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Chapter 155 As an Emperor

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 Undoubtedly, His Majesty is already aware of the contents of the letter I sent to my family home. The fact that he possess the newly developed item box I sent alongside the letter leaves no room for doubt. However—

 ”You’re wearing a puzzled expression. Indeed, let me tell some useful knowledge to you. Between the pioneer settlement and the Count of Atmiras’ household, two means of communication exist. One employs a dedicated coachman, while the other involves the use of the Harvest Hoe item box. While you often opt for the latter in case of urgent and crucial matters, it would be wise to refrain from doing so. By using the Harvest Hoe as an intermediary, numerous individuals would intervene. The count of interventions directly corresponds to the count of vulnerabilities, creating the possibility of external manipulation. Just like this current situation.”

 ”Well then, what about my letter?”

 ”Ah, I made sure it reached late, without my letter. Though the letter stated that a newly developed magical tool was being sent, causing an uproar if that tool were missing. That’s why I wrote a letter. I also told him that I would meet Neil and talk to him. By now, the letter should have arrived, and he probably finished reading it.”

 Oh… Father must be feeling overwhelmed and perhaps even nauseous by now. However, this is not the time to worry about Father. Given His Majesty’s disposition, postponing this matter any further after coming here in person is impossible. I have no choice but to persuade him today. With resolve in my heart, I recall the content of the letter I sent last night as I weave my words.

 ”If Your Majesty has read the letter I addressed to my family, then you’re likely aware. Near this pioneer settlement lies an elven village. I hope to form a friendship with the elves and utilize their magical skills for the development of the empire.”

 ”Friendship? The letter should have mentioned protection.”

 ”The individual in question is an elf who once lost trust in people, vanishing from sight. While it will lead to protection, a mere ‘protect their safety and make them cooperate’ approach might result in a lack of cooperation. In practice, it will offer protection, but more important is the attitude of ‘let’s join hands as friends’ rather than ‘protect yourself and cooperate,’ which is crucial in establishing a good relationship with the elves.”

 ”So, it’s friendship then. But why did you keep this from me until now?”

 ”Above all else, Your Majesty values results. Hence, I thought it wise to at least achieve some progress before summarizing negotiations with the elf tribe and reporting it to you—”

 ”You’re lying.”

 Your Majesty’s sharp words cut through my speech.

 ”Though, I do value results greatly. It’s because there are many who promise results with mere words, lacking any substantiation. Moreover, even if you simply reveal the existence of the elves, is there really a need to demonstrate results? If I ordered you to acquire the elven technology, that would be another matter. Neil, you didn’t want outside forces to come in and stir things up before we could reach an agreement with the elves, did you?”

 ”…As Your Majesty says.”

 ”You admit it easily. I expected you to come up with at least one excuse.”

 ”Your Majesty seems to be certain already. Still, making excuses now would only be unseemly.”

 ”Indeed, if I had witnessed an unseemly display, I might have been slightly disappointed in you. Now, we don’t need any pretense from here on out. I want to hear your honest words. Okay?”

 ”Yes, Your Majesty.”

 Recognizing that attempting to deceive would only sour the mood, I nod in response to His Majesty’s words.

 ”You intended to forge a friendship with the elves and provide protection. Yet, how do you plan to protect them from individuals who will likely gather upon hearing of the elves? Even if you included a passage in the letter you addressed to Dirac, seeking assistance from the Count Atmiras, do you truly believe that will be sufficient?”

 ”No, even if we were to secure the assistance of the Count Atmiras, it would still fall short in providing complete protection to the elves. However, before prematurely dismissing the possibility, I wished to hear my father’s opinion. Thus, I wrote the letter in that manner.”

 ”So, you were awaiting a response from Dirac?”

 ”No, if it were to become apparent that the matter at hand is beyond the capabilities of the Count of Atmiras, I intended to seek Your Majesty’s assistance.”

 As soon as I answered this, His Majesty’s gaze turned sharp, and I could not breathe from the intimidation emanating from His Majesty, so I closed my mouth stiffly.

 I thought I should speak frankly, but was that a mistake?

 Even though I had intended to keep it concealed until the last moment, perhaps it seemed too naive of me to seek assistance on top of that. Cold sweat began to pour from my body, and I couldn’t even bring myself to look at His Majesty’s face. In response, His Majesty uttered a single word, quietly.


 ”Ye-yes…! The magnificence of the magic possessed by the elves can be understood by witnessing the capabilities of the new type of item box. It’s not limited to spatial magic; the diverse range of magic possessed by the elves could bring substantial benefits to our empire—”

 ”Because it would benefit the empire, you want me, the Emperor, to assist you? Neil, you surely haven’t forgotten the empire’s position?”

 ”I am well aware of that, Your Majesty. The empire remains neutral and doesn’t align with either the Theocracy or the Kingdom. It doesn’t give undue favor to any particular faction.”

 ”That’s right. However, your plan to protect the elves deviates from neutrality and is an act that could antagonize the Theocracy. If mishandled, it might upset the balance among the Three Great Nations and, in the worst-case scenario, even ignite a war. Are the benefits you’re proposing worth such risks?”

 As the Emperor, it’s only natural to have these concerns, and I anticipated that such a question would arise. Thus, I offer the answer I had already prepared.

 ”Indeed, the Theocracy will likely oppose the protection of the elves. But the Theocracy wouldn’t dare to worsen relations with the empire under the current circumstances. If the Theocracy were to antagonize the empire, without a doubt, the Kingdom would seize the opportunity to attack the Theocracy.”

 ”So, even if the empire were to protect the elves, the Theocracy would likely maintain the status quo?”


 Upon hearing my response, His Majesty seems clearly disappointed, letting out a sigh.

 ”Naive. Your answer is so textbook-like, as if you’re reading the contents of a manual aloud. You seem to view nations as if they’re individual entities. You arbitrarily characterize the Theocracy’s actions as this and the Kingdom’s actions as that, constructing convenient scenarios in your mind. A nation is not an individual, but a group composed of hundreds of millions of people, a group with a fluid will. No matter how absolute the power of a ruler is, the foundation of his power is the people, and if he disrespects the voice of the people, he will lose his power. Neil, can you hear the voices of the Theocracy’s citizens? Can you confidently state that you know exactly how the Theocracy would act in the face of the intentions of millions of people?”


 ”If you have evidence to support that claim, then show me.”

 Merely a young man who has hardly ever engaged in politics, I lack the persuasive power to convince a king of a nation. Facing these words, I find myself incapable of offering any rebuttal.

 ”Your newly created item box is certainly intriguing. By looking at this, it’s evident that elven magic would be beneficial for the empire. I’ve also grown curious about the magic possessed by the elves.”


 ”However, I cannot lend my power as the Emperor. As I mentioned earlier, taking a gamble as grand as one that could potentially lead to war over magic is out of the question. The empire will continue as it always has, remaining uninvolved in such matters. Therefore, I will not question your concealment of the existence of the elves from me this time. You’re on your own—let’s go.”

 The conversation ends there. His Majesty stands up with vigor, forcefully opens the door, and exits the reception room. As the sound of his departing, rough footsteps grows fainter and fades away completely, all strength drains from my body, and I slump onto the sofa haphazardly.


 ”Master Neil!”

 Diana must have been watching until His Majesty was no longer visible. A little later, she rushes into the reception room with a worried expression.

 ”His Majesty the Emperor seemed quite exasperated. How did the persuasion go?”

 ”Ah… yeah, it didn’t go well. I didn’t receive a royal decree to protect the elves, and I got lectured as well. However, it was completely unexpected for His Majesty to suddenly show up like that… Based on how things went today, it’s unlikely I would have received a royal decree no matter how much I prepared.”

 ”Um, Master Neil?”


 ”Why do you seem so oddly cheerful? You were scolded by His Majesty, and you didn’t get the royal decree, right? You do seem a bit down, but considering your personality, you should be more like, ‘this is the end of the world,’ or something equally gloomy.”

 ”Diana, you really don’t hold back, even with your master… Well, yeah, you’re probably right. I did indeed not receive a royal decree to protect the elves. However, there is one thing I gained in exchange.”

 ”What is it?”

 In response to Diana’s inquiry about what it could be, I answered with a smile.

 ”It’s the Emperor’s assistance.”

* * *

 ”Is it okay?”

 ”What do you mean?”

 ”With this matter today, I thought that Your Majesty would eagerly embrace it.”

 In response to the question, I let out an exaggerated sigh.

 ”Well, I am the Emperor of the empire. I cannot behave as freely as to disregard what the previous generations have built with a momentary emotion. Despite appearances, I understand my position.”

 ”If you truly understand, then I hope you refrain from actions that would leave the imperial capital empty… However, I see. Is that so?”

 ”Hmm? What’s with you? Are you crying?”

 Surprised by his sudden tears, I stopped in my tracks.

 ”I served under His Late Majesty since I was in the Royal Guards. I’ve been observing Your Majesty’s growth closely. The fact that you, who used to be carefree and nosy like Duke Glacius was, have developed a sense of duty as Emperor—I’m genuinely delighted.”

 ”Despite only a thirteen-year age difference, you’re saying fatherly things. Wait, aren’t you misunderstanding something? I only said ‘I cannot lend my power as the Emperor.’ I never said ‘I cannot lend my power as an individual.’”


 ”I wouldn’t just let this interesting story go unnoticed. Neil should have realized that, and you, who have observed me the longest, failing to notice is quite a decline. Perhaps it’s time for you to retire and pass the torch to the next generation?”

 ”I-I want a refund on my moment of sentiment!”

 ”You probably just felt moved on your own. But more importantly, since we’ve come this far, let’s inspect the settlement.”

 ”It’s not an inspection, you’re simply curious… Oh, please wait!”

 Neil’s created settlement, surely there must be something interesting there. Fueled by curiosity, I rushed out of the mansion.

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