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Chapter 147 Bearer of Pain

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 In response to the sudden communication from the divine spirit tree, I find myself at a loss for words but still reply.

 ”What is talk, really?”

 ’You don’t need to utter words. If you imagine them in your mind, they will be conveyed.’

 Telepathy? I don’t know how far they can read my thoughts, but I should avoid thinking strange things. So, what is talk to me?

 ’How do you perceive this world? Answer honestly.’

 This is quite an ambiguous question.

 When I was reincarnated, I struggled with the nuisances of being born as a noble, the differing values and norms from my previous world. Although those sensations have faded compared to the beginning, I still can’t wholeheartedly praise this world if asked about my thoughts on it.

 ’Are you discontent? If so, how can that discontent be resolved?’

 What, are they trying to resolve my discontent?

 There shouldn’t be a reason for the divine spirit tree to go to such lengths, but what are they thinking?

 ’I have received a command from my creator to address and resolve your discontent, so you won’t throw tantrums.’

 My creator? An existence that created the divine spirit tree… could it be?

 The entity that referred to itself as a management deity, encountered just before I was reincarnated, surfaces in my mind.

 ’Yes, the being that humans call a god, that is my creator.’

 I’m surprised. I thought I would never be able to converse or communicate again, yet I didn’t expect to encounter someone connected to a deity in a place like this.

 However, did that deity really command the divine spirit tree to address my discontent and resolve it? I doubt they suddenly felt guilty about abducting me to this different world.

 ’I don’t understand my creator’s emotions. I have merely received a command and follow it.’

 That makes sense. I never considered an existence that would reveal its emotions to its creations, and even at that time, they only spoke unilaterally, not showing any intention to gain others’ understanding.

 But this is an opportunity. Back then, I was so clueless that I could hardly ask anything, but after spending fifteen years in this world, I have many questions. If they are willing to help me resolve my discontent, they might also answer my inquiries.

 ’If your discontent can be resolved, then it’s fine. I will answer everything I can understand.’

 Great, in that case, first of all, why did the deity, or “creator,” call me, an insignificant being, from another world to this one?

 ’To create better and stronger beings.’

 What’s that supposed to mean?

 ’I don’t know. The management deity was given a blank world and is creating this world for that purpose. The creator intends to bring beings with the desired power and knowledge from other worlds to create better and stronger beings.’

 They’re given words and a world? Are you saying that there’s an existence higher than the deity that created this world?

 ’Perhaps, judging from my creator’s words. Every existing world is supposedly an experimental field for this purpose.’

 An experimental field… so, us humans are basically guinea pigs. While the ultimate goal of the deity is unclear, it’s not a very pleasant story regardless.

 ”Creating better and stronger beings” – although I’m not sure what exactly that entails, I can somewhat grasp the idea of gathering beings with power and knowledge from other worlds. But even so, wouldn’t the deity be able to directly grant power and knowledge to individuals without summoning them from another world?

 ’Indeed, if it’s the creator, they could give power and knowledge directly without summoning from another world. However, that wouldn’t be as effective.’

 Less effective? What does that mean?

 ’The history of human evolution is also a history of conflicts. People have made leaps in evolution through struggles and experiencing pain. Just giving power and knowledge won’t lead to leaps; humans would merely accept them as they are. Hence, the creator decided to introduce beings from other realms to create tension, inflicting pain while incorporating power and knowledge into this world.’

 Hey, wait a moment, could it be that it’s more… ‘efficient’ that way?

 Rather than doing things normally, is it because using the “Ihoumono” beings as intermediaries, intentionally creating conflicts and causing pain, is more effective in prompting evolution? Is that the sole reason they’re throwing countless humans into an unfamiliar world?

 ”What the… don’t mess around with me.”

 An expletive escapes my lips involuntarily. From the perspective of beings like gods, we humans might be nothing more than experimental subjects. However, that doesn’t mean I’m willing to accept that my value, and the value of humans in general, is insignificant.

 ’You’re arrogant. We are tools prepared to achieve our creator’s purpose together. We hold no value beyond that.’

 Divine Spirit Tree, is that what you’re fine with?

 ’It doesn’t matter. Even my creator is merely one of the tools prepared to achieve the higher one purpose. You could say that we are tools of tools. What can beings like us do? Even if you were to resist, it’s clear that it would be futile.’

 I understood what the Divine Spirit Tree was implying. I’m so insignificant that it would be futile to resist, just as the Divine Spirit Tree said.

 Moreover, how could I possibly resist an entity so overwhelmingly powerful? I don’t even have a clue about what I could do. Before pondering such matters, I need to calm myself down and formulate the next question while taking deep breaths. If I’ve learned why “Ihoumono” beings are being brought to this world, then the next question should be about why I, among the “Ihoumono,” am being treated differently.

 During the conversations about “Ihoumono,” I never heard any mention of encountering a god just before coming to this world. Even now, the Divine Spirit Tree is making contact with me on behalf of the god. Why is that? That’s been bothering me for a while.

 ’You are different from the others brought here to gain power and knowledge. You are poison, brought here to inflict pain upon this world and prompt further evolution. If mishandled, you could become a poisonous threat to the world. Therefore, our creator is paying attention to your emotions, ensuring you don’t harbor animosity towards the world.’

 I’m a poisonous threat to the world? To be honest, I don’t quite understand. I don’t possess extraordinary power or knowledge; I only have slightly above-average abilities at best. Even those abilities were bestowed upon me by the god.

 While I do possess some inherent knowledge, it’s not anything significant. While there might be knowledge unknown in this world, I can’t fathom that it would be something to threaten the entire world. What does the term “poison” that the Divine Spirit Tree mentioned really mean?

 ’By ‘poison,’ I refer to your unique crimson soul. It possesses colors foreign to this world, a power that exists outside the framework of this world.’

 A crimson soul? Come to think of it, the god mentioned something like that. If I recall correctly, I was referred to as an “Ihomi” and asked about the meaning of that term―

 ’”Crimson” or “Yellow,” entities with ‘Origins’ different from the main ‘Blue’ stream within this “World Tree.”‘

 They said something like that, but I couldn’t make heads or tails of it. Although I still don’t fully understand, I speculate that I possess an “Origin” related to “Crimson.” It seems that this “poison” that the Divine Spirit Tree mentioned is the true nature of my crimson soul, and it’s likely the reason I was brought to this world.

 Perhaps the god of my original world handed off my soul to this world’s god, thinking it was too much to handle. Impressively, even though it’s a story from fifteen years ago and rather striking, I still vividly remember it.

 ’It’s only natural you remember. Forgetting easily wouldn’t be beneficial.’

 Huh? What do you mean?

 ’As I said before, to create conflicts by bringing beings from other realms. There’s no point if you forget your previous life and adapt to this world. The conflicts arise from the irregularity of coming from a different realm. Thus, to prevent those from other realms from burying their memories of their original world, we partition and store those memories.’

 So that’s why I can remember the past years so clearly. But does that mean we “Ihoumono” are forced to live in this world with the memories of our original worlds attached?

 ’You bear the role of inflicting pain, not receiving it. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that as a result, you also experience pain.’

 With those words, the Divine Spirit Tree speaks matter-of-factly, showing no hint of remorse. This only makes me feel more frustrated.

 For the Divine Spirit Tree, it’s likely a matter of course, and there’s probably never been a moment of doubt. Attempting to impose our common sense on beings with different perspectives would only breed conflict, and that’s precisely the intended behavior for us “Ihoumono” beings who were brought to this world. Following this intended behavior here is vexing, and I suppress the words I had on the tip of my tongue, attempting to swallow my frustration and take a deep breath to cool my head.

 ’Well then, the conversation has gone on long enough. There seem to be those waiting for you.’

 At the Divine Spirit Tree’s words, I start and turn around. Lewya and the elders, having noticed that I’m not following, were observing me from a slightly distant position.

 ’If there’s anything else, you may come back here. I will respond to your calls. Farewell.’

 ”Wait, hey—”

 Although I formulate the words in my mind that I still have things I want to ask, there’s no response from the Divine Spirit Tree. Understanding that it seems they have no intention of continuing the conversation further today, I turn around and rejoin Lewya and the others.

 ”Sorry for keeping you waiting.”

 ”It’s fine. But is the conversation over?”

 ”Yes, for now.”

 As I reply, a murmur spreads among the elders.

 ”Did you really speak with the Divine Spirit Tree? Even for us Elves, it’s quite rare to hear the words of the Divine Spirit Tree.”

 ”Neil, what exactly were you discussing with the Divine Spirit Tree?”

 ”Well, that is…”

 ”Lewya, that’s something we don’t need to know. The Divine Spirit Tree wouldn’t engage in meaningless conversation. If there was something we needed to know, the words would have been conveyed to us as well. However, this time, they only spoke to Neil. That indicates it’s something we don’t need to know.”

 As Lewya’s questioning gaze was fixed on me, the elders offered a helping hand. Unable to press further with the elders saying that, Lewya reluctantly backs off. Since the content of my conversation with the Divine Spirit Tree pertains to my true identity, I release a sigh of relief that it won’t be pursued any further.

 I don’t feel entirely comfortable hiding my true identity from those around me. However, merely revealing it wouldn’t alleviate my feelings much, and the disadvantages would likely outweigh any benefits.

 Thus, I have no intention of revealing my true identity and plan to take the conversation’s contents with the Divine Spirit Tree to the grave. The fact that we “Ihoumono” beings were brought here to wield power, knowledge, and inflict pain, as well as the fact that I am considered an anomalous entity summoned solely to inflict pain on this world—

 ”Poison, huh?”

 That truth is also among the conversation’s contents.

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