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Chapter 130 Volume Three – Character Introductions

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 Name: Ronim

 Position: Representative of the “Sincere Dwarves”

 Ronim is the representative of the firm “Sincere Dwarves,” which specializes in construction and was called in for the repair of a dilapidated mansion. As the name implies, Ronim and most of the members are dwarves. Initially, he had no intention of accepting the job as it was a request from nobility, so he planned to present unreasonable conditions to discourage Neil. However, Neil accepted those conditions, and Ronim ended up taking the job. At first, he reluctantly approached the work out of a sense of obligation, believing that if he had accepted it, he had to do it properly. However, he became captivated by the food and drinks served at the settlement’s dining and gradually became reluctant as the work approached its end. After reporting the completion of the requested work, Ronim, who was present with his assistant representative, Larnan, was pointed out that due to his preconceived notion that Neil was a noble, he had not seen his true nature. Since then, Ronim started to see Neil as an individual rather than an imperial noble and became more positive about the work. Despite being a dwarf, he doesn’t harbor much animosity toward nobles and maintains a unique stance of not getting involved unless necessary. While he advises Neil to behave more like a noble, he also displays contradictory behavior by cutting ties with friends who became nobles.

 Name: Larnan

 Position: Assistant Representative of the “Sincere Dwarves”

 Larnan is the assistant to Ronim, the representative of the “Sincere Dwarves.” He is a dwarf man who takes charge of negotiations, as Ronim is not good at humble exchanges. Within their group, he uses rough language, but once he is engaged in negotiations, he displays behavior that suggests a certain level of refinement. Lanan shows even greater resistance to the work in the settlement than Ronim and, unlike Ronim, he doesn’t mind getting involved with nobles. When Neil appeared, Larnan openly frowned, revealing his animosity. However, after directly confirming Neil’s existence while reporting the completion of the work, his attitude changed. This was because Larnan, who truly despised nobles, realized that Neil was fundamentally different from the nobles he disliked. However, since he still dislikes nobles, he doesn’t advise Neil to behave like one as Ronim does. He keeps his advice limited to matters concerning the settlement.

 Name: Niya

 Position: Commoner

 Niya is one of the five Ihoumono who came from another world. Niya is not an ordinary human but the 28th model of the C-Type clone, with the model number PD-C-28. Her role within the unit is command, and her abilities include mutual sharing of vision and hearing and telepathic communication. The command system is centered around Niya, emphasizing centralized control. The physical strength of the C-Type is less important than its information processing capabilities. Niya has a very earnest personality and, despite the fact that their enemies no longer exist in the other world they were transported to and the purpose of the unit has been lost, she continued to lead the unit with the goal of ensuring the survival of all members. Even after arriving at the settlement, she prioritizes their survival and cautions the other four not to get too involved in the settlement’s affairs. She advises Momoka, who is too willing to put herself in danger, to “live freely without forgetting her role,” showing both the qualities of a commander and the compassion of a comrade. However, until Neil points out that she herself is still bound by her own freedom and role, Niya is unaware of it. After becoming aware, she distances herself to respect the intentions of the other four and, even if the unit splits between those who stay in the settlement and those who leave, she watches over their individual choices. After the four of them choose their own paths, Niya also decides her own path and resolves to stay in the settlement to help Neil.

 Name: Iko

 Status: Commoner

 One of the five Ihoumono who came from another world. Iko is not an ordinary human but the fifteenth model of the S-type clone, designated as PD-S-15. Her role within the unit is Support, with the ability to manipulate gravity. She uses this ability to lighten her own weight and perform aerial reconnaissance of enemy positions, as well as providing logistical support such as transporting supplies from the rear. Being the clone with the lowest clone number among the five, Iko’s primary role during battles is to provide support from the rear, and she rarely takes a frontline position. Due to being manufactured earlier than the other members, she often refers to herself as “everyone’s big sister.”

 Iko is a free-spirited individual who constantly seeks interesting things and potential material for jokes. She maintains a casual attitude even towards Neil, a noble, likely because she knows that she is allowed to do so. However, she is also a diligent worker who takes requested tasks seriously. Since arriving at the settlement, she has been gathering information about the settlement and the people who were outside under Nya’s orders.

 Among the companions, she shows special concern for Mio, her twin sister. When Nya abandons her role and the unit disbands, Iko follows Mio and decides to leave the settlement, parting ways with the rest of the group.

 Name: Mio

 Status: Commoner

 One of the five Ihoumono who came from another world. Mio is not an ordinary human but the thirtieth model of the D-type clone, designated as PD-D-30. Her role within the unit is Defense, with the ability to manipulate attraction and repulsion forces. She uses attraction to forcefully draw enemies towards herself, protecting her allies, and repulsion to deflect enemy attacks. However, since losing her equipment after arriving in the new world, her combat abilities have greatly diminished, and she no longer participates in battles. Despite her resemblance to Iko, her twin sister, in terms of appearance and abilities, their personalities, body types, and roles are complete opposites. Mio often expresses a lack of self-confidence.

 In the past, when they visited a city, Mio received a marriage proposal from a young man working at a clothing store. Although she declined the proposal due to her lack of self-confidence and her determination not to leave her companions, she didn’t seem completely indifferent to the proposal. When the topic of having a clothing store in the settlement came up, she thought about inviting the young man who proposed to her. This shows that she still cares about him. After the unit disbands, Mio, who now has her freedom, insists on leaving the settlement because she wants to travel more, but everyone understands that it is just an excuse to meet the young man who proposed to her.

 Name: Moona

 Status: Commoner

 One of the five Ihoumono who came from another world. Moona is not an ordinary human but the sixty-seventh model of the H-type clone, designated as PD-H-67. Her role within the unit is Healing, specializing in healing and supporting injured allies for rapid recovery and improved combat effectiveness. H-type clones were considered expendable due to the strain their abilities put on their bodies, and Moona could repair the equivalent of three to five clones before reaching the point of being decommissioned. Her clone number, sixty-seven, reflects the high attrition rate of other clones, and without H-type clones, the clone numbers of the others would have been much higher.

 Since arriving in this world, Moona’s workload has decreased, and she now has the time to treat the severe aftereffects of her abilities, preventing life-threatening conditions. She takes joy in embodying the role of an H-type clone by providing assistance to others, believing that someone else’s happiness is her own. Due to her nature, she often provides unsolicited services to customers, often receiving reprimands from Niya. After the unit disbanded, she stayed in the settlement to fulfill her long-held desires.

 Name: Momoka

 Status: Commoner

 One of the five Ihoumono who came from another world. Momoka is not an ordinary human but the hundred and fifth model of the V-type clone, designated as PD-V-105. Her role within the unit is Vanguard, charging into enemy lines and disrupting their formations with overwhelming firepower. However, her enhanced physical abilities come at the cost of her body deteriorating due to the recoil, making her usually discarded after completing missions.

 Momoka’s enhanced abilities are not enough to offset the recoil’s negative effects on her body. As a result, V-type clones were designed as low-cost disposable units. She has the highest clone number among the five and has little hesitation in considering herself expendable. However, knowing that Muuna will provide treatment and support if she gets injured prevents Momoka from recklessly using her abilities.

 Her personality is generally calm and absent-minded, but she often displays emotions when it comes to her companions. Niya was concerned when Momoka began developing a sense of camaraderie with the people in the settlement, repeatedly cautioning her not to use her abilities. However, when Neil offered himself as a hostage, Momoka decided to use her powers, inadvertently revealing that she is more than just a prostitute and her guard. This led Niya to encourage the group to leave the settlement, and eventually, they each set out on their own paths.

 After the unit disbanded, Momoka decided to stay in the settlement with Moona and took on simple tasks and odd jobs given by Diana.

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