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Chapter 153 Alike Summons Royalty

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 With the assistance of Mei, we embarked on magical tool development, dedicating three days to the endeavor. Despite encountering various issues along the way, each time we faced a problem, we sought solutions and changed directions. Eventually, we managed to create something that could be deemed a prototype.

 We began by addressing the primary issue: activating spatial magic requires a distinct kind of magical energy. However, an early conclusion was drawn that we lacked sufficient understanding of our spatial magic to discuss this matter adequately using conventional magical energy. We decided to keep an spatial gateway open at all times, eliminating the need to channel magic to open and close it. This approach makes it possible for individuals without inherent spatial magical aptitude to use it. To counter the challenge of leaving the gateway open continuously, we realized that we needed to provide covers or locks.

 Another issue arose from the fact that spatial spaces are inherently fixed within their created confines. To ensure accessibility from any location, we had to anchor the spatial space itself to the magical tool. Fortunately, two types of magic were found in a magical tome: one that synchronizes with the flow of magic and one that clings and moves continuously without the need for magic infusion. The latter was chosen, resolving this dilemma.

 The most significant challenge was dealing with the open gateway. Our initial attempt involved a small bag; however, even when we tied the bag’s opening, the spatial gateway remained open, protruding from the bag. Despite searching for a magic that could alter the gateway’s shape to match the bag’s opening, such magic was not found. Efforts to manipulate spatial spaces using spatial magic were also fruitless, indicating that spatial spaces resist spatial manipulation in this world. The first and second days were spent addressing this issue.

 On the third day, we concluded that our desired approach was currently technologically unattainable. As a result, we abandoned the idea of a variable gateway shape and focused on closing the gateway without altering its form. This led us to replace the container from a bag to another object. And so, the creation came to be…

 ”This box-like magical tool, you say?”

 Lewya, having finished today’s report with Diana, fiddled with a magical tool in the shape of a lidded treasure box in her hands, while listening to my explanation.

 ”Indeed, if you simply close the lid like this, there’s no need to alter the gateway’s shape. However, it does appear somewhat bulky for portability.”

 ”It can’t be helped, Diana. I would’ve liked to create a bag that could easily fit into one’s pocket. But as I mentioned earlier, using a bag would result in the gateway protruding and not matching the bag’s shape. This is the best I could manage for now.”

 ”Neil, even though you’re saying that, I’m sure you’ve already made one for yourself using a bag, right?”

 ”…It’s a prototype that came about during trial and error. This one can only be used by individuals capable of handling spatial magic since it requires magic to open the gateway.”

 While the ultimate goal is to develop an item box in bag form that anyone can use, at present, it’s sufficient to create something that would satisfy His Majesty. At the very least, this prototype adequately showcases the potential of Elven magic.

 ”How much can this hold?”

 ”About the size of a large hemp bag. It could be made larger, but if they become too large and two magical tools of the same kind are nearby, their spatial spaces might interfere. I’ve limited the size somewhat.”

 ”What happens if spatial spaces interfere?”

 ”They are fixed to prevent merging, so they can’t get closer than a certain distance. They would merely repel each other. Lewya, try bringing that box close to my bag.”

 Lewya approached with the box in her arms until she stood right next to me.

 ”Closer, as both spatial spaces aren’t very large.”

 ”Like this?”

 After Lewya moved beside me, she tried extending the box toward my bag. However, her movement halted abruptly at a certain distance.

 ”It feels like I’ve hit an invisible barrier. Is this what you meant?”

 ”Yes. To prevent significant issues arising from spatial interference, the spaces overlap like this.”

 ”I see. While not being able to place similar magical tools nearby might be slightly inconvenient, as long as we don’t have to get this close, I don’t mind that much.”

 ”Still, impulsive, huh? The newly created item box, in addition to ambient storage, also accommodates refrigeration and freezing storage. By altering the spatial environment within, the temperature can be adjusted.

 However, due to these limitations, only one can be carried by a single individual. Despite its size being manageable for one hand, as Diana pointed out earlier, its bulkiness in shape and limited portability remain challenges. This container essentially functions as a receptacle capable of holding numerous items without posing obstruction, regardless of its placement.”

 ”…When put that way, it suddenly seems rather inconsequential. Can this truly convince the Emperor of the Empire?”


 At the sudden cough, I glanced at Diana, who was glaring at me with a stern look.

 ”How long do you intend to cling to Master Neil like that? Have you finished your confirmation?”

 ”W-Well, yes.”

 Upon Diana’s words, Lewya quickly moved away from my side and returned to her original position.

 ”So, what was Lewya about to say?”

 ”Ah, well, I was questioning whether this magical tool can genuinely convince the Emperor of the Empire.”

 ”Convince, you say.”

 Now, how should I answer this question? Without a doubt, His Majesty will be intrigued. Given his character, he’s likely to seize upon this. His Majesty should understand the potential of this magical tool without requiring a detailed explanation, merely by inspecting it. However…

 ”To be honest, I’d say about fifty percent.”

 ”Fifty percent? So, there’s a possibility of about fifty percent failure?”

 ”I believe he will undoubtedly be convinced to protect the Elves for the acquisition of magical technology. However, the challenge lies in whether the Empire would provide assistance in protecting the Elves as a nation… To be quite frank, that’s a delicate matter.”

 ”Even if he’s convinced, he might not offer support? Is such a thing possible?”

 ”It is, particularly in the case of our Empire.”

 ”What do you mean?”

 ”In the Kingdom, there’s an active inclination to exploit the power of otherworldly beings. Conversely, the Theocracy (Church) fervently opposes such beings, and the Empire, guided by pure meritocracy, doesn’t concern itself with origins. Among the three major nations, the Empire stands alone as not being bound by the origin of otherworldly beings, acting as a buffer between the Kingdom and the Theocracy. So, if the Empire were to take action to protect the Elves…”

 ”It would shift closer to the Kingdom’s stance, potentially disrupting the balance of the three nations.”

 ”Exactly. His Majesty will likely have no qualms with a noble protecting Elves to acquire magical knowledge. In fact, he might even encourage it personally. However, the Empire taking action to protect them as a nation might prove challenging… That’s the general perspective.”

 ”Hmm? Isn’t there another perspective?”

 ”There is. The real question is whether he possesses what’s essentially the most natural perspective for an Emperor in this situation. He’s highly intelligent and probably understands these matters. But beyond that, it’s uncertain what he might propose. That’s what worries me.”

 To be blunt, His Majesty is quite an eccentric. No matter how much you reason and think things through, he can disrupt everything with an unexpected idea. Formulating a strategy to succeed against him is more challenging than conquering a labyrinth. So, rather than devising a plan to convince the Emperor of the Empire, I’ve chosen to approach from a direction that personally interests him.

 His Majesty is an opportunist, and if there’s a way to achieve the same result, he’ll opt for the more intriguing option. I’ve roughly understood his tastes from his reactions to the developments I’ve created so far, making this bet not so ill-advised… Or so I thought. But now that this magical tool is complete and negotiations with His Majesty are imminent, an insuppressible sense of unease is rising within me.

 ”I see, if it’s like that, we never know what that man might say next… He’s a free spirit, a hedonist. It’s impossible to fathom his thoughts.”

 ”Rest assured, you’re not alone in not understanding what he’s thinking. Master Neil is the same.”

 ”Hmm, I’ve heard people say that ‘birds of a feather flock together.’ Even someone like Neil can probably understand what someone similar is thinking.”

 ”You two speak so freely. My statements have also been quite disrespectful, but treating the Emperor as a kindred spirit is quite something.”

 ”Then let’s rephrase it as ‘birds of a feather call the Emperor.’”

 ”As if I would ever!”

 I’m confident that if members of the imperial family gather around, I’ll end up with a stomach full of holes from stress.

 ”Well, discussing such trivial matters is hardly productive. Lewya, I apologize, but could you deliver this item to the Harvest Hoe along with that magical tool?”

 ”What’s this?”

 ”This is a letter to my family. Naturally, I don’t have a direct means of communication with His Majesty. Besides, before conveying anything to His Majesty, I want to consult my father as well.”

 ”I see, come to think of it, we haven’t told your family about us yet. Alright… just let them to deliver it to the Count Atmiras?”

 ”Yeah, I’ll leave it to you.”

 After seeing Lewya, carrying the letter and the item box, off from the office, I leaned back deeply into the backrest of my office chair. The existence of the Elves would now become known to the outside world. However, it’s only my father who knows for now, so it’s not an immediate concern.

 Still, I had a sensation that I’ve taken a step forward from which there’s no turning back. While the Elves’ existence becoming known to His Majesty and the masses is still a distant prospect, I should take whatever actions I can before then… I would soon regret thinking such leisurely thoughts.




 ”A peddler?”

 ”Yes, claiming to have come to procure vegetables from the settlement.”

 The afternoon after sending the letter to my family, I was in the laboratory working on magical tool development with Mei when Diana came to inform us about a visitor.

 ”Coming all the way to this landlocked island for vegetable procurement. Quite the entrepreneurial spirit.”

 ”What will we do? I can handle a peddler’s visit without Master Neil’s presence.”

 A peddler, huh? I had anticipated that someday someone would try to procure vegetables from the settlement without going through the Harvest Hoe. Essentially, I intended to reject such transactions from the start. Since there’s no room for negotiation and I was already set on refusing, all I needed to do was tell Diana to decline… But I would soon find myself regretting that decision.

 ”No, I’ll see them. They’ve come all the way here, after all. It wouldn’t be right to send them back empty-handed. So, I’ll step aside for a moment.”

 ”Sure, take care.”

 I informed Mei and then left my work to accompany Diana to meet the visitor.

 ”So, what’s the truth? If they chose such a peculiar way of saying ‘I’m a peddler,’ it must mean Diana didn’t perceive them that way?”

 During this crucial period of developing further magical tools in preparation for negotiations with His Majesty, I left the task of dealing with the peddler to Diana and focused on my work. However, Diana’s choice of words intrigued me, prompting me to meet them in person.

 ”Well, it’s subjective, but I sensed more of a battle-hardened warrior than a peddler. Claiming to be here for vegetable procurement is likely a lie. However, I didn’t sense any malicious intent. So, at the very least, it doesn’t seem like they’ve come to harm Master Neil.”

 ”Otherwise, they wouldn’t be bothering to talk to me directly like this. Well, it’s possible they could be a tough fighter-type peddler. If they can’t protect themselves and their goods, they wouldn’t last long as a peddler.”

 ”How many bandits must they have fought off to have such a stern expression? I can’t even imagine.”

 ”Is their expression really that intimidating?”

 ”Yes, when I first saw their face, I couldn’t help but think of a lion.”

 ”A lion… Well, one person with that kind of expression is more than enough.”

 ”His Majesty the Emperor is known as the ‘Rampaging Lion King,’ after all.”

 As we were discussing, I arrived at the entrance to the reception room where the peddler was waiting. Knocking on the door, I waited for a moment before opening it and confirming two figures inside. One was a man in his thirties sitting on the sofa, and the other was a man in his twenties standing next to the sofa with a sword hanging from his side.

 It became clear to me that the man sitting on the sofa was the one Diana had referred to. He appeared somewhat younger than His Majesty but still had a rugged and imposing presence that was not unlike a lion. While he gave a slightly fresher impression than His Majesty, it wasn’t difficult to see why Diana had described him in such a way. As I contemplated that he was definitely not an ordinary peddler, I greeted him with a smile.

 ”Hello, sorry to keep you waiting. I’m Neil Atmiras.”

 ”Nice to meet you. I’m Gras, a wandering peddler. And this is my guard, Anzak.”

 Thud— The moment I heard that voice, my heart started pounding strongly, beating heavily and forcefully. This familiar voice, or rather, the suffocating feeling that was even more intense, was something I remembered. Unable to bear the suffocating sensation any longer, I dropped to one knee on the spot and hung my head.

 ”Master Neil!?”

 ”Oh, what’s the matter? Are you feeling unwell?”

 ”Pl-Please stop jesting.”

 Why? Why has it come to this? It’s far too early, Diana’s joke has manifested in this way, why—?

 ”Why are you here, Your Majesty?”

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