty skin repeatedly absorbed the sweat and smell, and eventually began to give off a strong odor.

 ”Do you understand the appeal of the underwear now? You don’t even have to ask, do you?”

 As she stroked the tent in my pants with her fingers, Moona-san slid her hand down my pants and quickly removed them. Before I could even admire her dexterity, she gently wrapped her fingers around my manhood, causing me to unconsciously swallow my saliva.

 ”Do not be nervous, leave it to me.”

 As I buried my face in Moona-san’s chest, my upper body was positioned on her laps, and my lower body was left on the bed. Moona-san’s hand holding my manhood slowly began to move up and down. It wasn’t a movement to make me ejaculate, but rather to gradually draw out pleasure. However, my manhood was so aroused and painfully erect that it quickly began to leak pre-cum from the tip.

 ”Ara, it’s already overflowing like this. Are you that excited?”

 Although Moona-san’s smile was filled with the kind of affection that a mother would show to her child, there was no mistaking that she was an S-type person who found pleasure in watching a man squirm in her bosom. As proof, her hot breaths were blowing on my head as I buried it in her chest.

 ”Moona-san, I can’t hold it anymore.”

 ”It’s still no good. You paid good money for this, so it would be a waste to end it so quickly.”

 Despite saying that, Moona-san’s hand didn’t loosen its grip, and I was at my limit.

 ”I really can’t hold it any longer―”


 Just as I thought I was going to climax, Moona-san suddenly released her hand, and the sensation that had been building up began to fade away.


 ”I told you, didn’t I? It would be a “waste” to end it so soon when there aren’t any other customers waiting. Let’s enjoy ourselves slowly.”

 Moona-san repeatedly stopped her hand when I was about to ejaculate and resumed when the wave of pleasure receded. Her technique was not just a monotonous and gentle up-and-down movement, but also included stimulating the frenulum and glans with her thumb and index finger, and rubbing the shaft with the remaining fingers and palm.

 Moreover, her thumb and index finger moved like separate creatures. Just when I thought her thumb was caressing the tip, the pad of her finger rubbed the frenulum, and just when I thought her index finger was rubbing the glans, the side of her finger lightly flicked the frenulum. Even as the stimulation intensified, she continued to tease me without letting me release, and gradually decreased the interval between stops.

 Feeling like I was about to lose control, I reached out to Moona-san’s body to take control.

 ”Hmm, what’s going on? Do you want to touch it?”

 Moona-san asked as she used her free hand to unhook her bra, revealing her breasts that were larger than I had expected.

 I grabbed them with both hands and began to knead them, overwhelmed by their size and elasticity. Moona-san likened my actions to a kitten trying to nurse from its mother, and reminded me that squeezing her breasts would not produce any milk.

 I used both hands to massage her breasts more intensely than before, watching them change shape in response to my movements. I sucked and nibbled on her nipples as I observed Moona-san’s reactions.

 ”Oh, Master Neil, it feels so good.”

 It seems like she can feel something, but there was no visible reaction to my hand movements that were focusing on my private part. It seems like her concentration wasn’t disrupted as much as I thought it would be.

 Although I am trying to be rough, could it be that her chest is less sensitive? With that in mind, I take my hand off her chest and reach down below, tracing the crotch of her shorts with my finger.


 With a short gasp, Moona-san’s hips momentarily jump. Just with one stroke, a thread of liquid stretches from my fingertip, and the crotch of her shorts is soaked with her leaked love juice.

 ”Oh no, I’m embarrassed. I can’t believe I didn’t notice I had become like this.”

 Moona-san stood up and pulled down her shorts, saying, “These need to be washed and replaced with new ones… Ara?” My eyes had become used to the darkness, so I could clearly see Moona-san’s genitals, her shorts, and the thread that stretched between them. My gaze shifted from her body to the freshly taken off shorts.

 ”You have more interest in this than my body, Master Neil?”

 Moona-san smiled and sat down next to me while dangling her shorts in front of me.

 ”N-no, that’s not the case.”

 ”Is that so?”

 To be honest, I was really interested. I was already aroused just by seeing her bra, and now, with her shorts, it was even more so. Moreover, since they were wet with her love juice, there was no way I could not be interested. However, it was too perverse to admit it outright, so I pretended to have no interest in underwear.

 ”Then it’s okay for me to do this, right?”

 ”W-what are you planning to do?”

 ”Hehe, it’s a little embarrassing, but I do this…”

 Moona-san spread the shorts she was wearing with both hands and put them over my erect p*nis. As soon as the crotch touched the shorts, I lifted my hips up involuntarily. The lace underwear, which was intricately woven around the sensitive glans, was too stimulating.

 ”Ah, Moona-san! It’s too much!”

 ”Don’t worry, I’ll gently stroke you so as not to damage your sensitive area.”

 Moona-san’s voice was so lively that it could have had musical notes at the end. She began to give me a handjob through the shorts. She deliberately avoided touching the sensitive glans, and only handled the shaft up and down. When her hand went down, the crotch rubbed against the shorts, and when her hand went up, the crotch separated from the shorts. Although the movement of her hand was simple, with just the addition of the shorts, I felt like my hips were about to float up.

 ”Haah, haah, cum”

 ”Don’t cum, okay? I mean, you’re not interested in underwear, right? So, you can’t lose to this kind of indirect s*x.”

 ”I-I understand.”

 It was no good. As soon as Moona-san mentioned the term “indirect s*x,” I became aware that my glans was touching the part of Moona-san’s genitals that it had been touching all along, and my semen surged up with unprecedented force. Before I could even give a warning, semen flew out of the tip of my p*nis, dirtying Moona-san’s shorts.

 ”Wow, you should have told me when you were going to cum!”

 ”I’m sorry…”

 Whether it was due to being repeatedly teased or whether I was just that excited by the underwear, I was left in a dazed state by the unfamiliar feeling of ejaculation. The only thing I could understand was that “prostitutes are scary.” Ronald-san had said that everyone should experience it at least once.

 ”Well, that’s it for one round. How about a second round?”

 ”No…I don’t think I can do it.”

 ”I thought so.”

 Moona-san chuckled as she looked at me lying on the bed in a sloppy manner. In the end, my first experience with a prostitute ended like this, and even after the act was over, I felt like my energy had been drained for a while.

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