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Chapter 169 The Night Before Departure※

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 On the night when the invitation from His Majesty arrived for Mei, I was waiting for someone on the bed in my bedroom. The person I was waiting for was Diana. The conversation has slightly deviated, but it concerns the condition I attached when adopting Mei’s proposal. Despite Mei being a daughter of a duke, it wasn’t feasible to let her go alone, so I suggested taking Diana as an escort. And she surprisingly agreed quite readily when I explained this to Diana. However, during that discussion, Diana mentioned:

 ”Please keep your schedule open for tonight. I won’t be able to return to the settlement for about two weeks after we depart. So, before that, let’s practice as usual.”

 This practice refers to making an heir, and frankly, there’s no real need to practice anymore. It’s becoming more of an excuse just to do it. However, the day after the act, Diana’s mood somehow improves, and it serves as a stress-reliever for her. Moreover, I don’t mind continuing to be intimate with Diana, so we’ve been getting closer physically as well. But Diana is taking her time today; she’s usually come by now… What’s going on? There was a time when Diana came later, and something happened then. I vaguely remember…

 As I pondered this déjà vu, the bedroom door was knocked as if on cue.

 ”Master Neil, it’s Diana.”

 ”You can come in.”

 ”Excuse me.”

 As Diana spoke, she opened the bedroom door, and the moment she entered, I was surprised and got up from the bed. It’s not that I was surprised by Diana; I was surprised because Mei, looking slightly tired, entered together, leaning on Diana’s shoulder. Rushing over without thinking, I saw Diana look at Mei with a slightly troubled expression.

 ”What on earth happened?”

 ”Well, you see…”



 Before Diana could finish what she was saying, Mei, whose arm was around Diana’s shoulder, withdrew it smoothly and leaned on me.

 ”Mei, did you drink alcohol? Your face is really red.”

 ”Mm? I drank some.”

 ”Why would you drink alcohol when you can’t even handle it properly?”

 ”Because Diana… invited me…”

 ”Invited you? You mean you drank together with Diana?”

 Thinking it was an unusual situation, I realized from Mei’s headshake that it wasn’t quite like that. Then, why is she in this state? Feeling puzzled, I looked at Diana.

 ”Do you know something, Diana?”

 ”If you think this is the cause… I did not expect her to actually drink alcohol.”

 ”Hehehe, can you perform properly while sober?!”

 ”Huh? Perform… Hey, Diana, you didn’t actually invite Mei, did you?”

 ”Yes, we’re going to have a night together before departing, and I was wondering if Miss Meisy like to join us.”

 ”What are you suggesting?! Did you forget about last time?!”

 Diana had been composed until then, but as soon as I said that, her brow furrowed.

 ”I certainly remember. That’s precisely why I extended the invitation. An act like that, which was practically a semi-accident, can’t be left incomplete. Moreover, isn’t Master Neil letting it remain unresolved?”

 ”No, I don’t intend to let it go unresolved. I’ll take responsibility at the right time.”

 ”I understand. I don’t think Master Neil is trying to evade responsibility. What I mean is, perhaps Master Neil hasn’t informed Miss Meisy of that resolution at all?”


 ”As a woman, I’d prefer a clear declaration or attitude from a man. However, Master Neil might believe that Miss Meisy would understand without being explicitly told. I got a good sense of that from Miss Meisy’s reaction when I extended the invitation.”


 As Diana pointed out, I had only resolved within myself, and I hadn’t told Mei anything about it.

 At that time, things were awkward, so we intentionally avoided talking about it, and after some time had passed and we were able to be in contact again, I was afraid of making things awkward again by digging it up… No, that’s just an excuse, the truth is that I was just trying to avoid saying something difficult to say, assuming that Mei would not care about such a thing.

 She could have refused Diana’s invitation, but the fact that she was willing to come here even though she drank alcohol, which she didn’t like to drink, means that she cared more than I thought she did.

 ”You’re probably right, Diana.”

 I muttered to myself and picked up Mei, who was reclining on the bed, and put my lips on hers.

 I felt a slight sweetness on Mei’s lips mixed with the taste of alcohol, and my son was already starting to get hard even though we were just kissing.

 Mei didn’t seem to be nervous, probably because of the alcohol, and I put my hands on her clothes before kissing her.

 ”Let’s remove these clothes.”


 Mei nodded her head and lifted her body to make it easier for me to take off her clothes.

 I was not good at putting on my own clothes because I had left it to the servants, but thanks to the practice with Diana, I had become quite good at taking off women’s clothes. After quickly taking off her upper body, I noticed that her lower body is wet.

 I thought she might have been incontinent due to drinking, but there was no smell of such a thing, and when I undressed her to check, I found her secret parts were soaked wet and her love juice was dripping from her gaping vaginal opening, even though I had not caressed her yet.

 ”Mei, did you drink something other than alcohol?

 ”Uh…it was hard to drink it as it is, so I was looking for something to mix it with…I had an oral aphrodisiac that I made with the suction one before…”

 ”A champon with alcohol and an aphrodisiac?

 I thought I felt something sweet when we kissed, but I didn’t realize I was taking an aphrodisiac.

 I wondered why she was making aphrodisiacs in the first place, but I guess it’s not worth getting into.

 ”If you drink such a thing together, you’ll get intoxicated because of the excessive blood circulation.”


 To be frank, she was not in a normal state, and it might be better to send her back to her room and let her sleep quietly than to continue, but I couldn’t return her without doing anything since she had come here seriously enough to take a love potion, and most of all, I hadn’t shown my resolve to Mei yet.

 ”If you don’t feel well, tell me right away.”

 Unlike the last time when Mei had attacked me and we had unwillingly made love, this time I put my hand gently on her breast, saying that I would make a move on my own.

 Mei’s body was so hot from the liquor and the aphrodisiac, and her sweaty skin seemed to be absorbed into my palm.

 This is the first time for me to see Mei’s body properly since I had misidentified her as Diana last time when I was blindfolded, but unlike Diana who is reasonably fit and active, Mei’s skin is very white since she spends most of the day sitting in the laboratory, and her plump but not overweight body has a lot of charms to arouse men’s lusts. Her skin was very fair, and her not-too-fat body was full of charms that could arouse a man’s lust.

 Her firm breasts and hard pointed nipples were bigger than Diana’s, and every time I moved my hand, her nipples rubbed against my palm and a loud sigh escaped from Mei’s mouth.

 Perhaps because of the aphrodisiac, her whole body seemed to be very sensitive, and even the slightest stimulation made Mei wriggle and her body seemed to be completely ready for it.

 ”Master Neil, excuse me.”

 Diana, who had moved up behind me before I knew it, deftly removes my pants to expose my son and takes his semi-erect cock into her mouth.

 My son gets harder and harder in her mouth, and when it is fully erect, Diana releases her mouth.

 ”It’s ready, please continue.”

 I look at Mei’s face as I place my fully erect, glistening with Diana’s saliva, into her vulva.

 ”Mei, is that okay?”


 I was a little doubtful whether she was conscious or not, but I confirmed that she nodded her head, and I gently stroked her cheek with one hand while I slowly moved my hips down.

 My son, who was still wet with her love juice and covered with saliva, was easily buried in her vagina.

 Hot, my glans was almost burned by her vagina, and the folds of her flesh entwined with my son, gently wrapping around his whole pole.


 As I pushed forward with my hips, Mei turned her back away from the pleasure that was coming over her, her large breasts bouncing in front of me, and I restrained myself from jumping up to cover her, and pushed my cock into the deepest part of her body.

 ”It’s all the way in, doesn’t it hurt?”

 ”Mmm… it’s okay.”

 ”Then I’m going to move.”

 It was hard to believe that this was only the second time, but Mei’s vagina was so ready to receive the man that the movement of the fig was not disturbed. When she pushed forward, her muddy vagina welcomed him with a hot embrace, and when she pulled back, each fold of her flesh wriggled as if regretting its last moments.

 ”Haaah, kuh…! Ahhhh…!”

 I cover Mei’s lips as she moans, insert my tongue into her mouth and lick it, then put one arm around her waist and hold her tightly while grabbing her breast with my other hand.

 Unlike the last time when Mei attacked me and we had to go through with the act, I was now devouring Mei’s body so hard that there was no excuse for it, as if to show my determination, I was seeking Mei’s body violently on my own will.

 My cock stiffened with each slam of my hips, and the sound of our bodies slapping against each other echoed from our union, and our lower halves were wet with the nectar from Mei’s johns.

 ”Oh, oh, Neil…oh, Neil…oh, Neil…”

 Mei desperately clung to my body with both hands and feet, her tongue twining with mine as she responded to my demand.

 She puts her legs around my waist, which makes it hard for me to move my hips, but I don’t care, and I slam my glans into her cervix with a force that pries it open.

 ”Master Neil, you don’t seem to be thinking about me anymore, don’t you? I know I was the one who invited her, but I’m a little jealous.”

 Just as I hear Diana’s words, I feel the soft touch of her skin on my back, and then she comes to cover me in all her clothes.

 ”But please don’t mind me, I’ll be happy to help you.”

 Just as I was wondering what she was going to help me with, Diana moved back on top of me and licked the back of my pole, sending a tingling sensation down my spine.

 Diana’s tongue, which had been licking along the joint for a while, moved up my pole to my scrotum and then to my asshole, where the tip of her tongue slid in.

 ”Hey, Diana, you can’t do that!”

 I pulled my mouth away from Mei’s and called out to stop her, but Diana didn’t stop and kept twisting her tongue deeper and deeper.

 It seemed that she was not going to stop until she was done, and I resumed my aggression on Mei, though I was not ready to stop.

 As I was attacking Mei, Diana was also attacking me, and I knew that I was close to my limit, so I pushed my hips deeper and deeper, so hard that Mei’s whole body sank into the bed.

 ”Huggghh! Hmmm, hmmm…!”

 Hearing Mei’s muffled gasps echoing in my mouth and echoing in my head, I hold her as if to restrain her from convulsing as she continues to come, and I pour out everything I’ve accumulated in her womb.


 As soon as I let out the boiling cum, Mei’s body jumped up and down, her vagina pulsed as if it was squeezing out semen, and Diana’s tongue stimulated me to push out the semen from the underside, pouring every drop into Mei’s womb.

 After releasing a quantity that would surely have impregnated me in my former world, I fall on top of Mei with a thud.

 ”Ha…hmm, Neil, my belly is hot…I’m so happy…”

 ”Haaa…. haaah… that’s good to hear.”

 I weakly reply to Mei’s flushed cheeks and enraptured face.

 However, I was already getting hard again, as if the aphrodisiac that Mei had taken was having an effect on me too, as I was still inside her vagina.

 Mei also noticed my growing p*nis in her vagina, and she looked at me with her eyes moist with expectation.

 ”Master Neil, you don’t think this is the end, do you? It seems that Miss Meisy is not satisfied yet.”

 ”Yes, I know, I don’t think this is enough to show my resolve.”

 I didn’t intend to show it in a half-hearted way, saying that I had already done it once, and I continued to seek Meisy’s body intensely until I ran out of energy and passed out.

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