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Chapter 118 Ihomonos Part Two

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 I came to the front of the Harvest Hoe branch to talk to Mio-san and Moona-san.

 There was no sign of either of them, or even the shop assistant Liana when I tried to peek inside. But I could hear someone talking from the back of the store.

 I thought maybe Liana was talking to someone from the head office, but it didn’t sound like her. When I peeked inside, I saw that it was Mio-san and Moona-san.

 ”What are you two doing here?” I asked.

 ”Oh, Master Neil?” Mio replied.

 ”Uh, hello…” Moona said nervously.

 ”Where’s Liana?” I asked.

 She may have a habit of slacking off, but she wasn’t so careless as to leave her customers unattended.

 ”If it’s Liana, she went to do some work at the inn after being called by Diana-san,” Mio explained.

 ”I see… So what’s going on with you two?”

 ”We were just looking at a catalog,” Mio said.

 ”Really? Do they have one here?”

 ”Well, it’s not really a catalog. It’s more like a list of things you can buy in the settlement,” Mio said.


 Mio-san seemed oddly hesitant, so I looked at the catalog in her hands.

 It wasn’t really a catalog with pictures, but rather a simple list of items with their names, prices, and the date of purchase and buyer’s name.

 ”Excuse me, isn’t this not a catalog but a ledger of transactions?”

 ”Well, you could say that.” Mio said.

 ”If that’s the case, what are you doing looking at something like that?”

 ”W-we’re not looking at anything weird! We just asked Liana for a list of things we can buy here and she gave me this,” Mio explained.

 What is Liana doing? A ledger of transactions is not something that should be shown to outsiders.

 ”Although it certainly is a list of purchasable items, there will surely be some problems with that, wouldn’t there?”

 ”Ahahaha, is it still no good? I thought it would be an invasion of privacy,” Mio said.

 ”If you thought so, why are you looking at them?”

 ”Well, with that information, I can see people’s individual tastes and preferences, so it’s interesting to see.”

 ”But isn’t the purpose different now?”

 As expected, I took the trading ledger from the hands of the two since I couldn’t overlook it.

 Although this world might handle this kind of information lightly in some parts, it doesn’t mean that the value of the information is also light. What’s listed here is a respectable personal information, which can be used for anything regardless of the morality if you want to use it that way.

 ”Anyway, please don’t do this kind of thing anymore, okay?”

 ”Yes…I’m sorry…”

 The two who received the warning become sullen, and an awkward atmosphere prevails.

 Although it was inevitable, I couldn’t stand this atmosphere any longer, so I asked them about something to distract them from the situation.

 ”Well, actually, I wanted to talk to you two about something…”

 ”You wanted to see us?”


 I give them the same explanation that I gave to Niya-san and Iko-san.

 ”So, I’m asking around. Is there anything you two can tell me?”

 ”Well, well, by the way, what did Niya and Iko say?”

 ”Niya-san said she wanted a training place, and Iko-san said she wanted a bath.”

 ”A bath! Yes, that’s what I want.”

 ”I see… I think everyone wants a bath…”

 No comment in the training ground, well, maybe Niya-san’s comment is a usual thing and there is no point in mentioning it.

 ”I am considering preparing a public bath for use in the future. Is there anything else you would like to have as well?”

 ”If there is something we are currently wishing for, it is probably a store. We used to do a lot of window shopping in the city.”

 ”Stores…what kind of stores do you want exactly?”

 ”Well, I’d like to have a clothing store most of all. I do have my own preferences, but because of my job, I frequent them a lot. Even if I order clothes from here, I still want to see the clothes myself and select them.”

 It makes sense that compared to everyday necessities, clothing has a size issue, and it’s understandable to want to pick out your own clothes.

 Also, although I had not paid attention to it before, in a pioneer area, weapons are indispensable, and like clothes, I would like to check them with my own hands.

 No one would think of leaving it to someone else.

 ”Moona-san, thank you very much for your help.”

 ”Oh no, I just mentioned what I want.”

 ”That’s very kind of you, because that’s what I want to hear the most. Is there anything you want, Mio-san?”

 ”Um…well, I’m the same as Moona-chan. I just wish there were stores where we could buy clothes…nothing in particular…I’m sorry…”

 ”There’s no need to apologize, the fact that you share the same opinion proves that there is a demand for it, and I appreciate your opinion.”

 It might be a good idea to prioritize preparing for the shop that sells clothing and equipment over other things.

 ”Master Neil…”

 ”What is it?”

 ”Do stores that sell clothing usually bring in outside firms for their products?”

 ”I’d like to do so if possible, but there aren’t many firms that are willing to open a store in the frontier area.”

 ”I see…”

 ”Are you saying that you’re particular about the clothes you wear, like you only wear clothes made by this firm?”

 ”No, that’s not the case…! I’m not that picky about these things. It doesn’t matter what I wear.”

 I’ve always thought that Mio-san was quite reserved and self-critical.

 From what I have heard, she and Iko-san are twin sisters, but they are the exact opposite in terms of accuracy and appearance.

 Mio-san is tall and her hair is a light purple color. Unlike Iko-san, she doesn’t tie her hair to the side. Instead, she covers her eyes with her bangs, giving off an uncertain vibe. Although the sisters have completely different body types and personalities, their faces are identical, which creates an eerie feeling.

 ”Mio, you don’t need to say things like that. You’re a wonderful person and you don’t need to hold yourself back. Master Neil thinks so too, don’t you?”Moona said.

 ”Huh? Uh, yes, I do.”

 ”Well, no need to force yourself. It’s okay if you don’t agree,” Mio said.

 ”No, I was just surprised by the sudden topic, it’s not like I was forced to agree or anything.”

 ”But I’m so… tall and unfeminine…” Mio said.

 ”That’s not true, you have a pretty face and you have feminine charm.”

 ”Is it true…?”

 ”Yes, really.”

 I was just here to talk to them, but somehow I ended up cheering up Mio-san, who was feeling down.

 In the end, Mio-san’s self-deprecation did not stop, and for the next 30 minutes or more, Moona-san and I continued to praise Mio-san.

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